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New Huntress Ultra-Rare Add-On

Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 155
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I would like to propose an idea for the second ultra-rare add-on for the Huntress. Please refrain from discussing the Iridescent Head add-on as this thread is purely about my idea for the second ultra-rare.

Iridescent Haft. A glass-like haft molded from the Fog that channels the powers of the Huntress (yes I did copy this description from the Legion's Iridescent Button add-on). [Will probably be called Status Hatchets]:

Hatchet hits now apply the broken status effect for 60 seconds. Hatchet hits now count as basic attacks and any perk relating to basic attacks will now trigger (or gain/lose stacks) on hatchet hits.

That's it. Short and simple with tons of possibilities for interesting builds.

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  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    no; hatchets don't have collision with anything but survivors and the realm borders. Increases wind-up time by 50%. That's it. Short and simple with tons of possibilities for interesting builds.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559
    edited September 2020

    Basic hits shouldn't exist and all things that injure survivors and apply affects should be balanced around that to compensate. That's my comment.

    Ghost hatchets that take a long time to wind-up (50% increase might be too little but w/e; that can be solved later) but reward Huntress for knowing where survivors stand while giving her the ability to not worry about *****y collision sounds cool to me. It would be like every map becomes as good for cross-map snipes as Rotten Fields.

    I mean, if you really wanted, the hatchets could collide with gens too, if that's a balance issue, but that would take way more coding.

    Edit: and I don't like the Broken status effect because it's a pain to deal with as an immersed survivor and doesn't actually affect survivors who like being chased.

  • xGodSendDeathxGodSendDeath Member Posts: 320

    Lol, you know after the devs mangle her the new iridiscent add on will be something like "moderately reduces 5 second cooldown on hatchet throws"

  • Maníaco_da_garrafaManíaco_da_garrafa Member Posts: 144
    edited September 2020

    Bad idea, there are only two general perks that have effects on basic attacks (NOED and Sloppy), so you're basically locking a iri add-on's effectiveness behind DLC-content.

  • Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 155

    @Maníaco_da_garrafa Sorry man but balancing the game only around general perks isn't going to happen. Even so, NOED and Sloppy would be pretty effective with this add-on. In fact, those are probably the perks with the best synergies with this add-on (Devour Hope and Haunted Grounds being the other standouts I can think of). Other than that, this can be used to trigger Dark Devotion, Franklin's Demise, Blood Favor, the Third Seal, Iron Maiden, Make Your Choice, Rancor, Remember Me, Save the Best For Last, (maybe Unrelenting), Dragon's Grip, Gearhead, Knock Out, and Surge. None of those seem particularly game-breaking. I personally would create a build to apply as many effects as possible with hatchet hits. So Venomous Concoction, Yew Seed Concoction, Sloppy Butcher, the Third Seal, Dark Devotion, and Franklin's Demise. So many possibilities.

  • This has nothing to do with balance, but rather quality of life. If you look at add-on design in general, none of them require a certain perk in order to do stuff, they just do it on their own. Not forcing the player to duct-tape his build is a nice idea from BHVR and i don't think they're changing their minds about this. As for NOED and Sloppy, Huntress has addons with very similar effects that make these perks redundant.

    I know it opens up new ways of building huntress, but only for veterans who are stacked on DLC content, which is not good.

  • Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 155

    @Maníaco_da_garrafa I feel ya man. The grind in this game is real and if you don't buy DLC, you have to rely on the unreliable shrine. I would like you to consider 2 things though:

    1. This add-on has an effect regardless of perks. It makes survivors broken, which is pretty powerful. After considering it, I edited my original idea to increase the broken duration to 60 seconds to be a bit more impactful and match the Legion Pin add-on.
    2. There are tons of other add-ons in this game that improve the effectiveness of perks (DLC perks included). They just don't explicitly say so. Some examples are the Shape's Dead Rabbit add-on that can benefit a bunch of terror radius perks like Infectious Fright, the Wraith's "The Serpent" - Soot add-on that pairs really well with Brutal Strength and Fire Up, the Hillbilly's Tuned Carburetor and Mother's Helpers add-ons that make the Enduring/Spirit Fury combo even more deadly, the Spirit's Prayer Bead's Bracelet add-on that pairs well with totem builds and Dead Man's Switch builds...the list goes on.

    My point is that people will always come up with creative builds in which add-ons and perks (including DLC perks) have great synergies and even without perks, this add-on still has a powerful effect.

  • Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 155

    Ok now I'm sad that we're not getting that Huntress update this mid-chapter patch. I really want to see what the devs make her second ultra-rare add-on.

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