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Why do some killers have glowing white eyes while others don't?

FlameyIsNoobFlameyIsNoob Member Posts: 6

I've noticed that some killers have them but why and why don't others have them?

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  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    Beyond the idea that the entity is controlling what the killers with glowing eyes see (which I don’t believe), and besides aesthetic reasons, I think that there could be other reasons for that feature depending on the killer:

    -Wraith: The eyes could be a result of him entering the Spirit World when he becomes invisible,so that may be a connection to that plane of existence. The Nurse also uses the Spirit World, but she is noted to be blind or “lacking eyes” and she doesn’t fully enter into it, so she has a reason for lacking the glow.

    Hillbilly: Here I agree that is probably due to him being trapped in darkness and his need to adapt to the light, both after escaping and in the realm, where he is the one killer that is immune to flashlights.

    -Spirit: Similar to the Wraith and besides the eyes being a result of her undead nature, her ability to enter the Ethereal Realm (which distorts her vision) maybe what caused the glowing, her eyes needing to adapt to the other plane.

    -Doctor: Here I agree, probably a result of the use of his powers. Same with Blight due to the Serum..

    -Deathslinger: Now, this is a bit of a strech, but I think that the Entity may give Caleb better vision to better hunt the survivors in the realm, due to the fog and all. Yes, it is not much, but of all of the killers, Caleb is the one that has the least lore reason for having glowing eyes.

    Sorry, but the Huntress is not childlike, we see her point of view in the tomes and that was not all how she thought. She just lacks empathy and emotional connections to other humans (besides little girls), due to her living isolated for most of her life, but she doesn’t have the mind of a child at all.

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 841

    Caleb having glowing eyes is the most definitive of what they represent. His lore literally says he was shown the people he hated the most and that's why he decided to kill for the Entity. Caleb was a bounty hunter, he wasn't a murdering outlaw. If he wasn't being manipulated by the Entity, there would be zero chance in hell he'd be willing to kill people, let alone harm people, that are not criminals and have done nothing wrong. Plus, it's poetic irony that Caleb is being manipulated a third time by someone in power above him, first Bayshore, then the Warden, and now the Entity.

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    But that only shows that the Entity is showing them illusions to make him enter the Realm, not that is all that he can see. We see the same tactic with Zarina:

    She inserted her hand. Fingers landed on a piece of cold, cracked metal. She fished it out... an old, rusty wrench. A damp chill ran down her spine and she looked down; a man lay at her feet, bleeding, his limbs contorted and his eyes, dark and terrified — her father's eyes. A pool of crimson blood on black pavement. Paralysed, black fog filled the cell and she shut her eyes to push these nightmarish visions out of her mind.


    With dawning realisation, Felix staggered back as he watched his father emerge from the fog. His legs felt weak, and his rising heartbeat thrashed in his ears. It was him. It was really him. His unborn child would know his grandfather, and he could finally show him how much he had accomplished since he disappeared. They stared at one another for a long moment. Then his father gave him a look of disappointment, turned his back on him, and proceeded to walk away. Over his pounding heart, Felix chased after him and was never seen again.

    And with the Blight, when he was still human and mean to be a survivor:

    Stained with blood, he witnessed a miracle appear before him—a magnificent field of lush, orange flowers. The whispered voice beckoned to him, urging him to enter the field and discover worlds and dimensions beyond human comprehension. For a moment, Talbot felt the sense of wonder he possessed as a child.

    Caleb would also figure out quickly that he is just killing the same people over and over, so the illusion will not work for long. Yes, he was a bounty hunter, but he was a very sadistic and brutal man that did not seem to care about the fugitives that he captured, like one of his addons shows:

    Angered with a bounty who fled twice before, Caleb twisted thorn branches onto a spear and let it loose.

    So he would not care about killing strangers for the Entity, specially if he is given rewards (like the iridescent coin) for it.

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 841

    Caleb made it very clear that he took live bounties only, sadistic or not, the man does not voluntarily kill innocent people. Death in the crossfire as evidence by Glenvale, sure, but the man intentionally made the Redeemer less lethal and went about his bounty hunting in the most efficient way he could. Dead people don't fill up prisons, especially dead innocents. Plus, the entire story is riddled with the motif of unwilling servitude. As I said, he served Bayshore and was screwed because he didn't know the full picture, he served the Warden and was screwed because he didn't know the full picture, and now in the realm of the Entity, he's being screwed yet again. It's a trait of good writing and it's something I recommend you reevaluate.

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    That is one way of interpreting the character(and please, don’t lecture me about “reevaluating my point of view” because I don’t agree with a fan theory), but I don’t think that is the main theme of Caleb, that I never felt that it was “ he was being screwed by others”, that is part of the character, but that is just the trigger for the main issue that truly destroyed his life, his rage and his lust for revenge, like is something that its pointed out over and over.

    The Deathslinger is a vengeful Killer.

    A familiar sensation coursed through Caleb's blood, feeding the sharp pain in his heart. Rage overwhelming him, he burst into Bayshore's office and smashed his face into a bloody stew.

    the picture, a disfigured Bayshore proudly shook the warden's hand. Caleb's heart pounded with rage, blood swelling as if it would burst from his veins.

    A Hex that lashes out upon its destruction. Those who cross you will be punished.

    "You called death to your door the instant you done me wrong." — Caleb Quinn

    "You'll be met with a fierce reckoning, swear it on my mom's grave." — Caleb Quinn

    "There won't be nothing to fear soon. Till then, fear me." — Caleb Quinn

    An inventive and volatile engineer, Caleb derived all his passion from his groundbreaking designs. When a wealthy man stole his life's work, revenge became his sole priority.

    A creative inventor who squandered his talent and skill pursing vengeance.

    After being left for dead, he suffered a grueling surgery that left him with a limp. He swore vengeance.

    Some wrongs must be washed in blood in order to be forgotten. And even then, they can never be forgiven.

    The more people died, the more he thirsted for blood. His need for revenge was his food, faith, and fire. Nothing outside of it existed.

    He made an effort to make his weapon less lethal, because that was his job, not because he cared for innocent lives, a quality that he has never shown to have. His job was to take bounties alive, regardless if they were innocent people or bad ones, and it obvious that he only care about doing that job well and efficient, because he would gain more money as a result, not because he cared about killing innocent people.

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 841
    edited September 19

    As someone who's read more dusty literature for his college lit degree than most people, I'm suggesting you reevaluate your point of view because it'll probably lead you to the same conclusion as me and I doubt I'm wrong in any way about 'Slinger's lore. Name one instance where Caleb killed an innocent person voluntarily and didn't intentionally go about his business targetting Outlaws and Criminals only, in a non-lethal way after the laundromat robbery. You can't. Plus, Caleb never cared about the monetary aspect of his job. He did it to get revenge on Bayshore but was being played. Imagine if that was some sort of motif in his story that was replicated over and over and over and over again... Hmmmmm.

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    I can do better than point out one instance in which Caleb killed an innocent, I can point out two: the prison guard that Caleb brutally killed for just doing his job and a sheriff that the gang killed for “interfering with their job”:

    Marshal's Badge: A silver badge taken from the corpse of a lawman in Arizona Territory who interfered with the Hellshire Gang's bounties.

    In a thundering gallop, they smashed through the prison entrance, shrieking like bloodthirsty marauders. A guard raised his pistol, but hesitated. A spear punctured his chest. Caleb grabbed the man's head and slammed it against a prison cell until it spilled through the bars.

    And didn’t care about money? Of course he cared, that is the reason for why he started working for Bayshore in the first place, and he was angry because Bayshore was getting rich at his expense. Yes, eventually, his need for revenge became more important, but that doesn’t mean that he never cared about money at all. And in the lore, the only reason that we are given for Caleb to take people alive….is because that was the deal with the warden, nothing more:

    He spoke of something greater than monetary wealth — political capital — and that his connections could have Bayshore framed and rotting behind bars for life. He had only one request: make him rich. Fill the prison. Use ingenuity to bring outlaws in alive.

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 841
    edited September 19

    The guard wasn't innocent because he was supporting the Warden and his corrupt schemes, same way Nazi soldiers weren't innocent for upholding the views of the Third Reich. The Sheriff falls into the category of collateral, same way the corpses of Glenvale fall under. Also, there's no reason for a lawman to interfere with the then legal practice of bounty hunting under any pretense unless it directly affected him, which makes him a threat to the practice itself, and a threat that the Hellshire Gang dealt with properly.

    Caleb didn't care for money anymore than you or I do to support ourselves. It never was just about the money, it was about making brilliant inventions like his father wanted to do but couldn't due to ethnic prejudice and he tried to sell those inventions to Bayshore because that was the only way he could realistically support himself. The premise of money completely fell to the wayside the second Caleb found out he was screwed over and then his sole purpose became revenge through any means. Also, you seem to think the Hellshire Gang had a massive murder boner and Caleb was literally all about killing innocent people but had his hand forced the other way by the Warden. Since you enjoy quoting addons so much, here's one that literally poses the question about whether or not the Hellshire Gang are outlaws or heroes.

    "Hellshire Gang: Justice Seekers or Outlaws?" — Glenvale Gazette headline

    At this point, I'm starting to think you just want Caleb to be a one-note "argh, I kill people because I'm angry all the time for no real reason" even though he's so much deeper than that. How can you say he has no problem killing innocents when he was careless enough to let the man who stole everything from him live? A grueling and miserable life Bayshore had afterwards, but if Caleb was so down with killing, he would've been one hundred percent sure to finish the job. Plus, the deal with the Warden was about getting Bayshore locked up because that was a worse fate than death. Seems like killing people without any care or concern really isn't in the 'Slinger's MO, isn't it? We done here?

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,599

    I don't think it's an either/or with caleb.

    He's extremely hotheaded and short-fused, which means he'll lash out at/harm what-/whoever is closest/in his way, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care for innocent lives at all.

    Say about the devs what you want, but I don't think that Caleb falls into the 'lost cause' category of characters like e.g. the Doctor, Clown or Ghostface character-building-wise.

  • KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

    You really seem to hate that I have a different interpretation of a character. No, I don’t see Caleb as a one-dimensional character or someone that kill for the sake of killing or even lacking on good qualities, I think he is more like Oni, a person that ruined his life due to his nasty side, but has his own reasons for killing and doing violence, he is not a serial killer like Ghostface, but someone that due to the time period and the circumstances in which he lived, became violent and sadistic. And, seriously, when I have said that Caleb and his gang were all about killing innocents? My argument is that he has no morals claims about killing innocents if he needs to do it, so they probably wouldn’t care about collateral damage or about people that get in their way of the bounties, but that is it, not that his gang goes around killing innocent for the fun of it, and how knows, may be he doesn't like killing kids.

    Caleb and his gang are not men of the law, they are hired by a private citizen to help capture fugitives of the law, but the lawman is an employer of the government that is above the gang and the citizen, so there is no hiding the fact that regardless of the reason, they murdered an innocent. And the prison guard, yes, his boss was a corrupt [BAD WORD], but Caleb is not killing him for “supporting the corrupt schemes”, given that Caleb did way more than the guard in that regard, so his main reason for killing him is that he was in his way to get revenge.

    The quote that you show literally shows that there was doubt in universe about their actions. Yes, some may see them in a positive way, but there was clearly enough negative view for them to be considered by some as outlaws, so they must have their fair share of shady actions for that reputation to start in the first place.

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 841

    "maybe he doesn't like killing kids"

    You lost me there, duder. Have fun with your jank interpretation of a complex, gray character.

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,599
    edited September 20

    Again, you are trying to shove caleb to one end of the scale or other. don't do that.

    Caleb is extremely hotheaded, going into a blind fury when he's p----d off. The guard was a guard, hell, maybe even a new hire, we don't know.

    And the marshal? Caleb, unfortunately, is the kind of person who would brutally lash out at a marshal if said marshal managed to arrest a mark that escaped and angered caleb. There isn't necessarily greed here. The idea of 'there's no reason for a lawman to interfere with bounty hunting'... What do you think bounty hunting is?

    If a lawman catches the mark first, tough luck for the bounty hunters. and I can absolutely see Caleb killing someone who (to him) took away his chance for retribution.

    Caleb isn't really like Kazan. Kazan's rage is long lasting and stems from a false sense of pride and honor and directed at everyone who doesn't fit into his ideas/questions them. Caleb's rage is, for all we know, short lived (in a sense) and directed at specific targets and those that keep him from said targets.

    In short: Yes, Caleb is a bloodthirsty, vengeful bounty hunter, but by all means, he has no reason to kill survivors, unless they invoke his wrath. And in-universe that's easiest achieved by having him see someone he hasn't been able to take revenge on yet.

    PS: Caleb and the warden 'befriended' long before the warden's offer, make of caleb designing torture devices what you want. Hell, even some twisted naivity can be the reason, it's not necessary bland sadism and selfishness.

    Characters can be complicated, people.


    Also, look at when the Entity got him and how: It was in a moment of potential despair. This thread pointed out correctly he agreed to the whole bounty hunting thing because of bayshore. so look at where he is in life at the moment the entity takes him: He's broken. He got his revenge, but with it the realization that 1. he's been someone's pawn again and again, and 2. he has nothing left to keep him going. He's not stupid, and we can say he realized that that moment, that's why he wasn't there to see bayshore die proper. instead he went back to his old cell.

    The way that bit is written, he's numb. And i think the moment he sits down is when the entity gets him and starts messing with his head. Just look how he can't remember who gave him the wrench anymore. this can be read as the entity severing his ties to the mortal realm and tapping into his need for revenge. it might even have blocked the recent memories of bayshore being dead.

    Caleb is one of the 'sleepwalker' killers, if you want to call them that.

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  • ThePoliceThePolice Member Posts: 264

    He killed the guard in self defense, while the guard was only doing his job and was innocent, Caleb was hardly going to let the guard shoot him

  • MikeadatrixMikeadatrix Member Posts: 841

    I literally cannot tell if you agree or disagree with me or both. Half of what you wrote is against what I wrote, the other half in favor. Care to clarify?

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,599

    that's the thing. I get the feeling people try to put caleb down on either the 'didn't do anything wrong' or 'pure evil' side, with no inbetween. so... i agree what i agree with and disagree what i disagree with

  • ThePoliceThePolice Member Posts: 264

    Yeah in that case it was excessive violence, however I don’t think he’s someone who enjoys killing

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 1,599

    the cosmetics lore say different, but I think it's more a kind of rage induced bloodlust than anything.

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