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What’s up with gens sound now?

Did we really need to change this? It is incredibly loud, it drowns out hearing and as killer I can 100% tell when a gen is being worked on, seemingly from even further away. I really don’t want to hear a 1978 ford pinto trying to start up all game



  • BardBard Member Posts: 657

    It was always loud, it's just that now the "Clunking" has been replaced with "Clinking" or "Sparking".

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    But in terms of balance, it's needed.

    I legit can't hear people fixing gens just beside me when i'm playing as killer.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 3,096

    "(Vroom Vroom), killers know they cant catch me! (Vroom Vroom) Cute, Sexy and my Gen's sporty!"

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,814

    It was so comical the first time I ran past a Felix tryin’ to start up his beat-up old 1970’s station wagon generator.

    Having worked on DBD gens for hours today, it’s actually super annoying, imo. There seem to be like 3 distinctly different startup sfx. One sfx would have been more appealing, although not necessary.

    A gen that size may have a larger rev.

    They jus sound noisy an silly, tbh

  • _VTK__VTK_ Member Posts: 343

    Absolutely agree. There was no need whatsoever to change the gen sound. Why change something that works? You can only make it worse. I hope they listen to us and remove the new sounds, they are annoying as hell.

  • ZCerebrateZCerebrate Member Posts: 641

    You've gained a superpower from playing so much killer. Time to take to the streets with a red leather suit on and wipe crime off the streets of Hell's Kitchen

  • LittleMuffinLittleMuffin Member Posts: 10

    I think I'm in the minority here when I say that I actually really like the new gen sounds. The whole car engine starting is a little over-the-top but I think it's cool nonetheless.

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,435

    It's not needed. I could hear people working on gens just fine. and the sound doesn't fit. If it's needed so bad then make it a sound only the killer can hear. it's annoying otherwise.

  • AnotherJacobAnotherJacob Member Posts: 64

    ITS LOUD AS HELL! Also repeats too often. Very annoying. :(

  • Dito175Dito175 Member Posts: 1,255

    I like it too! I love having these new sounds, it's cool to hear something different after years of repairing gens.

  • KharKhar Member Posts: 617

    I like it. I think it is a little bit too loud, but overall I like the new sound effects for gens. Even if they are stupid.

  • iWEEMANiWEEMAN Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2020

    I hope they get rid of those sound effects. It is way too loud, it sounds off, annoying, silly and makes me not want to do a gen. Please remove and we will pretend you guys never did this...

  • kucerkakucerka Member Posts: 186

    Yeah, these gen sounds are so horrible and are making me uncomfortable doing them.

  • EynoxEynox Member Posts: 72
    edited September 2020

    Ok. This is the second time since I"ve come back to DBD that a change to the game is literally in my opinion, REDICULOUS. Sorry, whoever was behind the "New Auras" that got instantly reverted and whoever is behind this Gen change is KILLING the game.

    I've been enjoying this game so much lately, but I will 100% say this and I'm not just complaining. It's FINE if you want to alert killers that people are working on gens, making some perks more useful. BUT The gen sound right now is VERY repetitive, and ANNOYING. I literally hate the sound, I don't want to work on gens because I have to listen to this loop track of a car starting every game.

    Gen repairs are a core part of the game, and if you ARE going to alter or change a sound you should make sure it's a sound that people can listen to over and over again for literally hundreds and for some THOUSANDS of hours. It's not a decision that should be made lightly, and I really think you should have tried this out in the PB before bringing it to live because I'm SURE it wouldn't have made it through.

    To sum up my opinion:

    Gen sounds being more distinct when being worked on for killer is OK

    This sound loop / file is HORRIBLE and I will most likely quit playing the game because of it. I won't listen to this engine sound for more than 1-2 games at a time.

    Not only do I not feel like playing much, but I usually watch Dead by Daylight gameplay on YT before bed, and I don't even want to do that at this point.

    I really do hope our opinions of the gen sound is heard and hope that DBD team will investigate the feedback further.

  • KjetrrKjetrr Member Posts: 43

    Haven't been able to experience it for myself, but all the complaints make me worried, that it might cause problems for me; I am hard of hearing and the old gen sound already was incredibly distracting for me.

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