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I LOVED the new generators. Until today that is.

When the new generators were released I was super stoked! They were gorgeous, I loved all of the new survivor animations of them fiddling with wires, pulling levers, twisting pipes, and more. And I thought the new sound design was great too; keeping the same progession noises but adding new sounds for each of the different pieces a survivor could mess with while they worked. They all melded together nicely to give this rich and detailed sound when multiple survivors were working together.

Today my game updated, and with that update came new sound effects to the generators. Specifically loud, grating, engine-revving sound effects. I get the effect the devs are trying to acheive, but I honestly don't like them. They occur way too frequently, and they are loud enough that they drown out all of the other, more interesting sound effects.

If there was an issue with the gen noises before, ie. They were too quiet for killers, then make the other sounds louder, that's fine. But it feels like all of the nuanced, subtle sound effects that were added in are pointless now, because I can hardly hear them over the screeching engine revving.

Would love to hear other people's thoughts on this as well.



  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    I like how they spark when a survivor lets go. Its a nerf to Blendettes and Urban Evasion users.

    Not sure what people are talking about with new gens. As killer they seem quieter but I think its the issue with how the audio works. If the game thinks its in a seperate room due to a wall near your camera then it goes extremely quiet

  • _VTK__VTK_ Member Posts: 227

    I liked the old sounds too, before they added any additional sounds to it. I'm ok with making the old sounds louder if needed, but I think it is totally unnecessary to add new ones, it makes the game worse and more annoying.

  • Auron471Auron471 Member Posts: 1,308

    i think the car starting sound should be played when a survivor first touches the gen, but then just never play again. or at the very least, play very rarely. its so annoying.

  • ShrekTheThird69ShrekTheThird69 Member Posts: 327

    I never even noticed them as killer once I started to play survivor I finally heard it.

    It's actually not that bad I kind of like it.

  • BelzherBelzher Member Posts: 224

    I don't like the new ones too, sounds like I'm trying to start a car with my key lol

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 3,043

    I actually love the new sounds but they need to be tone down a bit tbh.

  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 1,118

    I think they're great. They sound like generators now and not... whatever they were before.

  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 1,118

    Yeah it's almost like it's the same concept as your car engine or something. Wild.

  • YokaiPhaseshiftYokaiPhaseshift Member Posts: 99

    "Bonked me on the head."

    I like that, that's really funny! Imma start using that too describe killer attacks just for fun.

  • YokaiPhaseshiftYokaiPhaseshift Member Posts: 99

    I love most of them too! Just not the weird engine revving one that was just added bc it downs out all the others so I can't hear them anymore :(

  • BioXBioX Member Posts: 1,378

    Apart from the technical issues, I just dont like the look of them.

    They look very...Steampunk, so imo the fit nicely on the Deathslinger Map but on the rest they look a bit odd, a generator generally does not look like that.

    My dream would be custom assets per realm, nasty rusty mud and slug and slimey plant covered gens and pallets for swamp.

    Industrial modern stuff for Macmillian

    Something maybe very typical for Africa for Autohaven, idk maybe Honda lookalike generators.

  • BelzherBelzher Member Posts: 224

    I said it in a weird way. I meant about it being annoying because it's repetitive, that's all.

  • kaerukaeru Member Posts: 1,542

    Looks like Technician was shadow-buffed.

  • shelobstershelobster Member Posts: 233

    The new gen sounds sound like a mechanical horse dying.

    I don't mind louder gen sounds but these ones are just awful. It's also frustrating that when I turn my camera to look around while on a gen my camera goes inside the gen and I can't see anything.

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 4,262

    I am not a fan of the new sounds either.

    When the new gens and animations were done they looked great and it made gens mor4 interesting again.

    The different sounds playing depending on what side you were really cool.

    This update hit and it actually makes me not want to do gens. The new sounds on the loop are really bad. The noise doesn't fit as its like you are constantly trying to start it with a sound which doesn't even fit along with an injured horse in the background.

    Some things don't need changed for the sake of it and these sounds were one of them. The change doesn't add anything to the game and is really quite annoying after a few matches.

    Also I am still hoping Billy's roar to be changed to something more menacing as that roar is terribly out of place and its just too commical sounding.

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    Remember.. killers have to endure that damn chase music that drowns out all other sounds in every chase.

    But i would love them to tone these sounds down

  • BingbongbongBingbongbong Member Posts: 202

    I think the sound effects themselves are fine, but the volume is a tad bit loud. I wouldn't mind them lowering it down a little alongside killer's chase music where hearing anything else is very difficult.

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