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unable to update the game

plataform: pc steam

OS: win 10 pro

after the 4.2 patch ( the felix richer one) my game refuse to update , it keep failing i tried to download other games on steam to see if was my pc fault but after download and play payday 2(69720 mb) and team fortress 2 ( 22061 mb) without any issue i think some file corrupted on dbd and when i unnistall the game some file still stay but im unable to remove.


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 4,476

    I remember I had this with some games on steam. The only way I could fix it was to uninstall the game, go to the steam directory (steam/steamapps/common), delete the game, uninstall steam and then reinstall steam.

    I'm really hoping someone else spots this thread and has a better idea than that, because I don't want to suggest you go through that whole process.

  • LucyInTheSkyLucyInTheSky Member Posts: 18

    that the problem is not letting delete the game

  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 685
    edited September 16

    I may have found a better solution.

    While these forums were having issues yesterday I was using Steam discussions as a backup and could help at least 4 different players having similar problems with much simpler solution.

    The solution was..

    First fully exit Steam, then delete C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\appmanifest_381210.acf

    If installed elsewhere, same location as your game (not in game folder but steamapps folder).

    That file is the download cache and sometimes the Steam is unable to delete it if you go through the clearing cache option from download settings.

  • LucyInTheSkyLucyInTheSky Member Posts: 18

    ty slay i will try see if work as soon game download again

  • LucyInTheSkyLucyInTheSky Member Posts: 18

    sadly slay this didnt work

  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 685

    Are you still unable to update the game?

    Maybe there are bigger problems than download cache then. For that you need to go to Steam main folder and delete everything inside the folder except for Steam.exe, steamapps (folder), userdata (folder) and ssfn followed by number string. Then just run Steam.exe and it will automatically replace all required files to use Steam.

    This method is easier than fully reinstalling Steam and you wont lose your installed games, local files such as screenshots, game saves, and local game configuration. The ssfn file contains your Steam Guard data so you wont lose the ability to trade and use community market for 7 days like you would do on a fresh Steam install.

  • LucyInTheSkyLucyInTheSky Member Posts: 18

    the strange thing is ONLY dbd have this issue i download a bunch of other and all was fine ( hitman an bordelands pre sequel on epic ) (tf2 payday 2 friday the 13 dont starve together and stand alone and now im trying to download destiny 2) and all this game is downloading and running fine i cant understand why only dbd have this error

  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 685

    Could be issue with Steam content server, change that from Steam settings on the download tab.

    Or your anti-virus causing corruption during Steam download, try to whitelist Steam and game folders or turning anti-virus off.

    To clear the Steam download folder delete C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\downloading or if installed elsewhere either Steam or game then it's on the same location as that.

  • LucyInTheSkyLucyInTheSky Member Posts: 18

    ok i will try that as soon game download again (with my potato internet) i will give a feedback

  • LucyInTheSkyLucyInTheSky Member Posts: 18

    i tried all things and failed , but a friend gave me an idea to wait a new patch to try downlaod the game and it worked

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