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The "new and improved" graphics are absolute garbage

seriously, what a joke. I can see even less than I ever could before. Especially considering how 1 sided badham preschool already is.

It seems that every single recent change is becoming even more biased. Who were these graphics even improved for exactly because it clearly wasn't for me

Devil dang Saloon with its stupid balcany and Silent hills layout (also can't see horse dukey there) they are both horrific maps

If this is the way that things are going to be for now on you should atleast make the lighting slightly balanced otherwise i implore you to reconsider your changes in the future

Everytime i have to play based off sounds and scratch marks alone and literally guess if there is a body or pallet 2 steps in front of me. I'm not even exaggerating...

Player cosmetics don't help but even add to the frustration too.

Is anybody else running into this issue?


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