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Uknown error when joining and every end of the game, THE ROCK BUG

Seems like some accounts including mine are suffering from disconnection and errors when joining or ending game hence no bloodpoints earned, its getting on my nerves please fix. There's also a bug where you get stuck when nearing a hill with a rock, everyone that goes there goes stuck which gives a killer an advantage please fix.


  • LumpytoadLumpytoad Member Posts: 8

    I have gotten stuck on the "Rock Hill" at least 2-3 times a day :(

    It is any level with a Rock Hill, at the base of the hill, to the right of the "stairway" up the hill.

  • delilahsupastardelilahsupastar Member Posts: 40

    I've gotten stuck several times but finally figured out I can eventually get unstuck if i hold run facing away from the rock to the right. It takes a minute but usually it eventually lets me out. I don't know if this will work for everybody every single time but it has worked for me twice in a row.

  • eeveegreyhameeeveegreyhame Member Posts: 2

    I also got stuck on the base of the pig tree in Coldwind once, so be careful there.

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