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OhTofu showing how to play Blight for baby killers who said he is unplayable

ZCerebrateZCerebrate Member Posts: 641
edited September 2020 in General Discussions

So for awhile I just watched OhTofu as a funny guy who played as an average to mediocre killer- considering how inattentive he is throughout the match (but he is running machine gun commentary as it's rare to not hear him rambling in some entertaining way) for tracking survivor's hooks, perks and perception of time. He's definitely worse at the game than people like Otzdarva or ScottJund (or even Tru3) because he's literally just playing to have fun instead of trying to optimize every inch...Anyways.

Not sure if Blight just clicked with him but watching some of his curving and lethal rushes - I willingly admit he is definitely a better Blight than me and worth a watch if you want to dig through his 5~ so most recent videos showcasing Blight.

While an Alchemist Ring showcase, this one at 14:00 shows a nifty hit at Killer shack among other things that seem basic but refutes those, "You can't use his power at loops" naysayers. He only struggles with very tight small unsafe loops (for using his power) in which case you are still a 115% M1 killer... bring Brutal strength or his Irris Compound to take care of annoying pallet loops or gun for someone else with your high 230% mobility.



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