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  • Komrad_KarnageKomrad_Karnage Member Posts: 4,080

    Survivor: Locksmith

    You have a Significantly increased chance at finding a Key in the first Chest you search and your Keys are 30/40/50% more efficient.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491

    I guess it’s blood lust but it you get the bonus of the game mechanic blood lust? So double the speed boost. Honestly, they just make it give bloodlust a higher movement speed bonus or smth.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491

    Since I just got access into this forum again I have a large stock pile of perks to unload again (21 perks?):


    Lullaby- Your soft singing calming those around you, even your self, but it is very distinct.

    Every survivor within a 15 meter radius of you, including yourself, will have their grunts and breathing decrease by 100/125/150%. However, anyone, including the killer, who enters that radius will hear the lullaby (In essence, a killer’s terror radius but for a survivor and it is calming). This perk can toggle between activated and deactivated, via pressing the active ability button. This perk will automatically deactivate when you enter a chase.

    “A sweet melody that distracts from the horrors.”

    Empty Promises- You gamble with the fate of other through the lies of your actions, but sometimes they come with consequences.

    Any survivor that you heal by one health state, this perk activates. The healed survivor gains the haste (50% increase) status effect for 3 seconds. If they are put into the dying health state within a 60/50/40 second period after being healed, you are instantly put into the injured health state and inflicted with the broken status effect for 30 seconds. If they survive that time period, you are able to survive a hit that would otherwise put you into the dying health state once. This perk can only be activated again after using the extra hit.

    “I’m putting my money where my mouth is, or in this case, my heart.”

    Cursed Blood- Your aura is dampen when you are near magical forces. Though your blood becomes attractive for those with a dark heart.

    If you are under the cursed effect (if the killer uses a hex perk), your aura is hidden until the curse is removed. If injured, your aura is revealed to the killer when within a 20/15/10 meter radius and your blood is more noticeable.

    “It seems he may not see you, but that doesn’t mean he can smell you.”

    The Center of Attention- All eyes must be on you, even if it’s not from the most agreeable spectator.

    When the killer enters a chase with a survivor that does not have this perk, the killer will suffer from a decrease in visibility (a dark haze appears over the fov [opacity: 25%] and range of sight (by 5 degrees). If they enter a chase with a survivor with this perk, they will see you aura when there is no obstacles blocking line of sight and they have increased movement speed by 5/4/3%.

    “What can I say? They all love me!”

    Spite- You refuse to allow them the satisfaction.

    When a killer attempts to perform a mori on you, the animation will play but they will not receive any blood points for the action. When you die from bleeding out, receive a extra 25/50/75% blood points for all categories. 

    “Hook me damn it?! I refuse to cooperate.”

    Last meal- Know your death, you try your best to make sure that everyone else lives on.

    When you are on your final hook, all survivors in a 10 meter radius of you receive a 100/150/200% increase to repair, healing, sabotaging, and cleansing speeds. Upon your death by hook, all remaining survivors will be able to see the killer’s aura for 20 seconds. 

    “If this is it, I will try my best for the rest of you.”

    Flexible- You can do more while being carried, increasing your odds of escape.

    When you are picked up by the killer, instead of wiggling, you must complete a total of 7/6/5 difficult skill checks to escape (multiple skill checks one after another until escape, dropped, or hooked). Any progress made with the skill checks before being hooked is kept. If the killer picks you up and drops you at least 3 times, you instantly escape.

    “Bending around here makes escape so much easier, although it isn’t for the untrained.”

    Falconry- Your experience with avian species,specifically birds of prey, give you insight on the entity’s informants.

    Decrease the chances of disturbing a crow by 50/75/100%. When a crow is within a 15 meter radius of both you and the killer, you can see the killer’s aura.

    “I am a bird man, as you can see.”

    Salvage- You can turn what seems as trash into treasure.

    When you are holding a depleted item for 15 seconds, it is consumed and instead a similar item of a rarity at least 3/2/1 level(s) below the one that was salvaged replaces it with 75% charges (addons carry over) remaining. This perk can only be used 4 times per trial.

    “It won’t be as good as the original but it works.”


    Stalker’s info- You are able to gain the details of a survivor from a distance.

    When looking directly at a survivor within a 20 meter radius, outside a chase, a random perk they have will appear on the left side of the screen. If you were to look at the same survivor again, you will need to be 15 meters to reveal another perk. This pattern will continue until all perks are revealed.

    “I get a feeling about that one. They look like a runner.”

    No where to run- Your intensity in a chase amuses the entity. Though, they wish to see it ended now.

    Hex: After a survivor rush vaults an object, all other vaults and openings (expect pallets) within a 30 meter radius are blocked for 30/60/90 seconds for all survivors. This perk can’t be activated again while already in effect. This effect persists until the associated hex totem remains.

    “Where to go now?”

    Hesitation- You can make anyone hesitant especially what they are experts in.

    Hex: Any survivor perk that is not passive has a 20/40/60% chance to failing upon activation, leading to the perk being put on a 30 second cool down before it can be used again. Any prerequisite to activate the perk is consumed and must be completed once again. This effect will persist as long as the associated hex totem remains.

    “I forgot which one is the painkillers!”

    Dark Hope- You twist and contort the hope of your prey, changing it into pain and agony.

    For each generator completed, afflict every injured survivor with the broken status effect for 30/45/60 seconds. When the final generator is completed, all survivors that did not complete that generator lose one health state. If a survivor is healing while the effect is activated, their progress is halted until the effect falls off.

    “Hope is the best kind of deception. An illusion of one’s optimism and a cruel shroud for reality.”

    Human Anatomy- Your knowledge of the human body makes your attacks both accurate and deadly at the cost of efficiency.

    Your melee attack will instantly put a survivor into the dying health state. However, the stun recovery period from this attack is 125/100/75% longer. The stun recovery period for any other attack is also 25% longer. This perk has a 30 second cool down.

    “I may be slow, but I know where to strike for the best results.”

    Splinters- Your body is very enduring. Any impacts with an object seems damage itself more than you.

    When you are stunned with a pallet, the pallet used will become a splintered pallet and its aura will be revealed to you. Any survivor that vaults this pallet will be inflicted with a status effect depending on their type of vaulting action. If it is a slow vault, the survivor will be inflicted with the hemorrhage status effect for 30/45/60 seconds and scream, revealing their location. If it is a fast vault, the survivor will be put into the injured health state, inflicted with the hemorrhage status effect until healed, and scream, revealing their location. Any splintered pallet takes 10/20/30% less time to break.

    “Skin of stone and bones of steel.”

    Linger- Your aura no longer fixed to your body.

    After successfully melee attacking a survivor, you terror radius and aura will remain in the same spot that the attack was dealt for 20/30/40 seconds. This perk has a 60 second cool down.

    “The blood covers my scent while it overwhelms the murder scene.” 

    Mercy- You resist the entity’s influences to break rules. Although these transgressions do not go unnoticed.

    If a survivor is in the second stage of sacrifice, you can remove them from hook. This will break the hook and give the survivor the broken status effect for 60 seconds. The hook broken is completely removed from the trial. All other hooks will now instantly sacrifice the next survivor placed on hook then loose its effect of instant sacrifice and give 100/150/200% extra blood points towards the sacrifice category. If you were to sacrifice the survivor that activated this perk, all hooks are temporarily broken for 120/110/100 seconds. All blood points gained are rewarded after the trial.

    “They are amused that I cheated, but it’s now a gamble whether I follow though with my choice.”

    Fool’s Gold- You baiting of survivors has become to often. However, your developed methods are useful.

    Your lunge distance is slightly (10%) increase. Your movement speed is increased by 15% for 4 seconds after being stunned. Any time a survivor stun you, they are given the exposed status effect for 5/10/15 seconds. 

    “They think a piece of wood can stop me.”

    Fair play- You are a stickler for a fair chance, even if it ruins you.

    When a survivor is removed from hook, either by themselves or another survivor, all survivors outside a 30/20/10 meter radius has their aura revealed for 5 seconds. However, any survivor within that same radius will be able to see the killer’s aura and persist for 5 seconds after they either leave the radius of the hooked survivor or unhook them. 

    “Are willing to make that sacrifice?”

    Rough Landing- While the landing isn’t as smooth the extra force is astounding.

    After falling from a great height, you are stunned for 3 seconds and any survivor within a 5/7/9 meter radius will be exposed for 20 seconds. This perk has a 80 second cool down.

    Premeditated- You become more strategic with how the trial will be.

    After a totem is cleansed, you are able to throw down a pallet that isn’t used yet. This action will take 10 seconds to complete and will alert any survivor within a 50/40/30 meter radius. (This perk can only be used 5 times per trial)

    “You take my advantages, I take yours.”

  • VinegarChipsVinegarChips Member Posts: 2

    I thought of a neat perk to help people with pallet saves: when you are in the dying state next to a pallet, the pallet's aura is shown to all other survivors.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,236
  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 77

    Survivor perk:

    • Handyman: Your obsession with repairs greatly increase the probability of finding a toolbox in chests. Increases the efficiency of toolboxes by 10/15/20 %.

    Killer perk:

    • Wrath of the entity: Each time a generator is fully repaired, the entity blocks the other generators for 16/18/20s.
  • OneClownMainOneClownMain Member Posts: 16

    Survivor Perk:

    Together Forever: You're never gonna give up on others. For every other survivor that is healthy or injured, you gain a stackable 4/5/6% buff to Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Cleansing, Exit Gate Opening and Chest Unlocking speeds.

    Killer Perk:

    Uneasy: Survivors do not feel well when near you. Survivors within you terror radius suffer from a 15/20/25% debuff to healing, repairing and sabotaging speeds.

  • LmronbyLmronby Member Posts: 339

    I think Lightweight should be a sort of a counter to that Predator idea; an often unused perk working against another unused perk

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,236

    Yeah, but that is again a "pick perk to conter a specific killer". But to Spirit this would become meta

  • LmronbyLmronby Member Posts: 339

    So one perk should remain in the ashes because One killer would benefit greatly from it?

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,236

    More like so one perk should be redesigned in a way to become viable and NOT boost one of the most hated killers. I did not say don't touch Predator, but that rework would be meta on Spirit and probably not even affect pick rate on other killers

  • Rex_HoneycutRex_Honeycut Member Posts: 101

    Tea Time (Killer Perk): Whenever a survivor performs a quick crouch action within your FOV, their movement speed is decreased by 2/3/4% for every quick crouch until they are damaged or they leave your terror radius for 20/25/30 seconds.

    Tunnel Vision (Survivor Perk): After being unhooked, Tunnel Vision activates for 40/50/60 seconds. If the killer starts a chase with you while Tunnel Vision is active, the killer's FOV decreases by 3/4/5% for every 5 seconds of chase. Tunnel Vision is deactivated when the chase is finished.

  • SpasticLlamaSpasticLlama Member Posts: 60

    Hello there! Here are some more perk I ideas I managed to think of! I hope you find them cool and interesting! Please comment down below what you think of them and which one is your favorite! :3

    P.S/Disclaimer: One of them is a joke perk lmao. I added pictures and quotes to my perk ideas to make them more cool! Also, the perk icons that are fan made are not my own but are drawn by someone else.

  • SpasticLlamaSpasticLlama Member Posts: 60

    Interesting! Although, if survivors always get like a purple or Pink key then its kinda busted lmao.

  • SpasticLlamaSpasticLlama Member Posts: 60

    Wow! Thats a lot of ideas! they are pretty interesting although some of them might seem to strong. I like splinters, Linger, cursed blood and salvage. :3

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491

    Yeah that’s usually how my perks are. Usually I make it and hope people fix it for me. Balancing is not my forte. But def can make some new perks. Anyways thx for the feedback

  • Komrad_KarnageKomrad_Karnage Member Posts: 4,080

    This generally assumes the Key/Mori update is in place.

  • SpasticLlamaSpasticLlama Member Posts: 60

    No problem man! What do you think of my perk ideas? :3

  • Komrad_KarnageKomrad_Karnage Member Posts: 4,080
    edited September 2020

    Beacon of Hope:

    • Overloaded, too many things all at once.
    • 1.5s to clear entity block is OP, Needs more consumption.
    • Cannot specify a guaranteed Flashlight, conflicts with Pharmacy (Pharmacy would also need to be changed for consistency)
    • The Burst is cool, could actually see that as a new add-on rather than a perk. (If Firecrackers are not added back), but it should not stun, just a normal Flashlight blind that's far easier to land. (But this all hinges on how Firecrackers are handled)

    Spiritual Connection:

    • Needs maximum range, cool-down.

    Panicked Dash:

    • Sounds cool, make it only work if you're not Exhausted.

    Cunning Escape:

    • Should only suppress Scratch Marks and Notification, I'm iffy on the UI suppression, mainly because this will shine sitting at the hook and healing rather than escaping, especially with We'll Make It. Otherwise I like the idea around it.

    Vile Snatch:

    • Love the concept, but the current implementation has the Survivor in an anim-lock before it takes effect (Camping yay), also should apply to all survivors, it'd be more for time-wasting: First time is a surprise, the next are expected, don't need to conceal the aura (presumably the 'transport' will be suppressing it). IE: Once per Survivor, if a Survivor comes within 12/8/4m of a Survivor still in their 1st Hook Stage, The Hooked Survivor is transported to another random Hook (no Basement Hooks) and has their timer paused for 24s. (So it's like PH's Cages but inversed).

    Obsessive Incantation:

    • I just don't like the concept of this Perk. And the range is way too big, I take it this will be able to down Survivors as well?

    Makeshift Shotgun:

    • I like the idea of a collection based perk that isn't RNG (like Autodidact), I get this is probably the joke perk (because shotgun), but I like that concept.

    Booby Trap:

    • Sounds cool, but its actual effectiveness will not make it more than a meme-perk.

    Hex: Pandemonium:

    • Separating Survivors generally has the effect of making them more efficient, and Slower speed isn't something as easy to power-through, increasing the chance of separation. IMO I'd make it that each Survivor has a 8/12/16m Terror Radius (To Other Survivors). Control Inversion could be cool, but I'm skeptical.


    • Concept is cool, if not derivative of Overcharge/Surveillance, I'd suggest that it doesn't prevent repair, just applies a slower repair-speed (to keep the Survivor(s) there while the Aura persists) and the duration of the Repair-speed slow is dependent on how many skill-checks are missed. (Repair Speed slow-down is active for all survivors repairing while the skill-checks are performed and the time determined from missed checks).

    Escape Artist:

    • Even with the 8s wait period I still don't like this perk.


    • Like the idea of a collection perk as I've said before. Not sure of the implementation on non-vegetated maps. Rather than actual invisibility, I'd suggest Aura read and/or Scratch Mark Suppression for a little bit.

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  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491

    So I don’t have much of a comment on beacon of hope and vile snatch. Spiritual connect is pretty cool as a concept, but is basically alert but with crows and stronger. Since avoiding crows are difficult and almost no one does that, I think a long cool down or a set number of crows that need to be disturbed before activation would balance it. I love panicked dash and cunning escape! They are really unique are new ways to rescue other survivors or get distance before a chase. Obsessive incantation will likely be unpopular due to its lack of versatility and luck. Though it is a good way to single out a survivor. Makeshift shotgun and camouflage are very much out there. It’s not really the effects, though they might need some tweaks to make them a little less powerful. It’s the way they are activated. The prep need for them require that new intractable objects are added into maps, which there are no perks that currently do that. Bobby trap is an instant down with no indication of error, just make some slight but noticeable difference that careful survivors can see that distinguish them from other chests. I personally would hate a killer using pandemonium. That would so annoying and confusing to get rid of, but it’s a good anti coop perk. Malfunction is overcharged but instead of regression and an alert, it increases the repair time of gens. Finally, escape artist. It’s a great concept but it’s too powerful being able to pick which locker. Idk but if it were in the game I’d love to use it.

  • SpasticLlamaSpasticLlama Member Posts: 60

    Wow thanks for the thought out response! Yeah makeshift shotgun is a joke perk while camouflage kinds is as well. I thought it would be kinda cool.

    For Escape Artist, I understand your thinking of it being too strong, thats why I made it take 8 seconds so you can't just instantly escape in chase. The cool down as well is too prevent rapid traveling the map and spam. Maybe it should be like 12 seconds?

    For Pandemonium, its meant to be strong because its a Hex perk lol. Maybe I can lower the effect time when out of range from 12 to like 8.

    Booby Trap is kinda like the bear trap. You can struggle and escape. The trapped chest will be out of place, they won't replace normal chest spawn spots. So you can kinda sense something off with a specific chest based on its location.

    Also, what do you mean you don't have much of a comment on vile snatch and beacon of hope? Are they too strong? Are they just kinda out there as an idea like meh? Lol

    Thanks again for responding and have a nice day! :3

  • SpasticLlamaSpasticLlama Member Posts: 60

    Thanks for the criticism SurpriseSurprise! I know I'm not a Dev and I try my best to balance them out.

    Perhaps for escape artist it should be a locker that is within 20 meters or so. But you can choose which one to Teleport to?

    I ike your idea for vile snatch and will look into it.

    Fir Beacon of Hope, I can understand that its too cluttered of effects and may be too strong. I will change it!

    Thanks again for the thought out criticism! It means a lot! Have a nice day and see ya in the fog! :3

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 743
    edited September 2020

    Kyoya Suda from (Forbidden) Siren again.

    (I know I posted this 2 times already, but all I wanted was some sort of feedback, yet no one gave it to me. I have no idea if these are even remotely good as an idea.)

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  • KILLER PERK: Resource Management

    Once every 3/2.5/2 minutes you are able to drop a pallet that is currently standing however you will be unable to destroy it until a survivor has fast vaulted over the pallet.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491
    1. Alright it would def cool tho.
    2. Escape artist: changing the time is doesn’t really help much, in my opinion. I think that making the perk conditional would be better. Like if you’re in a chase and you manage to get in a locker and stay in for 8 seconds then it activates but if the killer leaves before the time then it doesn’t activate.
    3. No, it’s a personal thing, like it isn’t too strong per say but I would never cleanse it because of my lack of skills.
    4. Bobby trap: okay ic.
    5. Vile snatch would end my career. I’d honestly not expect it and have a heart attack. Plus I barely trust other random survivors enough get me off once, with this I’d probably stay on hook. It’s actually a great perk tho, maybe a little under powered.
    6. Beacon of hope: it’s just 3 perks in one but all effects are new and pretty spicy. Tho idk what will happen to long lasting flashlights with the priming aspect. Most people running this perk might just bring a yellow with a strange bulb and sapphire lens to make a super strong blind since the perk uses percentage instead of # of charges.
    7. Also your welcome <3
  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 491
    edited September 2020

    Okay boys and girls, this is my first single perk idea! Only one instead for 21!

    Stubborn- You are grounded even in the most dire situations.

    When a killer is going to perform an attack grab, they will instead perform a normal melee attack and be stunned for an extra 3 seconds. This perk has a 90/75/60 second cool down which will only start out of chase.

    ”I’m not getting pulled off no matter what!”

  • Komrad_KarnageKomrad_Karnage Member Posts: 4,080
    edited September 2020

    Third time's the Charm:

    • Seems like a worse version of Desperate Measures.

    Vanquisher of Evil:

    • Seems cool.


    • Seems cool, but with the reliance on other Survivors Perks, relegated to SWF for getting good use out of it or just being lucky.

    Shadow World:

    • Aura-sharing. Interesting, but not sure why the perk makes you less likely to be the Obsession, presumably you're the one wanting to share your Aura perks, I'd reduce the range considerably, not have a 8m base survivor vision (couple this with Bond instead), and make the perk persist for a period after leaving the range rather than adding time to perk Aura reading durations (which is more messy). My suggestion would be to change it to: "You're more likely to become the Obsession. If you are the Obsession, share your Aura Reading effects with Survivors within x meters. If you are within x meters of the Obsession, share their Aura Reading effects. Out of range, this effect persists for y seconds".

  • lukiepuwulukiepuwu Member Posts: 7

    Here a some Survivor perks I came up with, let me know what y’all think!

    Survivor Perk: Tantrum

    Not getting your own way fuels you with anger and rage.

    When grabbed by the killer, you impede the killers movement speed by 5/10/15%.

    • Your wiggling effects are also increased by 20/25/30%.

    Upon escaping the killers grasp, gain a 7%  Haste status for 30 seconds.

    “What did i tell you? I always get my own way.”

    Survivor Perk: Verge of Danger

    Unlike your other fellow survivors, the thought of being chased greatly excites you.

    After being in a chase for 20 seconds, gain a token.

    • You gain a token every 20 seconds, up to a stackable of 3 tokens.

    • For every token you obtain, gain a 1/2/3% Haste status, up to a total of 3/6/9% extra movement speed.

    Successfully escaping a chase or being hooked will reset your token count.

    “You really wanna chase me? Catch me if ya can, then!”

    Survivor Perk: A Handyman’s Job

    You have a knack for fixing what has been broken.

    When stood at a spot where a pallet has been broken, press and hold the Active Ability button for 16 seconds to repair the pallet.

    A Handyman’s Job has a cool-down of 110/100/90 seconds.

    “It’s time to fix what has been broken”

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