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I want to genuinely know why this is allowed

This, this is why survivors end up running the crutches perks and play scummy towards the killer. This can’t be compared to keys (unpopular opinion btw). Yes, they are both very strong but the killer can just do this and get you out of the game. For a key to come in play, the survivors have to do their objective, gens. The amount of Moris I have been seeing recently is truly disgusting (not sure why). Maybe, this is one the reasons why players don’t play this game for very long, this is not fun.

Moris really don’t deserve a rework, they deserve to be removed from the game. The same thing can be said about keys. Both are really unhealthy for the game as both make the game end faster than intended and are probably the most unbalanced thing in the game at the moment. If you really want these things to stay in the game, you are probably not a good player yourself.

(Don’t bully me for running 2 exhaustion perks, I have nothing on Cheryl :))



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