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I am getting fed up now (vent)

I will still play the game, cuz I payed good money. But every single game out of the 30+ games I've done solo queue, everyone keeps tunneling and camping. Every. Single. Game. Only one game I didn't get tunneled/camped cuz the killer pitied me and the other Meg cuz two people D/Ced cuz she had Iri-Head.

I try to play other games but I get bored so easily. I don't know which platform it is, but it sure as hell isn't Xbox. I am not disabling cross-play cuz I don't need hour long queue times. Why is this considered a strategy. I literally get face camped, I just wanted to complete a [BAD WORD] challenge and I can't do that.

It just keeps happening, over, and over, and over again. Why!? Why do people have to ruin another person's experience. Then I get stuck with potato teammates who can't run a killer for 10 seconds and let people get to second phase/die on first hook.

If you read this, thank you, probably gonna take a break from the game and cool my head a bit.



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