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Why do the Devs hate flashlights

In pretty much every recent patch, flashlights have received either direct or indirect nerfs and I'm honestly getting sick of it.

First, right around the Silent Hill Chapter, they "accidentally" lowered the angle at which the beam would come out, which was annoying, but not impossible to adapt to.

Next, they changed the aim of the flashlight from slightly off to the right to the direct center of the screen.

This simple change had the effect of eliminating the possibility of getting a flashlight blind from SO many different angles, so much so that unless you're pretty much facing the killer straight on, you're never gonna be able to get the angle you need.

The most recent nerf is that you can't stand anywhere near any props whatsoever otherwise your survivor's arm will bump into the prop and cause them to aim into the sky; clip for reference.

Also, I'm not sure what was done, but it feels as if the flashlight timing has gotten much more strict.

I'm not too upset over this change, as flashlights shouldn't be easy, but this makes saves that might've been possible from afar completely impossible.

Even if you somehow manage to pull off a flashlight save, they still haven't fixed the issue that causes killers to almost immediately recover from flashlights stuns.

What is even the point of bringing flashlights anymore...

Why couldn't they just leave flashlights alone as they've been for years now...



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