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This is why I don't agree with the "Do Bones" argument



  • SyntaiSyntai Member Posts: 38
    edited September 2020

    -"Bitter murmur gives the Killer information, it does not grant them an insta down."

    So what? It still contradicts your statement. The killer gets something for failing (Gens are being done) and survivors get punished for doing their objective. (Getting revealed to the killer for doing gens).

    Killer doesn't have to do anything for this perk to activate and basically gets this information for free, while the survivors are getting fked for doing gens.

    Like I said: This is just how lots of perks are designed.

    It's not an instadown, sure, but NOED doesn't straight win you the game either. It's a situational perk, that sometimes allow you to insta down people if you manage to find the survivors within a short time span.

    All this while it still might not activate at all, or when it might get cleansed before getting any value out of it.

    -"No matter how strongly you feel about ranking. It. Does. Not. Matter. Deranking, ranking up. It does not matter."

    It might not matter to you, dude. But it does matter to a lot of people. You can't just say: "NOED has no real/good counter! What? Bones? No, I don't like that because I have to actually do something else than my objective to get rid of it.

    So it's not a real counter!

    Wait? You can still cleanse it? So what? Doesn't matter!

    Also it gives killers a free quick win without them having to lose anything. Wait? They still derank and 'lose'? I mean, who cares about rank at all? I don't, so it's still stupid! It's just about BP!

    Wait, they also do get less BP if they win that way? It's still more BP than the survivors get!"

    Like ... What do you want to hear?

    -"You want survivors to spend time away from generators so that it's easier for the Killer to apply pressure."

    Yes, this is why you take some perks as killer. Especially Hex perks. Ruin. Huntress Lullaby. Devour Hope. Even the risk of NOED is supposed to get survivors of gens to look for totems and slow down the game.

    This is why you take these perks. This is why they are designed the way they are.

    -"If a killer wants to deny a survivor points by tunneling them, they are playing like a jerk."

    ...Or they tunnel because they are trying to eliminate 1 of their 4 targets to slow down the game, which is currently balanced in a way that most killers feel like being under a lot of time pressure.

    If I am targeting a survivor or "tunneling" him, I am not doing it to deny him of any fun. I am also not playing to entertain the survivors. This isn't my job. I am not supposed to obey any survivor rulebook so they have a good time.

    I don't request stuff of them for me either like: "Don't cleanse my hex perk within the first minute of the game, because it stresses me out, plz!"

    It's perfectly fine for a killer to camp or tunnel. It's not even toxic. At the end of the day you are following your objective of KILLING the survivors. It might be a lame way that isn't entertaining for the survivors, but like I said, that's not your job.

    -" They are not simply "doing their job" by tunneling"

    I mean ... technically they are. They are killing off a survivor, which is their job? It's just not that much fun for the survivor.


    I agree with your issues regarding:

    "prevent cocky playstyles by survivors, to take away their feelings of "superiority" because they abuse game mechanics and map designs knowing that the Killer cant do anything about it", though.

  • MiniPisaMiniPisa Member Posts: 633

    As a survivor main I have no issue with NOED. It's hella annoying but there is an easy counter. I usually wait til the last gen or 2 to cleanse all the totems. As long as you make sure you spread out the gens properly then it shouldn't be an issue to leave your 3/2 teammates to do the last gen.

  • KaliniktaKalinikta Member Posts: 702
    edited September 2020

    If doing bones is to much to ask, then destroying pallets is to much to ask.

    Destroying pallets is not the main objective of killers, slows down their gameplay and allows survivors more time to work towards escaping. Spending the time breaking it might pay off or not at all, if the survivors never play in that area again you just wasted time. If you get looped around a pallet and they vault back and forth, isn't it in a killers best interest to break it? It is a secondary objective, but according to you those shouldn't be required to be done.

    The same thing applies to Hex perks, they don't stop you from escaping, working on generators and opening the gates... but if you choose not to do it, it might make your game more difficult if the killer even brought them. They cost a perk slot for killers, can be disabled by the survivors... you don't have to do bones, but you shouldn't complain about hex perks if you don't want to spend time to disable them.

    The choice is on you... you need help doing bones, then bring a detective hunch. It costs the killer a perk slot to make bones important, why shouldn't it cost you one to find them or bring a map? They aren't even important according to you, 5 generators are your only objective... the other 2 can be ignored, the 5 totems can be ignored... so why should the game tell you those that are left in the game.

    Killers bring hex perks to gain a strong effect... that is why they spend a perk slot on them, the choice to remove the perk is on survivors... if you find it a waste of time to remove it don't complain about the fact that the killer benefits from the effects they give. Removing them even gives you bloodpoints... which seemingly is your only objective in the game so why are you not? Do bones they give you bloodpoints... win/win

  • SyntaiSyntai Member Posts: 38
  • bubbabrothabubbabrotha Member Posts: 1,134

    do bones

    get mad

  • lazerlightlazerlight Member Posts: 352
    edited September 2020

    Survivor's add-ons get used up too even if you dont use your item. And I don't think that is the reason why Killers make more points. Unless the devs themselves said that in a livestream.

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