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Revive survivor after Mori

Here's a thought. What if players killed by a mori could be revived?

Here's how I picture it: 1, 2, 3 hooks, dead. That's base ruleset. But Mori's pretty much can skip 2 and 3. And Mori's are getting some sort of change amirite? So here's some bullet points on how it would go:

  • Already mori'd survivors cannot be mori'd again in the same match.
  • If the player is on death hook they cannot be revived. This is intended as a second chance mechanic for players taken out too early.
  • Reviving disabled during EGC. Any survivor in the process of being revived is killed. This puts power in both killer and survivor hands.
  • Medic perks work on reviving players but only in same fashion as gens for parity. So it would cap at 10% increased revive speed with most healing perks, 15% with specialized ones.
  • Revive speed is base 70 seconds (ballparking here). And only one player can revive at a time (maybe).
  • Bleedout timer effects how long before permadeath. So if they're left alone too long, they die.

So, how about it?


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