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Game Crashes After Most Recent Patch

*Note, I didn't have this issue before the hotfix after Blight came out.*

I'm not sure if anyone else has been having this issue, but ever since the hotfix came out, my game has been crashing, a lot. It crashed about seven times yesterday, even after checking the integrity of game files. It was an issue that fixed itself after about two hours, but now the same thing is happening again... Has anyone else had this issue? I've always been sending the crash reports I've gotten, but if there's some way I can fix it then I'd love to know.


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member Posts: 10,623

    I'm seeing a variety of different errors. What type of crashes are you getting? Like... d3d device lost? Or something else?

  • unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 582

    Ahhh... I'm not quite sure how to tell. All I know is that the Crash Launcher comes up, telling me my game has crashed and it asks me what I was doing during the time of the crash and if I want to send the crash report over.

    Is there a specific place it says on that little pop up? If so I can grab the exact crash type next time it happens.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member Posts: 10,623

    Yeah, right below where it asks you what you were doing, there should be a box with a ton of text.

    It's usually in there.

  • alysilent_alysilent_ Member Posts: 21

    same thing happening to me, also after an update. Check how much gpu dbd uses when the game is running in a task manager and u will see the problem. it's 99%-100% in my case

    as far as i know there are no known fixes for it. i tried literally everything, with other people who have the same problem and nothing helps. devs are probably looking into it, at least i hope are

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