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Myers post oni/blight - and how he struggles, compared to killers with more then him.

Blight, oni and myers, along with billy/leatherface all share some qualities between them. Whilst myers might initially seem to share more with ghostface, he actually probably shares more qualitys with oni and lf/billy then anyone else in the cast.

His prime power is to down people in a quick fashion, on a cooldown that requires build up (identical to oni) (very much akin to lf/billy, but they can do so on demand, and can't follow up as easily.) And blight can do this through follow up, smart thinking, and even has this enhanced through the use of addons (though blights more useful as a patrol/chase ending killer.)

Yet myers is so, so much worse then these killers. even ghostface, of which people consider an analog to him, can do things better then he can. myers has quickly gone from jack of all trades stealth killer, to a killer whose incredibly punished by so many things, and whom hasn't had really any tweaks in a very long time.

Oni can activate his ability on demand. this is something myers desperately needs, rather then being forced to 99 his stalk and then not being able to get a visual. He is also countered within his primary ability to down survivors by looping normally, as he doesn't have anything like ghostface's crouch, or shroud to take away his red light. He has his slightly faster vault, but anyone who knows how to verse a myers can easily plan ahead to take that into account.

(He cannot activate his ability on command most of the time, (even ghostface has better control over this and secondary abilitys) and struggles during a chase as he doesn't have enough alternate mechanics to even make distance on surviors. ghostface atleast has his shroud, and can purposefully leave someone at 99% without their knowledge, leaving them easy to be downed, when snuck up upon later.)

He also has his potential for instant downs Limited oni can potentially get his wrath infinite times per match, and ghostface can infinitely stalk in the match. lf/billy have cooldowns on their main power, along with blight whose faster and whilst is not an instant down, can down incredibly quickly due to his high pressure and catch up rate.

(He desperately needs to be able to stalk more throughout the match, rather then being forced to become a primary attack killer with no ability in the middle/end of a match)

Myers also starts the match off weaker then other killers. he may have no terror radius which ghostface can also do whilst moving at full speed. but he's slowed down and has less of a lunge, making it harder to chase survivors initially. he's like a pig permaently forced into crouch, with a reduced lunge, rather then an increased one, at the start of the match.

The blight, and even billy, can move across the map at incredibly high speeds (With the potential for both to instant down, with one even within his base kit!) with undetectable addons. they're not considered broken, and if anything are considered to be the balancing point between overpowered, and underpowered.

TLDR: Myers needs some serious adjustment. the games been updated far too much since he came out, that even a killer like him, typically preforms better than him, with every other killer with a similar ability being able to outpreform him. His addons hurt him more then help him outside of specific builds and two series of addons, and his chase ability is not only lacking, but weakened at the start of the match.


Some changes to consider :

Myers moves at full speed, and has no reduced lunge in t1 (scratched mirror range is nerfed to compensate this)

Within t2, he is as he is now, with perhaps the increased vault speed from t3. (vanity mirror no longer decreases movement speed, and he plays much like a standard killer with a decreased terror radius) along with possibly an increase to break speed.

Within t3 he has all previous buffs, and possibly even increased speed above an avg killers (oni has it within his ability, which charges up much the same way as myers, only oni actually damages people whilst getting his ability giving him benefit even if he doesn't get his ability) No change to terror radius, outside of addons.

When going up a tier, he has the option to be able to choose when to do so with a button press. like oni.

Survivors are given either regenerating stalk over time (in order to stop him maxing out his ability against one survivor) or he is given the ability to "refund" stalk into survivors during the match, in order to stalk them again for his ability, reverting back a tier, and gaining the abilites of that tier. stalk on survivors could be reduced to compensate this change, and it would give him a lot of much needed control over his abilities and what he chooses to be doing at one point in time.

Jewlery addons reworked to be "stalk on survivors" and how much he can gain off of one at one time.

Ultra rares nerfed, and buffed accordingly.

duration addons nerfed or buffed.

Stalk speed reworked to be "in" tier powers. ie giving each tier of evil within a buff/nerf. in turn his stalk speed could be buffed considerably at base, to be more like ghostfaces tape addon when he's not leaning (5-6s depending on distance)

Distance stalk speed nerf, nerfed. stalking someone from too far has less detriment now.

Mori reworked to be in line with pyramid heads. a finisher that can be gained upon special requirements being met on a survivors last hook (they have no stalk left etc etc)


  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,111

    Myers in on their list. First off huntress will get something i guess. And in four years or so they maybe even fix one nurse bug!

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 1,576

    Stalking from afar shouldn't have decreased rate. Ghostface doesn't suffer from this, so why should myers?

    And i agree he needs a buff desperately. If i'm not wrong, he's the most outdated killer currently

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,080

    Myers needs a complete rework in my opinion, he isn't very fun because of dedicated servers, and he suffers from power creep too much.

  • SloppyKnockoutSloppyKnockout Member Posts: 1,505


  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 2,832

    I'm sorry, but there is no direct comparison between Myers and Blight. They are complete different killers with completely different powers and completely different skills and playstyles.

    Myers has been one of the weakest killers in the game for at least a year, through no fault of his own. The meta simply shifted away from him. All he has going for him is ease of play. His slow startup, basic m1 chase, loud noises and map-wide notifications make him the most ideal candidate for a good old fashioned solo-que genrush.

  • Golden_spiderGolden_spider Member Posts: 399

    Probably due to Myers' Exposed is global.

    For example: you can stalk say a Dwight from afar and get to Tier 3 then just immediately turn around and stab a Meg in the face. (Also a Meg was standing behind you for some reason)

    Now put Ghostface in the same situation and Dwight is personally Exposed and that random Meg is now Injured and took you out of Night Shroud.

    TL;DR: I blame that one Survivor who decided to Tbag a Myers from the other side of a Window for me getting Tier 3'd even though I never got stalked.

  • RepostRiposteRepostRiposte Member Posts: 190

    I don't really see how Myers is similar to the chainsaw boys or Blight.

    He's a power burst killer along the lines of Oni/Plague where their real power is a limited resource that only lasts for a short while.

  • HollowsGriefHollowsGrief Member Posts: 673

    Myers needs only a very few small QoL changes. Maps are in the work for being fixed and this will help him greatly. All I would really do for Myers is make him faster in T1 and able to get bloodlust, also give him GF's stalking treatment; he stalks at full speed no matter the distance from the survivor. Other than this along with map changes I wouldn't touch him, I play him at rank 1 all the time and have no trouble getting consistent 4ks, mind you I don't even use OP add ons are crazy slow down perks. My most common build is the green bow, judith's memorial along with Bamboozle + Enduring + Spirit Fury + Brutal Strength. Sure he can be countered by spreading out and doing separate gens but literally every killer is powerless to stop that so Myers isn't an exception that is just bad game mechanics.

  • KoloniteKolonite Member Posts: 906

    As a ghostface and Myers main the two aren’t even comparable and have insanely different playstyles. Myers is all about the snowball fishing and Ghostie is usually a hit and run type with occasional one shots. Myers needs some tweaks though. His ability just needs to be brought up to par with the likes of oni, a quicker build up, the ability to max out without activation, and maybe a slight boost to movement speed when in evil within 3 would turn him into a bottom b-tier to a high tier killer. I’d even say to completely remove tier one, but that’s such a memey and fun way to play him I’d say to maybe just give him a normal lunge in tier one.

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