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What is with the high spikes in Moris lately?

Babyyy_BoyyBabyyy_Boyy Member Posts: 442
edited September 20 in General Discussions

I haven’t really been playing survivor lately because every time I que up (solo) it’s always a secret offering which is 95% of the time an ebony mori. I’ve completed all of the killer challenges on this current tome and I don’t think there’s a challenge to kill someone by your hand as killer OTHER than the devour hope challenge. So what is up with all these moris? Especially to solo que survivors? Did people find out that moris were getting reworked or something? If I do happen to load into a mori match which I try not to by dodging most of the time, I usually just kill myself on hook or give up. It’s so unfair and unfun to go against moris which is why I hardly ever use them.



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