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Should I Use Calm Spirit?

ringwinningringwinning Member Posts: 357

So between infectious fright, dragon's grip, and a bunch of other killer perks, I've had about five consecutive matches where I could have stayed hidden from the killer if I hadn't screamed. It's not that I mind the chase (I like the chases in fact) buti t seems like Calm Spirit is just becoming more and more of an appealing option with the perks that are being used recently. Thoughts?

Should I Use Calm Spirit? 28 votes

Seiko300TapeKnotbjorksnasnotstarboardTransverseCasterMusicNerd_TCDerZuntorIllutionbenkiringwinningCheeseAntonHex_Llama 12 votes
No (Why?)
YamaokaxEadoitagain_ArcticWolfRoboMojoRoffelbillyDawnMadAwkward_FiendPior_MorteBrequeI_rely_on_spineChillMadmanslimeJacobD 13 votes
Use it with something else (What?)
ItzNobodyGreyBigfootxtr4me 3 votes


  • ItzNobodyItzNobody Member Posts: 172
    Use it with something else (What?)

    Use whatever ya want, but if Calm Spirit be looking like a snacc then feast away.

    I do like that we get more and more reasons to run Calm Spirit. They making that perk just a tiny bit better without buffing it outright.

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 178

    Now, not because of the no screaming. I find that extremely unreliable.

    The main draw that I use it in my main build for it the ability to not alert any crows. That part is extremely slept on, but it is a reliable use of killer tracking (as long as you're not on an indoor map). As a survivor main, it has help plenty of times against non-screaming killers with non-screaming perks. As Killer, seeing Calm Spirit users are a problem for me (as long as I'm not Doctor, Calm Spirit isn't as good as everyone says against Doctor) because Crows are one of the main ways I find survivors.

    So yeah in my opinion use it for the crows, everything else is a bonus.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,355

    Why not?

    Some people might grumble it's nowhere near the super-powerful survivor meta perks, but I say screw the meta, (people with Unbreakable and Decisive have Smol PP - Fight me) whatever you like to run and think works, probably works.

    It's also kind of for the sake of diversity, it switches up your experience and playstyle, which is also super cool too.

  • DerZuntorDerZuntor Member Posts: 134

    I use Calm Spirit often myself because i get a doc like every 3rd game.

  • RoboMojoRoboMojo Member Posts: 29
    No (Why?)

    If you get a killer who has nothing that would make you scream then it's basically a useless perk. Not scaring off crows is nice but the situations where that would mean the difference between surviving or dying are very rare in my experience. I personally find the lack of a yell upon being hit or hooked quite weird but that's just a minor nitpick. At the end of the day, it's not that bad of a perk anymore thanks to all the stuff that causes screams now so run it if you like it! :)

  • ArcticWolfArcticWolf Member Posts: 41
    No (Why?)

    Its really pointless unless your against a doctor or anything else that makes you scream

  • TransverseCasterTransverseCaster Member Posts: 269

    For a stealth build it is invaluable. I'd rank it second to urban evasion. It counters Spies from the Shadows, Infectious Fright, Dragon's Grip, Deathbound, Clown's ability, Doctor's ability (and I do hate playing against doctor), and denies crow usage against higher tier players which stealth characters seem to utilize.

    I would rank it as more useful than Iron Will.

  • RoffelbillyRoffelbilly Member Posts: 25
    No (Why?)


    Too situational

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,282
    edited October 3
    No (Why?)

    In my opinion its bad tho, so no but... try it out? Can not hurt to give it a shot.

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