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The algebra of the infinite night and a gator tooth

JimPickens666JimPickens666 Member Posts: 326

I dont even have much to say other than I think this is the best story telling in DBD to date. It does everything I think these lore stories should, it provides insight into who the character is a person, how they got to be that way, and even connects back to their power. The ending cinematic where Philip rings the bells after he burns the men who had wronged him is inspired, really impressive stuff. I also like that the outfit doesn't really connect to the story but is more so inspired by it....also its just an incredibly dope outfit. Hags is ok, cool for what it is but i wish there was context for who the person growing inside her was, its easy to connect Philips outfit to his lore but hag feels more like just an alterative thing that could have happened, maybe her friend combines with her but its not really spelled out and unlike Philp shes more of a passive voice in her story. It would be ok if Lisa was a nasty person, the characters don't have to be sympathetic just engaging.

I haven't got to megs yet but I also really liked Ace's, again really impressive story telling and does all the things the lore should do EXCEPT why is there no alligator tooth charm???? Genuinely really confused how something like that could have been passed up for some of the charms we did get, I would literally never run Ace without it because they did such a good job illustrating why its important to him but then didn't put it in the rift!


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