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  • SpasticLlamaSpasticLlama Member Posts: 60

    Interesting ideas!

    Tantrum is a cool idea, however imagine people running DS and jump into locker. They can either DS, or use this perk ti basically instantly escape. Or just in general jump in locker anything during chase to get free escape if hooks are not close by. May need to be tone down a bit.

    Verge of Danger

    -Nice idea! The perk however on rly good loopers may be kinda strong. Imagine a rank 1 looper getting faster and faster so you basically HAVE to give up. Im not saying the perk is like OP or anything but has potential to be an issue in the right hands.

    A Handyman's Job

    -Cool concept! But more of a gimmick perk which is totally fine. But then again, it can be strong if survive with friends all have it and use all the pallets in one area but build them back up lol.

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 796
    edited September 2020

    Fair point about Third Time's, I just don't know what to do to make it different. But then again there gotta be some perks that are too similar, newest survivor Felix literally gave us Deja Vu 2.0.

    Shadow World: I understand the concern and stuff. Admittedly it's one of the perks I made up straight on the spot, and I honestly don't care about it anymore. Literally made it in 3 minutes (not the other ones, I just added it there to give the post more attention). So, yeah I honestly decided I'm not going to care about it anymore. Thanks for the criticism you gave me, as these were the first perks I've made I'll try using these as a stepping stone to make better perk concepts.

    Third Time's: Understandable, "usually if on the third down, survivors are on their last hook and therefore the bonus to unhooking may not be as useful cause they be dead lol." I can't believe I honestly didn't factor that in.

    Vanquisher of Evil: Don't quite know what you're asking but I'll give more context. 1 token = 60/50/40 seconds. You don't have to have all 3 tokens to use this perk, you only need 1. It loses all tokens when stunning the killer because that's what the tokens go to, more stun time for the killer. Oh, and if you don't have a token but stun the killer, the time doesn't reset. Think maybe Stake Out, you don't lose all progress if you get a good skill check if you don't have a token but have some seconds on it, you just lose a token when you hit a good skill check.

    Sightjack: I understand completely, which is why I reworked the perk (down bellow)

    Reworked Idea: Works for 15/18/21 seconds and then gets reset each time a gen gets completed. By crouching and holding the active ability button, your screen becomes pitch black. By toggling (imagine spectating while dead/escaped, that's how you toggle) between players you can see the auras of what other people see and auras about their surroundings (you can see each pallet and window the person you're sightjacking sees, even if they don't have Windows or Zashin Tactics). Has infinite range. Auras stay visible 3/4/5 seconds longer. If you are hit, you are knocked out of sightjack mode. Note, you see the auras from where you are, your camera doesn't shift to where your sightjacked is.

    Shadow World: Yeah, that was mainly a filler perk to grab more attention to my post. I have no idea how to balance it, and I kinda gave up. Maybe I'll look at it again, but if so it's going to be basically an entirely different perk.

    Thank you for commenting, and saying they were interesting. I will check them out when I get the time (which is probably soon, I have too much time rn).

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  • lukiepuwulukiepuwu Member Posts: 8

    I thought about the whole thing with being able to escape the killers grasp with DS and gaining the haste status, maybe it could work in the sense that if you use DS to escape, you don’t gain the haste boost.

    For Verge of Danger, I wanted to make something that would help against bloodlust. I could see people pairing it with dead hard and being virtually impossible to be caught. Maybe having a drawback to it would balance it out more, like making you exhausted each time you gain a token, the amount of time you are exhausted is extended each time you gain a token.

    A Handyman’s Job took a lot of inspiration from Any Means Necessary, pretty much meant to be a meme perk, but would good if you get into an early chase and throw a god pallet down.

  • BlazelskiBlazelski Member Posts: 236

    As a survivor who dies to too many 99% gates, I love this. Would have to have a clause that it doesn't trigger if the killer is within a certain range of the survivor on the gate, otherwise it's just a free down.

  • BlazelskiBlazelski Member Posts: 236

    Too annoying while at the same time too niche. It makes "grab survivor" challenges even more brutal, would be stackable with DS, and punishes stealth killers for playing well which is already hard.

  • Tzeff_NL_YOUTUBE_0Tzeff_NL_YOUTUBE_0 Member Posts: 30
    edited September 2020

    Killer Perks


    Survivors usually spot the Killer's Red Stain from very far away, giving them the upper hand! This perk gives them a handicap: Survivors don't see the Red Stain when further away than 40/36/32 meters from the killer.

    Killer's Advantage: Survivors can not detemine the killer's position...untill the Killer is really close!

    I See You!

    Every 60/50/40 seconds, the Killer sees the aura of all Survivors for 5 seconds. Doesn't work on Survivors that have anti-aura Tokens/Perks!

    HEX: Dark Speed

    For every hooked Survivor, the Killer gets a 1% movement speed gain with a maximum of 4% for 40/50/60 seconds!


    Survivor Perks

    Let's Do This!

    After repairing a Generator, the Survivor gets a 5% Haste status effect for 20/25/30 seconds. This means 5% additional speed increase for repairing, healing, vaulting, sabotaging, unhooking, totem cleansing, opening the gates, etc. 

  • Tzeff_NL_YOUTUBE_0Tzeff_NL_YOUTUBE_0 Member Posts: 30
    edited September 2020

    Killer Perks


    Survivors usually spot the Killer's Red Stain from very far away, giving them the upper hand! This perk gives them a handicap: Survivors don't see the Red Stain when further away than 40/36/32 meters from the killer.

    Killer's Advantage: Survivors can not detemine the killer's position. 

    I See You!

    Every 60/50/40 seconds, the Killer sees the aura of all Survivors for 5 seconds. Doesn't work on Survivors that have anti-aura Tokens/Perks!

    HEX: Dark Speed

    For every hooked Survivor, the Killer gets a 1% movement speed gain with a maximum of 4% for 40/50/60 seconds!

    NOTE: Unhooking a Survivor doesn't change anything!


    Survivor Perks

    Let's Do This!

    After repairing a Generator, the Survivor gets a 5% Haste status effect for 20/25/30 seconds. This means 5% additional speed increase for repairing, healing, vaulting, sabotaging, unhooking, totem cleansing, opening the gates, etc. 

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 854
    edited September 2020

    The details could be ironed out by the devs, but I feel it could make for more interesting endgame as the EGC could be more of a factor. Also getting more use from some niche perks like remember me, blood warden, leader, and wake up could spice things up.

    circumventing an entire mechanic “EGC” is just laughable as it is atm

  • Ninja4952Ninja4952 Member Posts: 16

    Killer Perks: The Game is Afoot: The Hunt gives you purpose and increases your stride. Receive a 5% increase in movement speed when not in a chase (helps killers with no way to increase their base speed get across large maps).

    Single-Minded Focus: The survivors' focus will be their downfall. All survivors working on generators for 15/10/5 seconds suffer from the Oblivious status effect and be deafened to all but the sounds of the generator.

    Survivor: Stamina: You've learned to push yourself but also how to make the most of your energy. Your movement speed is increased by 3/4/5%. However, you permanently suffer from the exhausted status effect.

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 3,109

    Murder of crows

    Disturbing a crow will causes them to follow and peck for a short time. For 8/12/15s the survivor must deal with any crows disturbed and succeed skill checks to evade pecks causing them to scream in pain. Additional crows cause increased frequency of skill checks up to a maximum of 3.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494
    edited September 2020

    I feel that vigil is kinda situational and weak so I made this, feel free to provide criticism:

    Everything Comes to an End- Your life has taught you nothing lasts forever. Even the most excruciating and disheartening times will eventually pass by.

    When afflicted by a negative status effect without a timer of removal, this perk will activate. The effect will be replaced by one given a timer of 90/70/50 seconds. When given a negative status effect with a timer (besides given by this perk), you recover 10% faster. Any permanent effect given by a hex totem or killer ability will be reapplied after 20/25/30 seconds upon removal, unless cleansed.

    “What happens now is just temporary. Only if I believe it wasn’t, would it hold me back.”

    Perk Trivia:

    -This perk will basically counter sloppy butcher, sorta NOED, and third seal.

    -It synergizes well with vigil but honestly is more useful and definitely more powerful.

    -To explain the hex totem/ killer ability part: If a killer uses noed or they’re someone like Michael and the survivor is afflicted with the exposed status effect, they will have to survive the effect for at most 90 seconds or at the least 50 to have a 20-30 second period without it, unless the source of the effect deactivates (ie. Cleanses or leaves tier 3).

    -The perk will effect doctor’s madness, and they will not be subject to the reapplication of madness since it can be easily reapplied.

    The perk will not work against deep wound or sleeping, but will work on sickness (the broken status effect will be removable).

    -The perk’s 10% will work for ghostface’s exposed effect timer.

    -The perks rarities will be rare, very rare, and very rare.

    -I see this perk belonging to a survivor with a life of extreme misfortune or abuse, likely domestic.

    -I think the 10% recovery speed for effects will not apply for exhaustion but idk.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    I just thought of two more:

    Recovery: You are used to be battered and bruised from your past. You can move past the pain.

    Standing still or performing a non-moble action while being injured, will allow you to slow heal passively up to 50/60/70% at a rate of 1.5% (standing still) or 1% (performing a non-mobile action) per second. This perk will not activate while in the dying health state or within the killer’s terror radius.

    ”This only the smallest faction of what I can take.”

    Perk Trivia:

    -Basically vaulting is the only option that action that is non-mobile.

    -This perk will not work if the survivor has crows.

    Well-Prepared: You ready yourself for action, allowing to take more injuries than average person.

    Unlocks the ability to heal yourself past the healthy health state. When you are able to heal yourself (self-care or a medkit), you gain the option to heal yourself while healthy. This healing will be 100/75/50% longer than normal to complete. After, you will require 2 melee attacks to be placed into the injured health state or, if exposed, be placed into the injured health state instead of the dying health state.

    ”Take some per cautions and I might survive a little longer.”

    Perk Trivia:

    -The extra health state cannot be given or received by other survivors, only self heals count.

    -After receiving a melee attack from the killer, you’ll still probably still bleed or something despite not being in the injured health state.

    -Will not synergize well with no mither since you need to be healthy for it to work.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    Since I haven’t really shown some killer love in a bit, here’s one:

    Hex: Lockdown- Force their hand to escape, for their negligence will be your greatest delight.

    This hex will be applied to a dull totem but be hidden and shown as a dull totem until the exit gates are powered. After hooking a survivor, this perk gains a token, to a maximum of 6/5/4 tokens. If you reach 4 tokens and the exit gates are powered, the switch to open the exit gates will be blocked by the entity and the end game collapses will activate, however will be give 10 minutes instead of the original 2 (?). The switches of the exit gates will remain blocked either til the associated hex totem is cleansed or there 60 seconds left of the end game collapse.

    ”Their ignorance will be their downfall.”

    Perk Trivia:

    -I don’t actually remember how long the normal end game collapsed is so that what the question mark means. [I’ll look it up later]

    -The totem that has this perk attached to it will look like a dull totem but the killer will see its aura like any other hex totem. The perk will also be lit and show its stacks while it’s still active.

    -This perk in conjunction with NOED would probably be amazing, Idk tho. Could be the worse pairing to go against for survivors. (Maybe going with blood warden too and slugging could easily give you a 4K.)

    -The 10 minute extension is to give survivors a chance to find and cleanse the revealed hex totem. [If it’s too long, 8 minutes should be the lowest time. But I like 10 so that’s what being shown]

    -The deactivation during the last 60 seconds is to prevent an easy 4K from the killer camping the totem.

    -The totem for the perk can be cleansed before the exit gates are powered they just don’t know what totem is it since it won’t be revealed until the gates are powered. So inner strength users are your new enemy.

    -Trapping or camping the totem before it activates would probably give away what you’re using and even after it activates, the perk doesn’t always guarantee a kill.

  • _ColeZ__ColeZ_ Member Posts: 46

    Lime Light

    When you exit a chase, for 15/30/60 seconds your lunge lasts 1 second longer

    "So you got his attention...now what?"

    Kinda want a perk that get's experimental.

  • ArthurDentArthurDent Member Posts: 44
    edited September 2020

    I would like a killer perk If you are within 10 metres of a survivor you can drop a pallet. Let the killer pallet a survivor for once have it count as a regular hit.

    You could give it say 3 tokens or a hex totem so killer doesn’t just drop all the pallets.

    Perk: hex: revenge

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  • naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 61

    Killer Perk:

  • naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 61
  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    Agreed. If I were to revisit it... I would change it to 3/4/5.....

  • LuluTheLion14LuluTheLion14 Member Posts: 243

    Hex: Skilled Illusion

    Fake skill checks will appear on the screen for survivors working on a generator, missing these fake skill checks will result in a 2/1.5/1% progression but succeeding these fake skill checks will result in a 1/1.5/2% regression. Fake skill checks have a slightly different noise notification before appearing on screen.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    killer perks:

    •Sacred Pact: You take advantage of the bonds of other survivors to exposed each other.

    +After putting a survivor into the dying health state from the injured health state, all other survivors are revealed to you for 3 seconds. Any survivor that is not revealed from this perk will suffer the exposed status effect for 15/20/25 seconds. This perk has a 90 second cool down.

    ”Reveal yourself to me, for your comrade falls . Forsaken by your hand.”

    •Alms: Sacrifice your own for the help of the lord.

    +You are able to break any totem within a 5 second time period. After breaking a totem, all generators and pallets are blocked for 30/45/60 seconds. Generators blocked will not regress and any survivor working on one are kicked off. This perk has a 80 second cool down.

    •A sign: The world will show you the way.

    +When any survivor is running for longer 30/25/20 seconds out side of a chase, a crow will begin following them. The crow will give you both visual and audio alerts every 10 seconds. This crow will persist after the survivor stops running for 20 seconds.

    ”I submit myself to the will of my lord. He sends his messagers to deliver me.”

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494
    edited September 2020

    •Hex: Playground- This world is your domain. It abides by your rules.

    +All but 5 windows and other vault points, besides pallets, are blocked by the entity. The aura of these open vault points are revealed to you. Whenever a generator is repaired, the locations of said open vault points are moved randomly. This effect will persist as long as the associated hex totem remains. If this hex is cleansed, all vault points, including pallets, are blocked by the entity for 80/100/120 seconds.

    “Only I make the rules here.”

    Author’s note: Imagine this hex with undying and brutal strength, loops and shack would get an extra difficulty.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494


    •A Slow Struggle: You are more aware of the prey you hunt. Their quietest movements still will not go missed.

    +When a survivor is walking, they will now leave phantom scratch marks that last half as long than regular scratch marks and are very much less prominent. The same marks will appear when the survivor slow vaults and if you are within a 20/25/30 meter radius, you will receive a short visual indication of the action (akin to fast vaulting except no sound and the notification is shorter).

    “Slow or fast. I will still track you down.”


    •Tiptoe: You weird walking habits have somehow proved useful in hiding your tracks.

    +While running, you no longer produce normal scratch marks. Instead, you will produce phantom scratch marks that last half as long as regular scratch marks and are very much less prominent (In any other case, you will not produce scratch marks [counters a slow struggle]). While rush vaulting, you decrease the sound of the vault by 50% and have a 50/60/70% chance to not alert the killer of the action.

    ”Walking on the balls of my feet is my only trained skill, I know it’s weird.”

  • stvnhthrstvnhthr Member Posts: 624

    Feel the Power: Survivor perk, after a generator is finished being repaired you are invulnerable to attacks for 5/7/10 seconds.

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494


    •Outlast: You will continue on even if you do it alone.

    +When another survivor enters the dying health state within a 20/30/40 meter radius from you, this perk will activate. After 25 seconds of activation, you will gain one health state.

    ”I will overcome my despair”

    •Live on Without Me: You know that your life can save others, a sacrifice worth it all.

    +If you enter the dying health state, all survivors within a 40/50/60 meter radius will be healed by one health state after 18 seconds. If while you remain in the dying health state, all survivors auras will be revealed to each other.

    ”Go on! I’ll be the distraction for you all!”

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 796

    Still working on my perk making skills, so I made 2 new ones based off 2 of my favorite songs. So if anyone wanna criticize me, please go ahead.

  • sswhoney1sswhoney1 Member Posts: 3

    Any survivors that aren't working on a generator or healing another survivor in two minute period are exposed to avoid hatch match hostage play

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,257

    Got a few concepts in my mind:

    Survivor perks:

    1. Walk 10% slower, but be immune to Killer Instinct while you walk.
    2. When downed while still having the Deep Wound status effect, be send as far away from any hook as possible and become the obsession, one use only, disables DS if used(also gives a lot of terrible survivor perks a use).
    3. For everytime you stun the killer, gain a stackable 0.5-1% haste effect.

    Killer perks:

    1. If you down a survivor within the unsafe unhook timer, expose and exhaust the survivor who unsafely unhooked said survivor for 60 seconds.
    2. After breaking a wooden door or a pallet(as soon as you can move again), gain 10% haste effect for 3 seconds, gets ended pre-maturely when using m2.
    3. Increase lunge range with 15%, but increase missed cooldown animation by 20%.
    4. For every generator standing(physical generators in the map, not amount of generators that need to be fixed), gain a 5% decrease on generator repair speeds, generators start regressing normally once they are let go(to not be compatible with Pop, while being compatible with Ruin).
    5. Hex totem: Everytime a survivor heals fully within your terror radius, they gain the exposed status effect, this is unbenownst to the survivor untill they get hit. The hex isnt applied to unaffected survivors.

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 1,031
    edited September 2020


    After missing an attack, gain a token, after hitting a survivor while you have a token, gain a 5% movement speed boost for 4/6/8 seconds and lose a token

    Maximum of 5 tokens

    Sound the alarm

    While you're in a chase all other survivors see your aura for as long as the chase persists, as long as you remain uninjured and are in the killer's terror radius, you gain a 1/2/3% speed increase to all actions

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 1,031

    Hex: decoy

    At the start of the trial an additional 1/2/3 fake hex totems spawn into the trial, up to a total of 8 totems, while these fake hex totems remain in the trial, all other hex totems appear as dull

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