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Should pig recover unactivated bear traps when survivors free themselves?

AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 1,225

Title. Most of the pigs power is (arguably) meant to come from the traps that the pig can use on survivors. The problem is, because of RNG and how surprisingly easy it is to take a trap off, they are ineffective most of the time. I'm curious what you guys think about letting the pig recover unactivated traps if the survivor frees themself before their timer starts ticking? It gives her more (somewhat needed) chances with this aspect of her ability.

Should pig recover unactivated bear traps when survivors free themselves? 52 votes

Yes, the pig should recover unactivated traps
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No, she's fine as is
Stanley12363MookywolfParallaxbjorksnasSlashstreetboyChurchofPigRaviobunny 7 votes
Other idea
BardHorsePowerAdelooSeiko300BlueberryTruthTheDeceiverAven_FallenFunchalWalker_of_the_fog_96lazerlightSCP_FOR_DBDBrequewildfirelogi1BwstedMoraveneiTheButcher6641 16 votes


  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 487
    Yes, the pig should recover unactivated traps

    I'd like it. I don't think it could just happen as is though, because some add on combos can make traps insanely unfair based on the map.

    Imgine getting trapped 3 times on Ormond until you need the 4th box and they're too far too search them all with Crate+Timer.

  • BwstedBwsted Member Posts: 141
    Other idea

    She needs her traps to be more consistent and less rng. Inactive bear traps still did their job of stalling and don't need a buff in that they'd be reusable. Making it so that she can recover them would simply shift the meta to doing gens before removing traps and the killer would focus more on tunneling active traps. Which is not a healthy change for the gameplay.

    SWF would simply 99 gens, then instantly pop it as the inactive trap is removed. Basically, this would screw solos even more.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 324
    Yes, the pig should recover unactivated traps

    I'd agree, so long as there is an audio and visual prompt to show that the trap has been disarmed and ready to pick up. Otherwise it would just be a guessing game of where the trap is.

  • Walker_of_the_fog_96Walker_of_the_fog_96 Member Posts: 1,196
    edited September 23
    Other idea

    When pig sacrifice a survivor in a hook with a beartrap in his head, the pig recover that trap.

    With the timer activated or not.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 147
    Yes, the pig should recover unactivated traps

    I've never thought about it before, but I like this idea. What I like about it is that it doesn't prevent people from taking their traps off early, or necessarily make them harder to take off -- it just adds a cost for doing it, in that you might have to do it repeatedly.

  • SCP_FOR_DBDSCP_FOR_DBD Member Posts: 2,143
    Other idea

    Why not just go to the source of the problem and make the traps not RNG?

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 7,179
    Other idea

    I'd be okay with that trap change, but honestly it's not her biggest issue. The main thing hindering her right now is how bad her crouch/ambush is. That's what is really holding her back.

    There are quite a few other QoL changes she needs as well, but those seem secondary to me.

  • TruthTheDeceiverTruthTheDeceiver Member Posts: 478
    Other idea

    I’m slowly putting together an idea to change Pig’s power so that it’s more consistent and appropriately tormentive (made-up word btw). Basically, traps will work the same, but instead of getting a key from Jigsaw Boxes, you’ll get a specific tool to complete a task and find a key.

    The one I thought of is the scalpel: which reveals the aura of another Survivor to you in red. In order to find your key, you must use that scalpel and dig into the other Survivor’s flesh to find the key, injuring them but also saving yourself. There will be more tasks to do and I would love to have some ideas thrown at me, especially those of you familiar with SAW.

    Oh, I forgot to add, when they get the trap off, The Pig will receive a new trap after about... 2 minutes?

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 1,271
    No, she's fine as is

    8 or more traps in one game, 4 is already plenty of slowdown do you guys really need the game to carry your gameplay that much, just improve your chase skills and the basekit traps will be more than enough

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,040
    No, she's fine as is

    I´d argue there are Killer powers that suffer even more/ are more outdated. Trapper and Shape for example.

    Though I think Pig is fine as is, for you Pig mains out there I wouldn´t object too much.

  • AvilgusAvilgus Member Posts: 422
    Yes, the pig should recover unactivated traps

    Like the Plague ? Why not...

    Otherwise, i think she need a total rework to fit into the Amanda from the films, vicious, cheater and resentful

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 6,210
    edited September 26
    Other idea

    4 Traps are enough. You dont need more. Especially not, because the Traps are the most boring aspect of her Power, her Dash and her Stealth is way more interesting.

    Pig needs an Add On Overhaul, removing Stuff that does not make sense anymore (like increased Skill Check Penalty or more Skill Checks), only encourages tunneling (like Mangled or Exhaustion Add Ons for the Traps) or are outright stupid (Tampered Timer/purple Extra Box). Like, Add Ons which increase her Crouch Speed, Ghostface has them, so she can use them as well. Also maybe an updated Combat Straps or Add Ons which make the Traps less deadly, but increase their Slowdown (like, Key is always in the last Box, but the Timer is increased a lot). While Headpops are nice, RNG-Kills just feel cheap.

  • lazerlightlazerlight Member Posts: 289
    Other idea

    I think the first box should be a mandatory objective in order to activate the RNG on the other boxes. As in, the first box will never allow survivors to remove the trap. Instead, they NEED to do a first box in order for the other boxes to give them a chance at removing the trap.

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