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Killers controlled by the player should be replaced by AI

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Since I've started playing DbD I've noticed a common trend where the devs constantly buff the bottom line of killers and nerf the top tier survivors. This is a constant, time and time again. And it's rather frustrating. On one hand you have survivors that have taken the time to learn to play the game properly and utilize all resources at their disposal to ensure victory whereas killers just wanna M1, BBQ, and get 4Ks. Don't get me wrong, there are a few good killers, but they're mosty....bad? Yeah, bad.

Pyramid Head was kinda the tipping point for a lot of us as we saw the devs flat out give a killer the ability to tunnel without consequences. The devs have admitted it's looked down upon to do so, as they understand the power imbalance, but still created him anyway because they knew killers just aren't improving.

And we're at the point now where the devs had to add Undying into the game because killers can't figure out how to juggle their objectives. As if the constant spoonfeeding of insane buffs to make even the worst killers feel like they're decent wasn't enough. Now killers can just camp a gen and let ruin regress it even though survivors have cleansed 50 totems by that point. There's basically 0 consequences.

It's time for a change.

I propose that all killers change over to an AI-controlled interface. AI has proven to be far superior to humans and will solve a lot of the problems with the current state of the game. Different levels of AI can be implemented to provide all players across all ranks a smooth, fair experience in all of their matches. Just think about it: No more tunneling or camping as the AI can be programmed not to do so. No need to bring second chance perks so survivors can finally use the perks that they want to without having to worry about bad plays. And most of all: It'll finally be about skill and not about finding different, cheap ways to make the worst of the worst seem better.

However I do suggest that KYF still remain as is so that former killers can use the killers that they bought as I imagine it would be frustrating to do refunds.

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