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Name 1 Thing in DBD that makes you unhappy



  • LeovanniLeovanni Member Posts: 41

    Never knew this was a thing until my rank 1 buddy showed me how strong it is against the hag last night. She got two hooks and one was because she saw a blood spot (via bloodhound) in front of a locker while I was waiting for inner strength to heal up.

    Uhhhh one thing I dislike... NOED. Just feels really bad to do so well just to get sacrificed on the first hook during end game collapse. I've started bringing maps or small game nearly every match because I hate it so much.

    One thing I like (for balance): the community isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I particularly like how people will share or be helpful if they can be. I've had some good conversations with random players

  • Psychic1337Psychic1337 Member Posts: 29

    Performance issues on console, and that performance upgrade we were promised ages ago that never came.

  • DustinDustin Member Posts: 1,089

    Any challenges that involve getting a rank / emblem after game.

    Oh boy can't wait to sweat over getting 3 devouts "OR HIGHER" at the start of my tome challenges. People at worse ranks have it easier meanwhile I pretty much have to 3 hook everyone at red rank..

    Stop adding these I guarantee you no one will miss them. Also the COMPLETE IN A SINGLE TRIAL challenges but the emblem challenges are such a damn chore it's basically the key ingredient on how to make a boring unfun challenge.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,616

    Toxic SWF with OoO

    not having sidney in the game

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,129

    Pieces of an outfit being in a set when they really, really don't need to be.

  • MichealMicheal Member Posts: 60

    The metal of men. It's good they made it in to protection hits but think it needs a buff for when you heal after getting away you can take a extra hit again. Because it takes 3 protection hits to activate it and when you heal it shows you to the killer 12 meters away. And it takes skill to get away from the killer so it should be fair.

  • alimeriaalimeria Member Posts: 39

    no blind color support *ejem*

  • TheDuhJTheDuhJ Member Posts: 78

    What makes me unhappy about dbd is that they gonna keep building on this game onstead of making a dbd 2 where the rehaul the systems and grt more creative with how chases, hooking, doing gens and other dated as mechanics work. I would love to see a second dbd that makes it darker and has a more enhanced movement system that creeps me out.

    Its time.

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 2,340

    Not having Robert Englund's Freddie.

  • PayneMacLeodPayneMacLeod Member Posts: 81


  • aregularplayeraregularplayer Member Posts: 908

    frame rate drops and being hit from 4 km away

  • HungTopHungTop Member Posts: 32

    That David King doesn’t have any shorts

  • unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 204

    The fact that this game doesn't have a good endorsement system. I would love to give some players props and others a dislike for general in-game poor sportsmanship (You know, the stuff that doesn't really matter enough to report, but are annoying enough where you don't want to be queued with them again for a hot minute, like the Survivors that will repeatedly fast vault a window next to you because you took a chest from them when you're running a chest build, or the killer face camping you while hitting you repeatedly for having out played him at some LT walls.) I just wish the system was better built to encourage better behavior. I'm not quite sure what the current prop system really does, and there's some games where you don't have a reason to report someone, but you at least don't want to be queued with them again...

  • oh_0koh_0k Member Posts: 674

    The devs

    I just can't stand how they make such awful decisions with this game

  • BubbaMain64BubbaMain64 Member Posts: 521

    Fire up being op.

  • Chappy04Chappy04 Member Posts: 109

    survivors and killers always moaning when something in the game is remotely decent

  • BardBard Member Posts: 471

    The fact that a survivor can hold Shift W and go down without using any pallets and still buy their team enough time to complete two and a half gens.

  • Other survivors |f***in me over. Hook farms/bad saves.

  • ZokunoZokuno Member Posts: 5


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