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23 hours ban, please disable DC penalty

Please remove the ban, I can't play for a few days already. The game is constantly crashing and I get punished for it


  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 145

    Fix your stuff and then come back.

  • TheButcher6641TheButcher6641 Member Posts: 184
    edited September 2020

    I agree it's really not fair. I mean what if you have to go urgently and you get banned because of it. I understand why it was implemented but it shouldn't ban you for an entire day. No matter how many times you disconnect.

  • Phoenix0357Phoenix0357 Member Posts: 1

    Its not the game you are a quiter and shoud be baned

  • IshinSolarcIshinSolarc Member Posts: 109

    I saw you post history and this issue keeps happening with you.

    I must ask you, have you ever updated your drivers?

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 2,353

    If your system is constantly crashing, you are a problem for the other four players in every match you enter. I don't want to sound mean, but you need to resolve these system issues first, and then come back. That Ban should give you plenty of time to work on it.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 2,353
    edited October 2020

    They don't ban people for the odd disconnect. They ban people for a pattern of disconnects. If I had a choice, I'd ban people for a month (not just a day). People who are having system issues need to get them addressed. People who are just disconnecting (in violation of the rules) need to find another game or get their act together. The following three rules are worth living by:

    1. Don't cheat either by hacks or lag spikes.
    2. Don't disconnect; if you start a game, finish it.
    3. Be humble in victory, and gracious in defeat.

    This game involves other people, not Bots. Those disconnects inconvenience and spoil the experience of four other people. So let me repeat, people who can't seem to achieve a stable connection or be bothered finishing a game should get banned or find another hobby.

  • demontademonta Member Posts: 4

    As for the ban. Disconnect fron server is going a bit far to leave a game. As for me. I play and am in a group on multiple gaming chat. DbD will disconnect but the chats and other internet uses do not. This is not the fault of me leaving a game on my own or a issue whit lost internet because I'm chatting whit other players on other games. So when I'm getting banned for disconnect it not my or my system fault but I still pay for it.

  • cindlemaincindlemain Member Posts: 61

    The disconnect penalty should be no less then 15 minutes and no more then 1 hour and maybe reset every 24 hours. The way it is currently set up is to much. It's not really stopping the disconnect issue itself, its encoraging suicide by hook or afk players and its hurting players whos games have been taken hostage, who have internet issues or those who run into game crashing bugs.

    I don't disagree with the penalty itself but let's make it more reasonable.

  • xhimsa12xxhimsa12x Member Posts: 40

    What a lousy response! Many people are getting crashed games and it has not a damn thing to do with the Xbox or connection.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,131

    I really love that people are always seeing "it's your issue because I don't have those problems". Clearly BHVR system is perfect... That was me being sarcastic.

    So... before saying "it's your system" like if you're a bot, think about it. Let's suppose the hill bug, let's suppose it only happended to you, or just a minority, then the bug won't be fixed because obviously, only a few people are experiencing it. How would you feel if I tell you "perhaps you're cheating and that's why it's buggy because I am not having the same issue"? I have been seeing threads like this and instead of saying "well, perhaps they're right and DbD is indeed crashing on them due to something the system is doing to them and not them doing to the system" you only answer to the threads like if you were bots.

    And yes, that certain people have troubles with it while others not doesn't mean the first ones are having a problem on their systems but instead that the DC penalty has a problem with them. As an example a guy was creating a game, there's a cutscene and the game started but some people said to him that the characters appeared in random positions, after searching the issue, he discovered that their languages didn't interpreted correctly a dot, so instead of appearing in the X: 1.1524 (as an example) their system interpreted X= 11524 which caused the issue with the cutscene. You could say it was their system program but they're not programmers so they can't fix the problem themselves, so BHVR should track and check the problem and yes, it takes a lot of time but it's their responsability to track the issue.

  • KillScreenKillScreen Member Posts: 145
    edited November 2020

    Because it comes a time when i just stop arguing with people who are stubborn. I spent time writing a guide, how dare you call me lousy? People still refuse to learn how to fix things on their side. In how many ways can i say that its your responsibility to configure your router? I won't argue with stupidity.

    "it's your issue because I don't have those problems" - i had issues and i learned how to fix them. why don't you spend 30 minutes and do the same?

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