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if I see TTV

I'm backing out.



  • ZCerebrateZCerebrate Member Posts: 641

    As a killer? Most likely he's playing with another player or two but usually they're small time if they have TTV in their actual user name. My experience with them has been mostly on the easier side as they're usually just playing to kill time and chat. Occasionally you'll get a few asshats who feel empowered to rage together and echo-chamber themselves into a frenzy but usually not that bad.

    If you're the solo queue surrounded surrounded by 3 TTV folks though - I can feel your pain. Usually you're their sandbag tool and the killer is more likely to bring some Moris... maybe even stream snipe whichever one isn't smart enough to put a 20~30second stream delay on and be obnoxious because they see "TTV"

    I assumed the "TTV" wasn't the killer since you shouldn't be able to see their identity until post game without some "clever" file editing during the match

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 1,812
  • ZCerebrateZCerebrate Member Posts: 641

    That's fine since it's your choice whether you want to be recorded or whatever I guess and if your queue times are manageable. I have to sit for like 10 mins occasionally for either side anyway so I just play whatever they give me.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 453

    I feel your pain.

    On the other hand, it's the one time I get to use my top tier Moris.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 453

    It's more that these individuals tend to be insanely toxic, even by DBD standards. And these days it's a signal that I'm about to run into a smurfcomp.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 1,217

    Thats quite a chicken move, I mean honestly.

    If I see TTV as Killer, and just get into their streaming, say "hello, Im the killer, lets have it fair" then play the match.

    I dont mind losing, but its my pre-move to show them that they're not going to face a camper/tunnel killer.

  • BwstedBwsted Member Posts: 241

    No reason, honestly. Most ttv I run into are mediocre to bad.

  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 1,640

    Define "Toxic"

    I'm not even kidding. I've seen people consider game mechanics toxic, so I think it's a valid question.

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 1,812

    TTVs want fame...I don't want to give them any fame even if it is .00000000000000000000001%

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 1,812

    I will play a full on sweat squad before TTV players....

  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 442

    I really don't mind playing vs TTV. If they are live then later I can go back and watch the vod from a Survivor's PoV and maybe learn something. One time I learned that the TTV was playing a super immersed Bill who did practically nothing all game and got super salty at the end despite basically throwing. Now he was right that I made several mistakes that match... but... if you think I didn't deserve the 4k despite getting the 4k even without really tunneling, camping, or slugging... maybe that means you made even more mistakes than I did.

    Also... watching epic I'm All Ears plays from the Survivor PoV are funny as hell when you were the killer.

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 1,812

    I don't think I have ever seen a fog whisperer with TTV in their name...

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,226

    why, just because someone has TTV in their name doesn’t mean they’re good

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 6,712

    Why should they need to use TTV in their name? People who use TTV in their name do it to attract viewers to their channels, a Fog Whisperer will not have to do it, since you need some viewers to become Fog Whisperer to begin with. TTVs are those people who sometimes stream for 0 people, so it is not different from playing a non-TTV-Player.

    Let alone that most TTVs are no different from "normal" players. The only disgusting TTV-Streamer I have seen lately was a Killer. Really disgusting person, camping every Hook/tunneling off the unhooked Survivor as Deathslinger, calling every Survivor stupid and bitching in Endgame Chat when losing a game (with a different Killer). 1 Viewer.

    But this is 1 person and the number of chill and nice TTVs I have seen was way bigger.

  • EqMonkVeeshanEqMonkVeeshan Member Posts: 356
    edited September 25

    then its good they have TTV in their name so you know and can bail out and not contribute. how ever it sounds more like your scared you might get shown up or shown to be a bad player.

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 3,681

    personally I've only had good experiences with ttv users the one guy I actually found his stream and said gg and he complimented my looping skills and said i was a pretty good console survivor

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,872

    This is a normal difference between streamers trying to establish themselves and those that are already established, in all games.

    If some new streamer shows up in a lobby some people might mess with them, but at least it's most of the time nothing personal. A lot of the big streamers have rather fanatic fans and fanatic haters, so it's often not worth it to use the name they stream under if they're on a platform where they can change their name.

  • shelobstershelobster Member Posts: 139

    As a survivor and as a killer I back out too because 95% of them DC sooner or later during the game because they get downed/fail to loop or they don't like the killer/map etc.

  • adsads123123123123adsads123123123123 Member Posts: 303

    I don't really care about ttv. I check their streams and most of the time they are just having fun or interacting with their audience.

  • kawaiikannibalkawaiikannibal Member Posts: 74

    I always try and Google their usernames, but I never find anything.

    Are there people who put TTV in their name as a fashion trend?

    Or I wonder if I'm just bad at searching ...

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,446

    It's people trying to grow their channel. It'll be a normal game 90% of the time. People who don't stream have no idea how awful discoverability is on twitch. I can't imagine being insecure to the point that I'd go out of my way to make someone's gaming experience suffer because I might lose in front of 10 people.

  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 880


    I usually get excited to see a TTV because I love going to their channel after the fact and watching from the survivors perspective.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,228

    The reputation TTV players get is wild. Like.... my friend Cammy always has her TTV in her name when she's streaming and she's super wholesome, super friendly, non-toxic.

    Occasionally when I'm feeling attention grabby, I'll put the TTV in my name and while I am a person who sabos hooks for the LOLs, I wouldn't really consider myself a toxic player either. Like someone else said, sometimes the TTV is there just for exposure. I've met some pretty cool people by them coming to my channel or by me going to theirs because they had TTV.

  • HawkAyeTheNooHawkAyeTheNoo Member Posts: 471

    TTVs ive ran into recently are either very boosted and get easily clapped or dc on first down.

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 1,812

    I don't care about playing with streamers or losing to streamers, I just have my opinion on the TTV gamer tag in general for gaming.

    Since we are going to make assumptions, I'll just leave this here...

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