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Devs, can you make a Custom Gamemode Server for the players who want to actually have "FUN"

I love this game, with all it's quirks and what not. Yet the game and I share a mutual hatred for each other as well because when I play killer (Mostly when I play Killer), I'm having to sweat so many bullets to the point I'm able to start tasting metal in my mouth and around the back of my throat due to how toxic, sweaty, and irritating survivors are but mostly SWF's. I know we're currently in a pandemic and many people are stuck in home playing games, but that also means we're being left with the sadistic groups of people who jack off to misery.

Sure, I'll play a game to win but if I want to play and chill, just have the game go slow and take in the moment a bit while calmly chasing someone to their death or calmly running away from certain death, then why must we have to be deprived of such a thing.

I miss the times when there was a group of Silly SWF's who made survivor conga lines, the ones who just stared at you acting a bit dumb and silly in a game based on horror and "survival". I know the game isn't supposed to always be a casual horror themed game that people can laugh at how ridiculous it can be, but do certain none sweaty people have to suffer from dehydration (over exaggerating) just to put a dent in these sweat driven Satan-spawns?

Please consider the suggestion, you have a lot of people who play the game and I bet many of them could be saying: " Hey, I want to play because this game can genuinely be fun; however I'm in a match with flashlights, keys, and the most toxic set ups that can be humanly or inhumanly possible. "


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