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What's your thoughts on the new Pop ?

PipefishPipefish Member Posts: 331

For those who don't know, pop is being changed from 60 seconds at tier 3 to 45 seconds. What's everyone's thoughts on this ?

What's your thoughts on the new Pop ? 43 votes

The change is welcome!
SunderMunAhoyWolfIcewhisperDawnMadAwkward_FiendRattiusPior_MorteAggressiveFTWjotaro 9 votes
The change is unwelcome!
SnakeSound222SnapshotGibberishBlueberryMiriamGF60_31Boosted_DwightMrPenguinRin_is_my_waifuEndstillenoname11223345Pega6VeckmanDerZuntorIllutionRepostRipostems300JukeBoxMan96JacobD 19 votes
Don't really care...
White_OwlTapeKnotAven_Fallenanonymous31337DragonMasterDarrenOBXAxeNeonFragmentChurchofPigGenerator_RepairerMottledElmherrik666JunsuinaCalamityJaneIshinSolarc 15 votes


  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 3,043
    The change is unwelcome!

    I don't think it needed a change personally.

  • MottledElmMottledElm Member Posts: 85
    Don't really care...

    I don't understand why everyone is freaking out about this, it's just 15 less seconds and you get the same effect

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246
    The change is unwelcome!

    One more reason to ignore all the killers without mobility.

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,195
    Don't really care...

    i'm on the fence about it right now, I see why the devs changed it but I also see why a lot pf people are less then happy with it

  • herrik666herrik666 Member Posts: 191
    Don't really care...

    I'll still be using the perk. Most of the times I use pop in the first 20-30s or I just don't use it (and yes I play low mobility killers). I think the fact that the perk is being nerfed is troubling people more that the actual numbers of the nerf.

  • ms300ms300 Member Posts: 4
    The change is unwelcome!

    This change would make pop worthless on no quick mobility killers. And I honestly dont think it needs change

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074
    edited September 2020
    The change is unwelcome!

    I care less about the nerf itself and more about the principal of it. The fact that they thought Pop was more of an issue needing to be addressed than the numerous unhealthy second chance perks like DS that have been plaguing the games health and limiting its perk diversity for years is just disturbing. It makes them seem really disconnected with the issues in their game, which is why so many people are upset.

    Now if they have changes in mind for the perks like DS that are more of an issue to the game but just don't have anything set in stone so they don't want to announce it yet, that's fine, but you should at least tell people you're working on it. This is similar to when we got the Ruin rework. People would have been much less angry if during the Ruin announcement they also let us know gen speeds were being worked on.

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,673
    The change is unwelcome!

    100% this. There's much more pressing perks than pop, which was fine imo.

  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 1,061
    edited September 2020
    Don't really care...

    I mean its just -15 seconds, whats the big deal? I would always kick a gen anyway after hooking somebody. Now I dont even care about that perk cause I run undying + ruin

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467
    The change is unwelcome!

    15 seconds can make or break some Killers and the reason behind the nerf.

  • RepostRiposteRepostRiposte Member Posts: 793
    The change is unwelcome!

    I don't care that it is nerfed I care that the change only weakens low-mobility killers that are already mediocre. It's also a little concerning that the devs think this is a needed change when so many real problems exist.

  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 487
    Don't really care...

    I understand the change, and I don't think it'll make a difference in the long run. The only issue I have is the double standards of their balancing.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,671
    Don't really care...

    It won't change much. I used Pop when it had a 30 seconds duration and it was perfectly usable. People are just overreacting as usual.

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