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Myers, Ghostface, and Wraith should be immune to Spine Chill in stealth.

BardBard Member Posts: 657
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  • Other stealth killers can maybe play around Spine Chill by looking to the side, but Myers and Ghostface don't have that option since their powers require them to look at survivors. Maybe Ghostface can opt out and just go for an M1, but Myers (in tier 1 especially) does not have that option.
  • Stealth is basically all Wraith has, and even then it's a pretty terrible stealth since he can be seen a mile away and must announce his presence. Wraith needs a lot of buffs, but can we at least throw him a bone on this?
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  • SCP_FOR_DBDSCP_FOR_DBD Member Posts: 2,416

    Doesn't spine chill activate if your within 36 meters of the survivor? Spine chill will always activate in stalking range.

  • MapersonMaperson Member Posts: 1,634

    I think it should, it counters stealthy killer very hard, on top of that it doesn't even have any downside to it.

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,811

    Either a rework or some form of limitation would be justified imo as of now it does it´s job way too good. The counterplay is stupid as ######### given the survivor has to do literally nothing to benefit from it, yet the Killer has to approach gens blind to prevent being noticed too early.

    Either a lengthy cooldown or a token system should do.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 6,659

    Wouldn't that completely defeat the point of spine chill I thought its supposed to be a counter to killer stealth

  • skarsgutsskarsguts Member Posts: 179

    I really don't care if they're considered good or not. Changing Spine Chill wouldn't make a difference. Deal with the fact you're not going to get free grabs and insta-downs on everyone.

    What are you guys going to complain about next? Camaraderie lasting too long? I wouldn't be surprised.

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,752

    so we should delete spine chill


  • PennywisePennywise Member Posts: 220

    I take Spine Chill all the time now, it does make stealth killers kinda lame and I doubt BHVR will change it but it would make for a much more interesting game is Spine Chill didnt exist.

  • BardBard Member Posts: 657

    The terror radius tells you if the killer is nearby.

    Spine Chill tells you if you should be worried that the killer is nearby.

    Also, people would absolutely use it for the speed bonus. The informational aspects of the perk aside, its role in Vault Build alone makes it insane.

  • ZCerebrateZCerebrate Member Posts: 641

    Meyer's T1 crawling at start is a design flaw of a detriment that has to be addressed completely apart from Spine Chill. He should have the "option" by tapping Ctrl and holding it at the start of a match and just play baseline Meyers T2 from the getgo. That option left for those who want a fun stealthy first hit and not directly announcing who he is until he is actually spotted (because let's be honest 90% of meyers will stalk to T2 before anything else) - and not mess up his fun addons like Scratched mirrors which leads to jump scare meyers on indoor maps like Lerys. He's a very vanilla killer from back when the game took itself less seriously (for balance) and he survives because of his reduced T2 Terror radius (even more with Monitor and Abuse) and that he can 99% his Instant Down mode (Or even have an infinite version of it with a bit more stalking).

    Now for the point of the post - Spine Chill itself is a very strong perk all rolled into one. It's minor but noticeable bonus to everything including vault speeds really doesn't even need to be in the perk but they wanted to differentiate it from Premonition without a need for a cooldown but it gives a lot more information against killers who had no idea how to play around it and red stain manipulate naturally. Good use of Spine Chill is a Stealth, Chase and Detection perk all rolled into one which is why it shows up so often in the top 10 Red Rank Survivor Meta usage.

    You could just make it not detect against Undetectable or even disable it during Oblivious like Freddy's dreams as a knee-jerk but it's a single perk that probably servers as the only real answer for Survivors in a alot of scenarios where they can't see past 8m away due to walls (especially on indoor maps where Purple All Seeing Eye Wraiths and Scratched Mirror Meyers can be overwhelming) and the upcoming buffed Trail of Torment or similar perks/addons that give undetectable.

    For it to see continued popular use AND be more forgiving towards newer killers who can't deal with it yet it would just need an indicator to the killer that Spine Chill has "activated" SOMEWHERE within the 36m area on something like a 15s cooldown (Just an icon on side of the screen - no sound effect necessary). At that point if Killers can't even adapt to play around a perk they are told is being used against them - then everyone has every right to call them a potato.

    Obviously this will "most likely" mean its the generator they are running towards but it will allow them to be more direct feedback and be informed on how they should be playing to get around it like a better player. It would also serve as giving the killer a limited Whispers by running the perk as a downside but still allows you to gain a head start on distance even against Stealth killers and get in psuedo-information war.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,263

    I see why your suggesting this but I disagree. Nerfing Spine Chill like this would kill it and you'd free up a perk slot.

    Let's pretend your running DS, Unbreakable and Dead Hard. This will give you a new slot to choose:

    • BT
    • Adrenaline
    • Prove Thyself
    • Resilience
    • Object Of Obsession (swf)

    Far rather Spine Chill than these perks tbh.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,148

    Spine chill doesn't even tell you the direction they're coming from, another complaining post that holds no value what a shocker from this place

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,811

    Like it was hard to tell apart from maybe The Game or Hawkins. When I used SC, in over 2 years not a single Killer managed to get the jump on me, and I´m not exactly a great survivor. 99% of Killers can be avoided by stealthing away when it lights up, it´s just stupid.

  • Nosferatu3145Nosferatu3145 Member Posts: 542

    lol. You clearly just play DbD in easy mode, aka as survivor, and if you think that stealth killers are good, you probably at green ranks

    StEaLtH KiLleRs OP

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,148

    It's nowhere near an OP perk and if someone wastes a slot for it they deserve to have the benefit otherwise what would be the point? I've played this game since day 1 and ive seen plenty of survivors get themselves killed by being too cautious with spine chill and run right into where the killer is , it's quite pathetic people want such a weak perk nerfed there's no excuse except poor killer gameplay when there's all kinds of other broken ######### to worry about

  • KoloniteKolonite Member Posts: 1,346

    I think they just need to give it some counterplay that isn’t completely lame. I don’t know how they’d change it in a way they wouldn’t butcher it though

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,148

    Stealth killers aren't OP but it's sad some people are so bad at the game they want a already not so strong perk nerfed before the other real problems in this game it just shows some people are so selfish and can't own up to their mistakes they make and have to have a scapegoat to make themselves feel better , I don't run it all the time so I don't care if it's nerfed or not but it's laughable this is even a thread

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,811

    A not-so-strong perk that is run extremely often. This is why you see so many Killers running fire up, too.

    You calling it pathetic that as Killer you don´t want to be forced to never look into the direction you´re going is baffling. As of bad play, I can deal with SC. My main complaint is that the counterplay is riddiculous.

  • SleepyWilloSleepyWillo Member Posts: 2,081

    yeah and if you know the killer is nearby you're going to be looking at him.

    vault build is typically Spine Chill and resilience. I've never seen someone use Spine Chill on its own for the action boost. its either for knowing when a stealth killer is coming for you or paired with resilience for faster vaults.

    not really used for faster heals, gen repairs, etc

    if you want to take away the stealth detection it would require a pretty substantial boost to action speeds to compensate...

  • Nosferatu3145Nosferatu3145 Member Posts: 542

    It's one perk that makes obsolete the power of 4 killers. If you don't see any problem there, well...

  • Grimmy_BluuesGrimmy_Bluues Member Posts: 353

    Being Undetectable should at the very least, make Spine Chill have an extremely reduced range.

    That's not to say it should even work when a killer is Undetectable, i'm just trying to find a middle ground.

  • BabyCameron10BabyCameron10 Member Posts: 779

    If I remember correctly, wasn’t Myers immune to detection perks before Undetectable was introduced? Spine chill nor Premonition worked against him while he was at Tier 1, which made him very unique, most people haven’t noticed that change.

    As for spine chill, I wouldn’t say it’s OP however, it does make stealth killers suffer quite a bit, my simple change would be to just make it 20-24 meters instead of 36. And increase speed to 10. Not sure why it’s 36 meters, if a survivor runs it, they are usually on the other side of the map by the time you go check a gen they were working on.

  • ZCerebrateZCerebrate Member Posts: 641

    It's usually detrimental for survivors me so damn flighty and have no confidence in their own looping to feel the need to run this perk and use it to run off every time it lights up for more than 2 seconds (It's actually surprising that people don't combo with Resilience for actual vault build like they should like SleepyWillio said). The right decision usually is to break chase, kick the gen patrol away then strafe back to the same gen and spanking the exhausted survivor, note you don't have to be fully moonwalking though you can if you want.

    Gross exaggeration, they are all far from obsolete even if there are 4 Spine Chills.

    Windstorm Wraiths (because Wraith needs that basekit to not be addon depedent) really don't even care about it because he can just catch up to them anyway. Meyers... well Meyers has issues in T1 but that's a design flaw like I said. Ghostface can still easily lean and 99 plenty of spine chill gamers - it's like saying a Doctor has no chance against Calm Spirit gamers, it's just slightly harder. Pig has some other issues in general but her crouching stealth is 1/3rd of her kit and and still useable by using the existing mechanical counterplay.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,148

    If you guys are so hell-bent on nerfing spine chill shouldn't premonition go first? It gives more value by actually providing the direction the killer is in rather than telling you the killer is looking your way somewhere in a 36 meter range , both perks aren't strong and don't need a rework OoO is way stronger than both of those perks sure it hides the killer while stealthing but the information it provides is way better than both of those others put together

  • TKTKTKTK Member Posts: 943

    T1 Myers used to be immune to all tracking perks of survivors but they nerfed him by making him undetectable when they brought out that and oblivious into the game.

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