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licensed killer ideas

razberry7596razberry7596 Member Posts: 2

my favourite killers to purchase are the ones that are from movies or tv, so i have thought of some that i would like to see in the game, some of them are more unlikely than likely, but that doesnt mean we cant wish

the Raptor: the raptor would be the velociraptor from jurassic park, his ability would be some kind of tracking ability, when he walks up to a locations or item that has been interacted with by a survivor he is able to smell the item, wich will a reveal a bright red trail to the survivor, the trail dissapears after 10 seconds. as for his perks, after tracking for a certain amount of time, i feel that one minute would be a fair amount of time, he unlocks the pounce option, it works similarily to the pigs charge, thouh it would be faster and he only has the option to use it once before having to recharge it. as for his perks, i dont have any ideas for what they would be. for the survivors, there are three that come to mind, in my mind, this is a chapter that warrants two survivors, and it could be any of the ones im about to mention, it would be between Ian Malcom, Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler. the map would be a smaller version of the park itself, a thick jungle with a similar look to the red forrest map, though more jungly, and with random remnants of paddocks here and there.

the Caretaker: the Caretaker is the name that i thought would best fit Jack Torrence from the Shining. This one has barely been developed in my mind, all that i know for sure is that he would be a great addition to the game. he would weild his famous axe, and i know for sure he would be able to chop through pallets faster than the rest of the killers, though not as fast as the billys saw and without a charge. as mentioned, i dont really know what his perks would be, though theres definatly some character traits that are within jack that could be translated into an ability somehow, like his trait of being a father, that could allow soem sort of disadvantage for the obsession, with the obsession representing the son. his survivor would be Wendy Torrence, I have no idea what her perks would be, though unlike Jack, i have few ideas for her. as for the map, there are two ideas i had, the one that i think the worse of the two would be the hedge maze, the reason this map would not as work as well as the others is because of how many killers would be unable to be played, killers with a rush attack and no other ability like the Hillbilly would be unplayable, and the difficult to navigate halls would make it difficult to find generators. the map that would be the best for this season is the overlook hotel, though not as big, not all rooms would be there obviously. but theres some that would need to be there. for example, the writing room, aka, the room where jack does his writing, the only real feature of this room would be the typewriter, wich would type away on its own, making the classic typewriter sounds, making it a good rrom to hide in if you are injured, i also believe that the kitchen could be a good room to have, with all the counters and cabinets it would be a good room to place gens in. the final room i belive has to be in there is the bedroom that the Torrneces stay in, it would not be a very good room for anything but nostalgia for fans of the movie. with the bathroom within the suite being the site of the iconic "Heres Johnny!" line, you cant not include this room.

the Alien/the Xenomorph: this killer can fo by either of the afformentied names. this killer would be the alien from the alien series, if you hadn't already figured this out. similarily to the Caretaker, i do not know the details of this killer exactly, but i feel that he should have a secondary stealth ability, like how the stealth isnt the main aspect of the pig, so he should definalty have another feature, though not a very strong one because of him having the stealth ability, though an idea would be for him to be able to utilize his acid blood in some way, like putting it on generators to add some negative effect to any survivor that interacts with it. as for the perks, i have no clew as of what they could be, unlike the others, i actually have no idea to what could be a good perk for this killer, as for the survivor, you obviously have to go with Ripley, there is no one else that would be an acceptable survivor in my eyes. similarily to the Alien itself, i have no clew as to what her perks would be, but i think something that works kind of like decisive strike, with Ripley being such a strong character, and maybe somehting that is better when shes not near any other survivors, though that might contradict her character in the later films. as for map, it would have to be a space ship map, i dont really know any details, except that i think it would be cool if the eating room would be there, with the chest burster in the body on the table.

the Triangle: this killer fits the bill a bit worse than the others, because of how he isnt much of a horror character, but I think it would be fun to see Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, this is the least likely to get added just because of Disney's attidude towards anyting not PG. but i feel that this could be a fun addition to the game, his ability would have to do with either memory or weirdness, how to incorperate a memory ability wouldnt be too difficult, he would be able to walk up to items that have been interacted with by survivors, and he would be able to see their outlines or auras from where they used to be, and he, from there would be able to somehow track those memories for a certain amount of time, similar to how i imagined the raptor working. The route i feel that they should go would be the way of some ability based off weirdness, i dont know how you would incorperate this into the game, but if you get the right people together, im sure a good idea would emmerge. as for his perks, i have no ideas, this seems to be a theme. next up, the survivors, this would have to be a season similar to the Stranger Things Chapter, with two survivors, and those survivors would have to be Dipper and Mable, their perks would have to be similar to their characters, with Dipper's having something to do with his intelligence and Mable's something to do with just being weird. as for the map, theres only one location that really makes sense, and thats the mystery shack, its small enough that you could include every room, all three floors, from the attic to the secret basement, though three floors would be difficult for the killer to navigate, wich immediatly makes some killers like the Demogorgon or the Nightmare better because of their teleporting. another map possibility would be Gravity Falls itself, during weirdmagedon, or at least make it half and half, similar to how Hawkins labratory is half upsidedown and half normal.

i have other ideas that could be good additions, though because of lack of development of these ideas i am just going to list these instead of writing the full description. the final few i thought would be good additions would be Pennywise, with any of the losers club as the survivors, the creaure from the black lagoon with Kay lawrence as the survivor, jason vorheez, the reason hes not got a full paragraph is because of how many there are already many online, and i wanted to be as unique as i could, though he would be a perfect addition to the game, Red from the movie Us with Adeline Wilson as the survivor, the beasts from A Quiet Place with either parents as survivors, the girl from the exorcist with a main character as a survivor [sorry for lack of names, i havent actually seen this movie], the Thing with R.J. Macready, Dracula with Buffy as the survivor, the predator with Arnold as survivor, the reason for this one not being on the main list is because of how he is getting his own game very soon, and it is beyond unlikely that he will even have a chance of being added, and Kevin Mcallister with Marv and Harry as survivor, just kidding about that last one, though it would be entertaining.


  • TorkoalKingTorkoalKing Member Posts: 49

    The Raptor! Hahaha that would be awesome

  • turtlesforlifeturtlesforlife Member Posts: 19

    How about all four of the tethered instead of just red? Also how would the raptor put survivors on hooks?

  • HursheySqu1rtsHursheySqu1rts Member Posts: 6

    I think they should bring Mary Shaw from Dead Silence and if you dont know who that is then go watch it highly recommend.

  • huntressmain32huntressmain32 Member Posts: 2

    How about adding springtrap as a killer and Michael Afton, his son, as the survivor

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