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Will The Doctor ever get nerfed?

BlueYoshi1492BlueYoshi1492 Member Posts: 6
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Now let me say first off that I don't think that stuff should be nerfed or buffed necessarily but there should be some remedy to this.

What I do think is that all the balancing of the game that has been done so far and is still going in favor of Killers mainly due to complaints.

I play a survivor main and often have the issue of going up against The Doctor. Which all he does is spam static shock and makes the immersion dissipate immediately.

For example:

-A player will be about to vault a pallet or drop a pallet and the killer will use static shock to prevent the survivor from doing any viable plays.

-Some killers are way more annoying than every other killer due to their abilities or mind games but I feel that Doctor is very strong.

And before I get any hate: This is an honest question and not bait at all. NOT A TROLL POST.

-In my personal opinion I also believe that Pig is very strong too due to the fact she can make you waste time trying to get a thing off your head.

I have well over 1000 hours into this game. I don't play SWF and to assume every survivor plays toxic and SWF is biased.

These are just some of the biggest points that I can think of right now but my point is that these are issues that are clear as day and are also very common complaints.

I just feel that the game devs cater to Killers a lot more than survivor.

The new survivor perks are just reworked, recycled old survivor perks with different wording.

The reason I made a post like this is because i enjoy the game a lot and play it daily without exception and I hate to see it like this.

His static shock is annoying at best and at worst its toxic gameplay that prevents players from having fun. He just spams his shock and gets to block pallets/vaults by making the survivor scream repeatedly. Will there ever be justice for survivors?

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Best Answer

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,107
    Accepted Answer

    While I don't agree with the rest of your post (eg. that's Wraith's whole deal), I share your sentiments on Doctor (not about a "nerf" per se, but just how his ability functions in game).

    What I don't like about Doctor:

    1. Sounds as opposed to before. I hate everything that has to do with sound when it comes to him now, but I quite enjoyed (in terms of the experience) everything before when it came to his sound.
    2. His power is now just to waste survivors' time and prevent them from doing actions, both in chase and (to some extent) out.

    This is coming from someone who chose Doctor as the first killer this player ever used and who used him as a main for a long time. I have not touched him since the changes the devs made to him, and I don't enjoy my survivor games against him.


  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 1,734

    Probably not, I would say that Doc is in a really good spot right now, he's powerful, but not op.

    I agree that for a new player it can be hard to go against him, but you will learn, don't camp pallets, even throw them early sometimes.

    You can hide in lockers, to prevent him from making u scream.

    I agree that Docs can be kinda annoying when they spam shocks tho.

  • Lusiem9Lusiem9 Member Posts: 27

    No he dont need nerf i know he is dificult for new players but cmon surviors need to have some chalenges (stronger opponents i mean) you toxic trash survivors mains only want nerfs for killers and boosts for survivors perks.

  • BlueYoshi1492BlueYoshi1492 Member Posts: 6

    I disagree that there needs to be a challenge for survivors due to the fact that its already challenging enough to have to do skill checks every 5 seconds. The Doctor, if played at a high level, can prevent the survivor from doing ANY plays and actually can slug the whole team no problem with his builds that prevent gen progression. Im a rank 10 but I play Killer sometimes too and I literally get 4K every time when I use Doctor. He needs reworking badly... very unbalanced imo

  • IshinSolarcIshinSolarc Member Posts: 85
    edited September 27

    No need to nerf him, he has no gen pressure and no omnipresence in maps.

    Yes, he can end loops quicker than other killers, but he lacks in everything else since he takes a long time to get powerful throughout the match. A good counterplay is pre-dropping pallets while he's on the other side. If you ask me, I also feel safe looping doctors, just need to bait the static shock and then I'm good to go.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,107

    yeah, you shouldn't feel safe when looping any killer. Case in point why Doctor should receive changes but not a nerf.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 1,100
    edited September 28

    Doctor isnt op. On most loops he loses ground if he tries to stun.

    Short loops just drop the pallet early. Don't bank on windows ever against him.

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  • BlueYoshi1492BlueYoshi1492 Member Posts: 6

    I never said he was op or needed to get nerfed but something needs fixing

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 1,100
    edited September 28

    You claim to have a thousand hours in this game but claim Wraith can "grab you off a gen". He literally has to announce the START of his uncloak to everyone in a 48 meter range.

    Pig has slowdown, yes. RNG based slowdown that can completely screw her and after that shes a worse Ghostface/Wraith, mediocre stealth and a somewhat decent counter to shorter loops. She isn't good.

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