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Tunneling isn't 'Skill'

*I'm re-making this post due to my point being unclear as such. *

Ive played against many tunnelers, as I'm sure most of you have aswell, and alot of them seem to think it's some sort of 'Skill'. I've even had people message me saying 'It's called being skilled' and many similar messages.

Now Im not saying you shouldn't tunnel, because I cant control you can I? But I don't know which part of hitting the same person over and over again has skill.

Skill is something you are good at and it can be learned from other people. However it's not unique to be able to hit the same person again...everyone can do it...It isn't some sort of mastery.

I believe tunneling should only occur when your doing really poor, such as no kills/Gen rushed/Toxic swf players. Ive played killer, and I know how annoying it is to do really bad and not get a single kill, all killers want at least ONE kill.

The fact I've seen red ranks use this and claim 'Your the closest person', no s**t sherlock I just got off the hook near you, I'm not going to be across the map am I?

At the end of the day, I'm not saying DON'T TUNNEL YOUR RUDE YOUR UNFAIR. I'm saying, don't brag and think your really good because you tunneled a 4k.

You may get tonnes of points which is true, but don't call yourself a skilled killer, spare me the bs *yawns*



  • Human_GiraffeHuman_Giraffe Member Posts: 123

    As I said on your other post, no, it doesn't take skill to do unless you wait out their BT and possible DS. But it is a valid tactic you can use if you're about to lose the game. You should only tunnel or need to tunnel if you have 1 or 2 gens left, only 2 people or less are dead on hook, and nobody is dead yet. That's the only situation I feel that it's okay to tunnel, and sometimes it's not even your fault. The unhooker might unhook in front of you without BT and so you take advantage of the situation and get some map pressure. That's not tunnelling, that's creating an advantageous situation where you know three people are going to be not doing gens because one's on the ground, one's being chased, one's going to get the down'ed survivor up, and the fourth survivor will also be going to get the down'ed survivor if you're lucky and they don't have any information perks or aren't in a SWF.

  • ast2astRegMgrast2astRegMgr Member Posts: 124

    Maybe that killer was doing poorly when he tunneled you as you stated in your post as being acceptable for tunneling. I know when I play killer I try to take out the weakest links first BB or if I happen to catch the stronger players out of position then I tend to proxy camp them. The thing is either killer or survivor they will always have justification for their actions that will most definitely not line up with how you felt that they played. I would be completely fine if all end game chat were removed.

  • Human_GiraffeHuman_Giraffe Member Posts: 123

    Well yeah but would you really qualify breathing as a skill? Or lighting yourself on fire? I think you're confusing ability to do something with a skill, something you can do that you can do well. You can't really tunnel well now can you? You do it the same as any other killer.

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791
    edited September 2020

    I typically blame teammates not willing to put themselves out there. If you go to where someone was unhooked as killer and only find the guy that was just hooked, their teammate just threw them under a bus.

    Then there's the blatant tunneling where they see a survivor, but don't care because one guy is more dead than the other.

  • DwinchesterDwinchester Member Posts: 961

    Unless you're playing nurse, skill alone will not win against good survivors. I dont think any killer wants to tunnel, but they have to in order to have a chance at winning, and no a 2k isnt a win, I dont care what bhvr and survivor mains say.

    It sucks, but this is the game bhvr has made, so dont blame killers, blame them for no viable options for victory.

  • UMCorianUMCorian Member Posts: 521
    edited September 2020

    You're right... tunneling isn't skill, it's a tactic. There's killers, add-ons and perk that make tunneling more or less effective and it also depends on the killer's playstyle. You can either be a good tunneler or a bad tunneler.

    And yes, deliberate tunneling should occur only when you're losing. I feel it's somewhat against the spirit of the game to focus on one survivor, but if someone decides to do an unsafe hook in front of me and I'm playing Hillbilly or Bubba...... or for some reason, I know they aren't running BT... sorry. I'm not gonna let you run from me.

  • C_FrankC_Frank Member Posts: 179

    Killers main objetive is killing survivors, but is a clock race. Killer need to slow the gen speed, presure the survivor to nor make gen and gain time to kill. Camping adn tunneling some time is the best choice. Is not the 1 option for a good killer tunnel a survivor because BT and DS. Some time is a good choice. But if u main strategy is camp and tunnel is not a skillful killer.

  • RizeAkiRizeAki Member Posts: 1,209

    I mean to a point it does take skill. You can always run the killer around until gens get done or they give up. I’m not saying this is you but. I see a lot of survivors complain about tunneling but the first down ended up in around 20 seconds or less. The second can be the same then they ds the killer. And yet again die in 20 seconds or less. So if the survivor is bad at looping it’s a lack of skill on them rather the killer. Now ofc this excludes some killers and like face camping into a tunnel. But if say the killer walks away isn’t in a chase you get unhooked other guy is healthy you are the obvious choice. If you can’t loop when you have time to get to a loop that’s a lack of skill on the survivor. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

  • CrowFoxyCrowFoxy Member Posts: 1,309

    3 hooking all the survivors is impossible if the survivors are good.

    You need to eliminate your last, or last few survivors to a meager 1 or 2 hooks where possible since you only have a collective 6 minutes before all gens are done, less if they coop smartly/toolboxes/bnp etc etc.

    Tunnelling let's you eliminate a survivor asap, which slows the game down by a whole lot, and tbh, that relieves soooo much stress.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    idk about breathing, but I would certainly call lighting yourself on fire a skill.

    Not a particularly practical skill, but a skill nonetheless

  • xXCAM3R0NXxxXCAM3R0NXx Member Posts: 387

    But looping the killer well is what makes them tunnel or even face camp in the first place, because you're good survivor they don't wanna play with you so they just kill u out the game lol

  • xXCAM3R0NXxxXCAM3R0NXx Member Posts: 387

    I'm not saying you can't tunnel, you're acting as if I want you to not tunnel. Although that's what most survivors would want, I'm not saying that.

    I'm just letting those who think they are 'all this all that' at being killer because they tunnel every person on hook, you ain't all this all that, It hard to follow the same person.

  • xXCAM3R0NXxxXCAM3R0NXx Member Posts: 387

    I get that, but the amount of games I've played where they've unhooked me, they go behind me to get the attention of killer but they go straight past them and down me n don't even bother slugging me, they just pick me up immediately to put me back on.

    Well done mate, you got a kill by downing me, I had no chance of escaping, really good skill had to be used there damn, was a close one... Like no it's a killers easy way out, and then they think they are a great killer after the game lol

  • Human_GiraffeHuman_Giraffe Member Posts: 123

    Well I mean I can't argue with you there. It is definitely not practical but it does take uh, some effort, to do it I guess.

  • xXCAM3R0NXxxXCAM3R0NXx Member Posts: 387

    Not when you've literally just got off the hook and you've just started to run....

  • FrootLoopsFrootLoops Member Posts: 376

    as one who is frequently the light at the end of someone's tunnel.... it's fine. I certainly wouldn't call tunnelling in and of itself a skill, but it IS often times the right play. I play on a SWF with 3 immersive AF friends and I'm the impatient idiot that never lets go of the run button. So if i've been hooked and the killer takes off to patrol gens and I'm the next person they see I certainly don't expect them to ignore me and keep stomping bushes trying to flush out my friends.

    TLDR; tunneling isn't a skill, it's just more often the right play and having the sense of when to tunnel and when not to IS a skill and I respect that

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