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Ptb perk changes

VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,559
edited September 29 in 4.3.0 PTB Feedback

Alright let's run through this.

Thanatophobia- Really 1% difference especially when you consider the only Killers who are good at consistently keeping people injured is Plague and Legion. For healing speed aspect of the perk removed I don't think this is worth it however it's day one let's see how how it plays out.

Huntress lullaby- I mean this is just a straight up nerf. Honestly I would be all for it if you said it affected every skillcheck. This word make it a decent soft counter to decisive strike and actually give piggy a decent reason to use it. Thanks I hate it

but nope now it only impacts repair and healing skill checks making it pretty less useful also great job doing doctor plays dirty like that.

For the people- ......Yay scoring event

WGLF- So the adding new ways was a complete lie and even if this was a new way it doesn't fix the problem of people hook rushing for tokens as that's still the easiest way to get them. The healing speed buff for dying survivors is ok it's reliant on the kill of slugging but it's ok.

Slippery meat- Nothing much to say about it good change might be a bit ridiculous when combined with 4 luck offerings but overall good change.

Mindbreaker- Thank you for removing that stupid 50% restriction not saying this is going to make the perk perfect but it's a little bit more spicy now just remove injured restriction from fixated and you could start to clear up the Stranger Things perks.

Any means necessary- Not much to say about it it's a good change still super reliant on killers not breaking pallets but it's a better

PGTW- Honestly this is being beaten to death the change itself is fine but almost everybody here already knows the main problem people have with it.

Technician- Still wish you would have done an additional touch up to the Stealth aspect or even added a bonus for hitting great or something like that. It's still always going to have a home in my builds like it always has but there wasn't really much incentives added for experienced players to use it which would have raised its usage.

Cruel limits- the bigger range is beneficial but you're still banking on a generator being completed which you might have little to no control over and it's also limited to only working 5 times. Maybe it might be decent with things like tinkerer but still pretty meh to me


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