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PTB Killer Perk changes are insulting

Trail Of Torment: Devs flat-out lied about what the functionality was going to be changed to, making it to be when the gen gets touched or on-injure/down at the last second, instead of on-gen-touch or on-down. The change is good, lying to players is not; If you have to make last minute changes, don't announce what it's going to be beforehand.

Forced Penance: Problem with the perk is not the numbers, it's the situational lack of utility.

Cruel Limits: Same problem as Forced Penance; nobody's using it because of a lack of utility, not the size of the numbers. It's 50/50 whether you can even get use out of this; you're either at the right gen or not.

Mindbreaker: While the removal of the <50% requirement is nice, the 3/4/5 seconds after just effectively gives Survivors a new way to 99% their Sprint Burst.

Pop Goes The Weasel: A nerf to a limited-uses-per-trial perk that actually makes kicking generators worthwhile because... the Killer isn't using it fast enough? There's no limited-use perk you want to use up as fast as possible, you want to use it strategically. Nobody's racing to use all their Distortion tokens.

Hex: Huntress Lullaby: An already niche, weak perk that only had real power in being used for running crazy-difficult skillcheck builds, almost exclusively on Doctor. Why nerf this?

Thanatophobia: This is just [BAD WORD] disgraceful. You not only add an equivalent perk for Survivors that is 3.5x as powerful, but you get rid of the healing debuff to "buff" the perks effects by a nigh-unnoticeable one percent. That extra 4% slower healing (0.64 seconds) would have just devastated survivor healing abilities, I'm sure.

Why are you people so afraid of shaking up the meta when it's Killer-sided? Nearly every time something shows promise of being a powerful addition to Killer arsenals, you [BAD WORD]-can it, but run wild with changing Survivor perks. Double healing speed on downed survivors with WGLF, 100% chance to prevent gen explosions with Technician, Slippery Meat doubling the unhook chance, halving the cooldown of By Any Means Necessary, etc.


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