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Honestly this new patch is offensive on paper

immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,164
edited September 29 in 4.3.0 PTB Feedback

let's evaluate a little

Killer perks, pop nerf for a frankly non sense reason but ds untouched despite it causing real problems in the game, thana lost half its power for a puny 1 percent lol, mind breaker was raised in exhaustion to a pitiful 5 seconds , and trail of torment was changed from what they said it would do..now if you inflict damage the effect ends as well, so the entire change feels..almost pointless..then forced penance just got a timer upgrade...bhvr...that's not why the perk is bad...this won't fix that..

Survivor perks : Slippery meat...gained double unhook chance , we're gonna live forever..doubles healing speed on slugs, any means necessary , halved the cool down, blood pact..infinite duration as long as the survivors are together...

So tell me..which perks got actual buffs here? Ill give you a hint..not the top ones

Then there's pyramid head lol, they are adding a slow on top of a longer delay when canceling his power..what does he get? Half a second less cd...wooow...I'm sorry but did you not say this wasn't supposed to be a nerf? Once again..missing the mark on the issue...and gave him a half hearted change to try and counterbalance the more than double downside...seriously what is this..? Devs..there's no way all of you looked at this and felt it was a fair trade...its not even close

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  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,164

    At least it's a real buff, not a half hearted attempt at one...with luck offerings you may escape more than you'd think

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,866

    none of survivors perks are huge buffs, there's no way someone would use slippery meat over deliverance, WGLF counters slugging, kinda.

    The only insulting thing here is devs trying to remove any kind of soul to the game design: clearly they're trying to push the slowdown meta towards the new DLC, they do not want killers to mix things up: lullaby no longer works on doctor or pig, and it was super niche and unreliable; thanatophobia can't stack on healings, pop vs ds (pretty common debate nowadays, so let's not talk about it), no meta shift...

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,872

    Or you can just bring Deliverance and offer Ormond instead.

  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 930
    edited September 29

    Multiple people running WGLF (now that it does something that isn't literally nothing outside of BP) will actually be pretty powerful, especially if it stacks with medkit speeds. You want an anti-slug perk, I think this could potentially be better than UB in slug scenarios. 3 people using it and healing you while you're downed would be like 6 people healing you. Not that I think 3 people healing one downed is a common scenario, just giving an example of how crazy it might be.

    But of course, that kind of change needs to be seen in practice first. Not every change needs to be seen in months of play to realize it's bad, though. Slippery Meat will give you a fairly okay chance to unhook yourself (especially with luck offerings) but I don't think we're gonna be seeing it very often. WGLF might just sneak into meta, though. Double BP is so good a lot of killers run it mainly for the BP over the aura reveal, but the aura reveal makes it a much easier sell, which of course was the point of doubling downed healing speed.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 3,454
    edited September 29

    I was watching Tru3 play PH and cancelling Rites of Judgement looked really slow. The cooldown after using Punishment of the Damned looks the same.

    The only decent perk changes seem to be WGLF and maybe Trail of Torment (which shouldn't have got nerfed before the PTB even released). Everything else was either unnecessary (Pop, Lullaby) or not enough (pretty much every perk minus Slippery Meat and AMN). Blood Pact actually seems like it'll be too much because of SWF. They're going to abuse the hell out of that perk.

    Also RIP to Thana. The devs really hate it for some reason.

  • SimplyNotFunSimplyNotFun Member Posts: 70

    everything you mentioned makes absolute sense. Pyramid head downs with anti loop way too quickly and he should not be able to spam his ability unhindered. Survivor perks are absolutely underpowered. Decisive Strike is almost useless. They get ONE 5 second stun and that’s hardly long enough to keep the killer off your back. Even then as a killer I do really well at avoiding it anyways. Just go after someone else. The maps are too small for a lot of these killers speed! It’s easier being a killer than it is a survivor. And almost no chance of ever escaping as a solo survivor. People die way too quick and it makes it not very fun to do the gens. 5 gens can be a lot of work when killers can patrol the map and down survivors so swiftly. You must be rank 20

  • Jill10230Jill10230 Member Posts: 457

    Regrets that I bought the killers and cosmetics, please how can I get my money back ?

  • SimplyNotFunSimplyNotFun Member Posts: 70

    It grows very tiresome players refuse to practice at being good at playing killer before they open their mouths and complain about something that is entirely their fault lol

  • Jill10230Jill10230 Member Posts: 457

    Well😀, you explain to me how you can win against a SWF team that can have crazy perks ? You can't be in 5 places at the same time... Can you explain to everybody, especially me, how to stop 4 survivors full perks toxic, flash, loops.. how ? I'm talking about rank 1-3, tight teams that know the game !

    I've got a lot of teams like that if you want on youtube, they'll eat you rank 1 killer... 1 ?

    You can be as fast as you want, the term "rush gens" wasn't born for nothing, anyone can get rush gens and finish the game with 0-1 kill. The Youtuber restart a game

    This new patch will creates not good ambiance, big rage (tunnel, camp, etc.)

    Get ready🤗

  • TerratoastTerratoast Member Posts: 110
    edited September 29

    I think the WGLF changes are going to be nasty in combination with the typical DS style gameplay you see some survivors employ. Normally, slugging the obvious DS player bought you a decent amount of time because either the dying survivor would need to spend a lot of time on the ground building up their bar or take up some time of one or more additional survivors.

    Now, a single survivor can very quickly pick the dying survivor back up. Then the recently slugged survivor can go right back to the reckless "I'm invincible from DS" gameplay for the duration of the perk.


    Hmm. Thinking about the healing speed boost, is it going to be possible for three survivors to pick a 4th off the ground while the killer is still recovering from an M1 if every survivor is running WGLF + botany knowledge?

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 3,671

    Gonna be honest I don't even have thantophobia unlocked can't be bothered to level nurse

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,564

    To be honest lullaby never worked on jigsaw box skill checks if it did it would actually make things like interlocking razors and razor wire good addons.

    The only person who really got a hit with that New lullaby change was Doctor

  • LuffyBlackLuffyBlack Member Posts: 429

    The killers have control over which perk or killer gets a buff or a nerf? That's a strange take.

  • Divine_ConfettiDivine_Confetti Member Posts: 1,782
    edited September 29

    This is the new player patch.

    The issue is, new players don't really care about perk changes. So this is actually the patch for no one, since people aren't going to stop playing meta anyway.

    I think the funniest thing for me (besides the WGLF "change") is the Huntress Lullaby nerf. It's like yeah just nerf one of the worst hex perks in the game. Go for it. Silent Doctor skillchecks were such a problem...even though they barely ever got to that point before Lullaby was cleansed.

    E: Also LOL I didn't just parrot Scott's opinion on this. Just to clear that up.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 974

    I don’t know how good or bad Thana is now but it’s not “just 1%”, it’s and extra 1% per injured player applied to all players. So if everybody is injured it’s an extra +4% slowdown on all players (i.e.it goes from a 16% slowdown on all players to 20% slowdown). So if you have four survivors each doing a solo gen it’s going from slowing them all down 12.8 seconds each to slowing them down 16 seconds each. And to get that slowdown you just need to chase and injured survivors, no kicking or hooking or whatever.

    Whether or not that’s good probably depends on whether or not the survivors were planning to heal under the old Thana. If they did heal under the old Thana then they would take a few second longer to heal so this new version would just be trading that extra healing time for about the same amount of extra gen time. However if you are playing against survivors who don’t heal (or who just use Inner Strength to heal which bypassed the penalty) then this new version is a bit stronger.

  • ReboxRebox Member Posts: 3

    The PGTW nerf is maddening. Since the ruin nerf(s), PGTW has become an at least debatable replacement to control generator progresses. To now take away 15 seconds will mean that killers without great mobility won't commit to kicking generators further away on the map after hook, which means that this nerf will make killers camp and/or go for the 3 generator strategy more often. Unfun.

  • lazerlightlazerlight Member Posts: 293

    The max amount of survivors healing another survivor is two. There will NEVER be a scenario with 3 people healing a slugged survivor. It's literally impossible. Have ya'll played survivor in these last 2 years?? lol.

  • TerratoastTerratoast Member Posts: 110

    I didn't realize there was a hard-cap, because normally the tactic or opportunity to have 3 people heal a 4th is basically suicide.

    Though thank you for being so polite with your correction.

    My point still stands with two people healing. Will two survivors with the buff be able to pick up a downed survivor during the M1 recovery if they are running a bunch of healing perks and tools?

  • lazerlightlazerlight Member Posts: 293

    i doubt it. Unless of course you hit one of the healing survivors. Forcing yourself into a second wipe animation.

  • TerratoastTerratoast Member Posts: 110

    Decided to look up the number values.

    A survivor takes 16 seconds to pick up from being downed by a single survivor. If two survivors have both WGLF and BK, they are healing at an effective rate of 4.66/s (together).

    This brings the heal time to 3.43 seconds. Just a little bit over .2 seconds shy of the successful attack CD (which is 3.2 seconds).

    If one of them is using a medkit, lets say the purple one (that gives 50% boost), it buffs their combined heal rate to 5.16/s which in turn lowers the heal time to 3.1 seconds bringing it shorter than the attack CD. Any additional heal boost would continue to lower the time needed.

    So unless I'm mistaken on how the healing speed boosts stack, yes, it's possible for two people to heal a state of a third during the attack CD.

  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 930

    Literally completely irrelevant to the example I was giving, which was simply that this will be quite powerful. Nobody cares what the limit is, because that wasn't the point.

  • lazerlightlazerlight Member Posts: 293
    edited September 29

    your example was the 3 on 1 heal.... it is very relevant to your example, in fact I'd say it's EXCLUSIVELY relevant to your example because I wasn't arguing about wglf being strong, i was saying 3 on 1 scenarios are impossible...

    I'm simply baffled that some people still don't know that.

  • Xbob42Xbob42 Member Posts: 930

    In my example, I said "I don't think it's a very common tactic" because even if you could have 3 people heal a downed person, it would be supremely stupid to do so (which is probably why people don't know about it), because the killer would obviously be nearby, and it would generally be overkill when someone could be doing a gen or luring away the killer.

    I don't really care if 3 people can't heal a downed person, because the exact scenario was not as important as just the idea of how powerful multiple people using this perk could be.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 982
    edited September 30

    Just so you know you will still need up the Ante with slippery meat. I'm going to note ahead of time that the perk failing to work is actually significantly worse that deliverance because when your deliverance doesn't work out you waste a perk slot, when this doesnt work out you waste perk slot AND lose a hook state.

    Post buff | Before Buff

    Base Chance: 11.53% | 11.53%

    Slippery Meat: 39.36% | 21.72%

    Slippery Meat + Lips: 50.30% | 35.30%

    Slippery Meat + Lipsx2: 59.54% | 46.86%

    Slippery Meat + Lipsx3: 67.31% | 56.64%

    Slippery Meat + Lipsx4: 73.79% | 64.87%

    Slippery Meat + Lipsx4 + Up the Ante: 87.19% | 82.20%

    Slippery Meat + Lipsx4 + Up the Antex2: 94.32% | 91.73%

    Slippery Meat + Lipsx4 + Up the Antex3: 97.78% | 96.57%

    Slippery Meat + Lipsx4 + Up the Antex4: 99.27% | 98.78%

    I think the values speak for themselves. Slippery meat only really sees significant changes in odds at the lower amount of buffs, make it slightly less bad on it's own, but it's still not good. I don't think the "kobe SWF" has received a significant buff as you see less than 10% increase in odds at every value a "kobe SWF" might put themselves at. (everything lipsx4 and up)

    tl;dr Kobe SWFs are still just as equally possible as they were before, people might try out kobe SWFing because of hte buff but then it will return to the shadowrealm where it was before.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,704

    Just use leader to get the extra healing speed needed.

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