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Second game of the day: DS'd and Teabagged



  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Wait, do you think that people don't do this sort of thing with DS?

  • ThraxThrax Member Posts: 841

    I wasn't even playing anymore. the most i could have done was to find one if i was lucky and camp. They stayed behind while I was far away. I've been fairly caught in the past and the killer tried to drop me off in the gate and I kept crawling away from leaving. post game I told him I didn't deserve the win I played poorly. It does happen now and then and it is very rare.

  • BitingSeaBitingSea Member Posts: 332

    Welcome, to Dead By Daylight!

  • Customapple0Customapple0 Member Posts: 629

    Not sure what the point of this thread is? More propaganda against survivors?

    I and many others could go on & on about all the times killers have brought moris with Iri huntress, tunnelling, camping, killer BM etc...

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 2,455

    Well tbh the problem is the asymmetrical nature of dbd. One killer might see up to 4 toxic survivor while 4 survivor see only 1 toxic killer per game.

    So if 10% of let's say 100 games are really toxic rounds, one side sees 10 toxic killer while all killer see up to 40 toxic survivor.

    The group bullying one will most often feel worse than a 1 on 1 harass because I don't really think you feel much when another person gets camped if they are not premade with you.

    Tldr: the amount of people one friendly killer can please is four while on non toxic survivor can only please one killer.

    And be honest, the amount of survivor sacrificing themselves or feeding into the killer to be nice is far outweighed by the number of killer giving the last guy hatch etc.

  • Jyn_MojitoJyn_Mojito Member Posts: 515

    That's...terrifying? Lol, not judging, I just had never heard that about Starcraft. But I'd believe anything when it comes to PvP games.

  • Jyn_MojitoJyn_Mojito Member Posts: 515

    I honestly think we're seeing scummy play have a moment because ppl are doing whatever they can to finish the Rift challenges.

    Some players give no quarter, and I've noticed tunneling off hook is becoming a popular tactic. As always, there's the good ppl out there- shout out to the Doctor who let me get my flashlight blinds at the exit gates of Hawkins. I was so happy to get that miserable challenge done I gladly would've taken the hook. Instead he slugged me and ran inside the gate until I left.

    I was so bummed to learn afterwards they were on a different platform because they would've gotten a genuine thank you!

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,696

    *plays two bad games*

    *instantly goes to the forum to complain about DS*

    Just another day on the forum. I would love to see a DS nerf but this post isn't contributing to the discussion.

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,696

    You're probably exaggerating, but if not it sounds like you're a bit boosted and you'll eventually settle out to a rank where you're getting picked on less ;)

  • noctis129noctis129 Member Posts: 941

    Don't u think ur indirectly pushing a agenda though? There is nothing wrong w tunneling.

    Its only wrong becuz survivors are entitled and wants the killers to play in a certain way. I understand the feeling of getting tunneled.

    But u have to feel why a killer tunnels. U have to feel this by actually playing killer. And whatever u want killers to do, do exactly that, and than see how that feels.

    Try playing killer for 1 month straight or like about a 100 killer games. Feel the BS u have to go thru as a killer.

    This is why me, a survivor main, is a defender of the killers.

    Remember, killers are not toxic. Survivors are toxic. Killers are victims and survivors are the aggressors.

  • Jyn_MojitoJyn_Mojito Member Posts: 515

    I play both sides, though I have more hours put in survivor. I'm not trying to push an agenda, and I do see your point- there is certainly some survivor entitlement out there. Tunneling is certainly a strategy, and I've felt the pressure as a Killer to slow the gens by whatever means.

    What I'm talking about are the games where Killers don't even give you a chance to play. They deny hook trades and chase you rather than the saving party until your dead 3 minutes into a game you waited 10 minutes to play. You can tell me to just 'git gud', but skill sometimes won't help you when it comes to RNG.

    I don't want special treatment, I just want a chance to play the match.

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,454
    edited September 2020

    Are you saying you can't escape or that you choose to let them kill you?

    If you're saying the latter than you are a rare breed. I don't tunnel or camp because I just don't find it fun to do. The only time I've had a survivor or 2 give themselves up was when the match somehow turned into a farm match because I let someone heal right in front of me because I felt bad they got farmed or I was just trying to do a challenge so after I got it I let the survivors do whatever. Things led down a farm path in those cases.

    If I was just having a bad game or tying a new killer/build though? Never. By my playstyle (more than fair I think, as stated above)? Nope not that either. Only farm matches.

    Any normal match, Survivors are by and large more than happy, and will even go out of their way, to be toxic or optimal if you're having a rough time. But they get upset when you do the same and expect mercy hatch. I just really don't like the double standards.

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  • azameazame Member Posts: 2,870

    If you normally tunnel survivors. I cant show you sympathy.

  • EcstasyEcstasy Member Posts: 386

    I'm not going to say I don't understand, and there's almost always some genuinely rough circumstance or imbalance in your life creating that need for an emotional outlet where you can flip the tables by making other people upset/suffer/agitated. But that's really not how things are for most of us. Definitely not how they should be. It's just a game.

    Emotionally stability is being able to handle those people and their ways of injecting toxicity into day to day interactions whether its even intent or just their nature. Emotional instability does mean people who can't handle that sort of toxic environment without their own wellbeing suffering, but emotional instability also encompasses that subset of people who need to validate their own experiences by disrupting those of others.

    The internet has really enabled a lot of anti-social tendencies to flourish in people by naturally providing such insular environments of reinforcement. And people easily conflate "that which is" with "that which should be" in those places. Yeah, if you look to actual competition between actual humans, you'll find those same toxic mentalities from time to time--and some people simply are that way--but the important distinction is that's not encouraged or accepted.

    In fact, the most professional and competitive venues always have penalties (financial or otherwise) against that sort of toxicity and bad sportsmanship. There's strategic value to poise, composure, and trying to knock their other player off their game. But that's something done by excelling in performance and making it look easy--it's not your noseguard calling their quarterback racial slurs. No player starts banging on the table in the middle of a poker match to throw off the other player's concentration. You don't teabag someone after you pin them. Trolling isn't composure. It's just another means of bullying. And bullying is always fun as long as you're the bully.

    "It's just a game" isn't the battlecry for why you should act like that; it's the point of reason behind why the real world looks down on that stuff.

  • Jyn_MojitoJyn_Mojito Member Posts: 515

    I love everything about this response ❤ Lots of insight, real world application, and said a 1000x more eloquently than I ever could.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

    "They have no fear of Wraith"


    Yea like anybody respects or fears Nurse / Spirit. If you want fear and "respect", you need a time machine and go back at least 4 years or drop down to rank 15-20.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 5,854

    If you're de-pipping that many games in a row, I highly doubt that killer behavior is a relevant factor.

  • skarsgutsskarsguts Member Posts: 179

    I guess the "repeat every day" didn't make it clear enough that I was summarizing every survivor game and not literally writing out my games.

    But thanks for assuming I'm boosted because of how a killer decides to play? I'll keep in mind that it's my lack of skill that causes the killer to proxy camp my hook to immediately down me again, thanks!

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,696

    If a killer is going to tunnel someone, it's usually because that person is the weakest looper and they see an easy opportunity to remove them from the game. Even weak loopers can do gens, but they can't waste time in the chase. Might as well take a little bit of time to permanently remove their ability to do gens.

    That's obviously not every time you get tunneled. Sometimes it's the opposite even, where you run the killer for three gens and they get so fed up with your ######### that they decide they want you dead. Sometimes it's just your teammates saving right in front of the killer without BT.

    Still, if you're getting repeatedly tunneled match after match and usually de-pipping, there's probably something you could be doing to avoid that situation. That's why it sounds like you're a bit boosted (or, if you play in SWF, that your squad mates are better than you). I haven't seen you play and I'm not a god at the game myself. You could also just be exaggerating your results. I'm just going off what's in your post, though.

  • NoObzBoiYTNoObzBoiYT Member Posts: 197

    Get good and stop tunneling

  • skarsgutsskarsguts Member Posts: 179

    Solo survivor, never queued with anyone, consistently rank 1-2.

    You will de-pip if you do not finish at least one gen and contribute to altruistic actions. For example, I've looped a Blight for 5 gens, downed by NOED (people don't cleanse in solo), died on first hook, and still de-pip.

    Can't pip if you're camped on a hook and didn't get enough altruistic and objective points prior.

    Can't pip if you're morid off hook.

    Can't pip if you're body-blocked by an offended killer and die to EG. (Just happened the other day, recorded as well. One gen done, he never hooked anyone, was mad I was trying to make him walk up stairs on Hawkins to get me in the hidy-hole tube so he wouldn't let me out.)

    Killers don't tunnel to remove the "weakest", they tunnel because it makes the game easy mode unless you have the privilege of three other survivors body blocking and bringing borrowed time. There's countless bullshit reasons they do it. I've witnessed countless high rank, high hour survivors camped and tunneled out of a game within the first 7 minutes just because the killer wanted to. It has never been removing the weak link. It's just being an #########.

    The only thing you have to defend yourself from it is a 5-second stun and MAYBE borrowed time. You don't have God loops next to hooks to run into.

    My original post was describing the shenanigans I deal with as a solo survivor every time I play DBD, while killers have the audacity to cry about an occasional stun and t-bagging as if it's game ruining.

  • UMCorianUMCorian Member Posts: 521
    edited September 2020

    Beginning of the day: "Hi World! I'm feeling so good. Let's have some fun, friendly, non-toxic games as Killer in DBD."

    *plays 2 games*

    Narrator: "After that... he played 24 more games... because that's the amount of Moris he had sitting around."

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 5,854

    I don't really think it's worth entertaining them with any further replies, particularly after reading their post history.

    Go ahead, the results may (not) surprise you - It's extremely cringy, rude at times, and very biased.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 698

    best advice is to quickly eliminate players and work around with the rank you are playing at. If you are experiencing players that have Decisive strike. Keep a mental note to yourself to down a survivor, hook them and once they get off. Hit them again if they are NOT within your terror radius, leave them ON the ground and find their other team members to HOOK as well! DS promotes slugging and sometimes that is what it takes. However, if you keep trying to slug the other team. They can figure it out and plan to avoid this by playing smart and you will have NOBODY hooked. Next thing you know. EVERYONE has completed all the generators on the map!

    Camping doesn't always work the best. They could be running mettle or Borrowed time. I usually bring NOED as an "insurance card" and use that! Nobody likes to be camped and even IF the survivor is acting SCUMMY. Face camping can backfire and then before you know it. 4 survivors are BAGGING infront of you at the exit gate! They leave and laugh at you!. heh.

  • noctis129noctis129 Member Posts: 941

    so.. here is the thing. we have to define "toxic". in the world of dead by daylight, toxic usually means a killer is camping, tunneling, slugging. the truth is, these 3 things, are not toxic. even the Devs agree that this is a strategy. there is no toxic, disrespectful, hurtful, causing some sort of emotional pain, nothing.

    if you are a killer, and a survivor is on deathook, and another survivor whose never been hooked yet, comes to "save" the deathhook survivor and offers himself for the hook, the killer is SUPPOSE to go after the survivor who is deathhook. this is simply what a killer should do. if the killer goes after the fresh survivor, than this is stupidity. the problem is the survivors view this as some kind of toxic, disrespectful, vicious, unforgivable act and come to forums and shame the killer for doing such a "horrible act".

    survivors do this by gaining the moral high horse and shaming the killer for being disrespectful, toxic, unsportsmanship like. survivors try to control how a killer should play the game. than the killer is suppose to play this game with some kind of honor code that ONLY the killer should follow. this is the problem.

    now if you are defining toxic gamers as someone who sends messages to the other player with mean words, and be disrespectful, and just flat out trolling on other players. than yea, than ppl's feelings are going to be hurt and i totally agree with you.

    when i play dead by daylight, i get toxic messages from toxic players. but 99% of the time, these types of messages comes from other survivors, and not the killer. even on PC, the killer usually doesnt engage in end game chat. it's always the survivors who got something to say whether they win or lose. the toxicity comes from SURVIVORS, not the killers. but they spin this and pin the blame on the killer. im simply redirecting the finger to where it should actually be pointed to.

    remember, killer letting a survivor escape on purpose, is the equivalent to a survivor offering himself to the hook at the end game. survivors probably appreciate being let go and sends a thank you message to the killer which is totally cool. but that same survivor would never give himself up to the killer to be sacrificed when u know ur team totally bullied the killer and everyone is at the gate teabagging the killer. 90% of the games, the survivors wait at the gate to flash, teabag, point fingers, etc, at the killer, some even sends messages to cream the killer in his face. this is a one sided mentality, and again, it is the SURVIVORS who are commiting these acts, not the killer.

    a lot of survivors think they are the good guys and the killer is the big bad boogeyman. but the reality is, the survivors are the aggressors, and the killer is the victim.

  • noctis129noctis129 Member Posts: 941

    "What I'm talking about are the games where Killers don't even give you a chance to play. They deny hook trades and chase you rather than the saving party until your dead 3 minutes into a game you waited 10 minutes to play."

    couple things here...

    1. a killer is suppose to do what u described in your scenario. anything else is just stupidity. or u just want to let them go for whatever reason.
    2. killer shaming and accusations is not helping the 10 min wait time. u should actually thank the killer for playing the most hated role. next time a killer does that, just thank the killer for playing that role. ive done it before. it feels amazing. and the killer appreciates that i had good sportsmanship compared to other survivors who accuse him of a no skill camper. some of them switch to survivor role and play games w me. if you stop hating on the killers, more ppl will play killers, and u wont have 10 min. my wife plays DBD, and she hates playing killer becuz of the hordes of toxic messages she gets from survivors. so she just plays survivor and adds onto the 10 min wait time.
    3. u should change ur mentality about this game. this is not a fair game. this is a 4vs1 game. u could say that it's a fair game due to other natures of the game. but its irrevelant. u should try to think that when u play as a survivor, u and 3 other ppl are the agressive tresspassers who came to harrass 1 person by touching his generators and hitting him w pallets, flashlighting his face, looping him and than showing him ur butt becuz u feel superior and u want to make sure u let him know that he sucks. if u could think like this, than u would be a lot better off playing DBD. but if u are offended that the killer killed u, and the way he did it was thru tunneling, than u should pick another game to play.

  • Jyn_MojitoJyn_Mojito Member Posts: 515

    I don't know what else to tell you other than you are making massive assumptions about my thoughts and playstyle, which is frustrating. Rather than try to understand where I'm coming from, you're giving me a 'Cognitive To-Do' list that you're suggesting I complete or this game's not for me. How is that helpful?

    So you may be shocked to hear that I'm one of the nicest survivors to encounter in game- because if I have nothing nice to say, I say NOTHING at all. That includes t-bagging, flashlight clicking, etc. But frequently I DO message the Killer praise or encouragement even after...wait for it....even AFTER THEY KILL ME. So I'm not sure where you've gotten the idea I hate on Killers?

    And why do I do this? Because I HAVE played Killer, and I know first hand how irritating it can be dealing with toxic/rude survivors. I usually solo q but when I SWF, it's with the Killers I've befriended WHILE playing survivor.

    So I'm politely telling you that it's not for you to decide whether or not I should play this game. That would be judgemental on your part, and despite this thread being in "Discussion", only each player can decide for themselves if they want to keep playing. Stop trying to run players off.

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