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In line with the PTB Patch Notes, I'd like to once again like to offer some suggestions how to change lesser used perks into more viable ones, to help encourage more variety as well as balance perks that are unfair/unfun. Balancing a game is no small feat, but these suggestions may be of service.

We'll be going through the perks A-Z, all 83 will be examined and changed.

Ace in the Hole: This Perk is perfectly balanced.

Adrenaline: Upon reflection, seems balanced.

Aftercare: Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

You see the Aura of every Survivor that:

  • You rescued from a Hook or who rescued you from one.
  • You completed a Healing action on or who completed one on you.
  • Took a Protection Hit for.
  • Saved with a Flashlight or Pallet.
  • Saved from a Cage of Atonement or Bear Trap.

They also see your Aura.

This occurs for up to 1/2/3 Survivor(s).

All effects of Aftercare are reset when you are Hooked by the Killer.

  • Added more methods on how to obtain the Aura Reading on other survivors.

Alert: Your acute senses are on high alert.

When the Killer breaks a Pallet or Breakable Wall, or damages a Generator, their Aura is revealed to you for 4/5/6 seconds.

  • Added 1 second of Aura Reading per Tier

Any Means Necessary: So long as the PBT Changes remain, is perfectly balanced.

Autodidact: You start the Trial with a -25% progression penalty for Skill Checks to heal Survivors.

For every successful Skill Check completed while healing a Survivor, you receive a Token for a maximum of 5/4/3 Tokens.

Each Token grants you a +15/20/25% bonus progression for a successful Skill Check while healing Survivors.

Great Skill Checks cannot be performed while using Autodidact.

  • The benefits of the current tier 3 Autodidact. Just reducing the amount of tokens.

Babysitter: While you have a reputation for being self-centred, you risk it all to help those in need.

When you unhook a Survivor, the unhooked Survivor leaves no Scratch Marks, Blood Trail, Grunts of Pain and their Aura cannot be read for the next 20/25/30 seconds.

Both you and the Killer see each other's Aura for 20/25/30 seconds.

For the duration of Babysitter see the Aura of the Unhooked Survivor.

The unhooked survivor receives a notification that they are under the effects of Babysitter.

  • Anti tunnelling perk, the aura's encouraging the killer to go after the unhooker.
  • Added additional effects, making it difficult for the killer to track down the unhooked survivor.

Better Together: You seek justice and uncover the truth no matter what obstacle stands in your way.

The Aura of the Generator you are currently repairing is revealed to all other Survivors located within 32 metres.

If the Killer downs a Survivor while you are repairing a generator or you finish repairing a Generator, you see the Auras of all other Survivors for 8/10/12 seconds.

  • Buffed aura reading on other survivors. See aura of survivors upon completing a generator.

Blood Pact: The PTB changes should make the perk better.

Boil Over: You are a battler and do everything to escape a foe's grasp.

Your Struggle Effects on the Killer are increased by 25/50/75 %.

You obscure the Killer's ability to the Auras of Hooks that are within a range of 12/14/16 metres.

  • Increased Aura of Hooks ranged by 2 metres each tier.

Bond: Is perfectly Balanced.

Borrowed Time: You are fuelled with an unexpected energy when saving an Ally from a Hook when they are within the Killer's Terror Radius.

After unhooking a Survivor within the Killer's Terror Radius, for 15 seconds, any damage taken that would put the unhooked Survivor into the Dying State will instead apply the Deep Wound Deep Wound}} Status Effect. The Survivor has 10/15/20 seconds to mend themselves.

If the unhooked Survivor takes any damage while affected by Deep Wound or if its timer ends, the unhooked Survivor is immediately put into the Dying State.

  • Works against Freddy now even if the Unhooker is asleep (Credit to Otz)

Botany Knowledge: Is Balanced

Breakdown: Any time you are unhooked, unhook yourself or unhook another survivor, the Hook breaks and the Killer's Aura is shown to you for 6/8/10 seconds.

A Hook broken by Breakdown takes 40/50/60 seconds to respawn.

  • Applies to unhooking other survivors. Reduced respawn time by 120 seconds.

Breakout: Balanced.

Buckle Up: Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

The recovery progress of dying Survivors can be determined by the intensity of their Auras at a distance of up to 64/96/128 metres.

When you heal a Survivor from the Dying State Dying to Injured, the healed Survivor gains the Endurance Status Effect for 15 seconds. During this time, any damage that would put you in the Dying State will instead apply the Deep Wound Status Effect. You have 15/20/25 seconds to Mend yourself. If you take any damage while affected by Deep Wound, or if the timer ends, you are immediately put into the Dying State.

Also, the healed survivor and yourself see the Killer's Aura for a duration of 4/6/8 seconds.

  • Anti slugging perk.

Built to Last: Balanced.

Calm Spirit: Animals trust you as they often stay calm in your presence.

Reduces chances of alerting Crows by 80/90/100%.

Reduces the noises of your breathing by 0/5/10%

Your calm spirit can overcome the urge to scream, cough and vomit.

  • Adds a possible counter Plague.

Camaraderie: Life has taught you the importance of friendship which has given you strength.

While you or another survivor are on the Hook, Camaraderie activates.

If another Survivor is within 16 metres of your Hook or Cage of Atonement while Camaraderie is activated, the Sacrifice timer is paused for 20/25/30 seconds.

If you are within 16 meters of a Hooked or Caged Survivor while Camaraderie is activated, the Sacrifice timer is paused for 20/25/30 seconds.

Camaraderie can only be used once per Sacrifice Phase.

  • 2 way perk, once per sacrifice phase (Escape Attempt Phase and Struggle Phase)
  • Applies to Cage of Atonement (One of the few perks which SHOULD apply to the cages.)

Dance with Me: Balanced

Dark Sense: Fine

Dead Hard: Fine

Decisive Strike: Using whatever is at hand, you stab at your aggressor in an ultimate attempt to escape.

After being unhooked or unhooking yourself, Decisive Strike will become active and usable for 40/50/60 seconds, whilst being chased by the killer, the Decisive Strike timer will be paused.

While Decisive Strike is active, when grabbed by the Killer, succeed a Skill Check to automatically escape the Killer's grasp and stun them for 5 seconds.

Succeeding or failing the Skill Check will disable Decisive Strike.

Successfully stunning the Killer will result in you becoming the Obsession.

Increases the odds of being the Obsession at the start of the Trial.

The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

Decisive Strike cannot be triggered after being pulled out of a Locker.

  • Took a suggestion from Predated and other sources.

Deja Vu: Fine

Deliverance: After performing a Safe Hook Rescue on another Survivor, the Perk activates.

You now have a 100% chance to unhook yourself during the escape attempt.

A successful Deliverance from the Hook triggers the Broken Status Effect for 180/150/120 seconds.

  • Increased length of Broken Status Effect

Desperate Measures: Balanced

Detectives Hunch: Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

After a Generator is completed, the Auras of Generators, Chests, Exit Gates, The Black Lock and Totems within 32/48/64 metres are revealed to you for 10 seconds.

If you are holding a Map any auras revealed by Detective's Hunch are added to the Map.

  • Buffed to show the aura of the Hatch.

Distortion: You start the Trial with 3 Tokens.

Whenever the Killer reads your Aura, Distortion activates and a Token is consumed. You receive a notification that this has happened.

For the next 8/10/12 seconds while Distortion is activated, your Aura, Scratch Marks and Pools of Blood will not be shown to the Killer.

For every 30 seconds you are within the Killers Terror Radius and not in a chase, gain a token.

Distortion does not activate when you are in the Dying State or affected by Traps.

Diversion: Fine.

Empathy: Fine

Perk Idea - Final Countdown: While you may be down, you certainly aren't out.

If you are the last Survivor remaining in the Trial, for each Generator that needs to be completed, gain a 90/95/100% bonus to Repair speed.

If the Hatch is closed by the Killer, uncompleted Generators will no longer be blocked by the Entity. Each time a Generator is completed in this state, the Hatch will reopen.

"You think you've won, that It's all over, that I'll sit in the realm as I am consumed by it's madness. I hate to disappoint, so long as I live and breath, I'll find a way." - The Lost Tapes: Unknown

  • I like the Old Left Behind, so have adapted it to fit the EGC and incorporated the original Hatch change idea.
  • Entirely situational, but cool none the less.

Fixated: When you have a goal in mind, there's no turning back; better to ask forgiveness than permission.

You can see your own Scratch Marks at all times.

You walk 10/15/20% faster.

  • Remove the fact you have to be healthy for the walking speed increase to work.

Flip-Flop: You have an uncanny ability to escape the inevitable.

While in the Dying State your recovery progression is converted into wiggle progression when you are picked up by the Killer, up to a maximum of 50/60/75% total wiggle progression.

  • A 1:1 conversion that stops at 75%
  • Suggested by Predated
  • 'One Trick Pony', pretty fitting for Ash.

For the People: Balanced

Head On: Fine

Hope: The growing odds of a successful escape fill you with hope and give you wings.

As soon as the Exit Gates are powered, you gain a 5/6/7% Haste Status Effect for the remainder of the trial.

  • A somewhat counter to NOED's speed increase. Buffed to match its counterpart.

Inner Strength: Balanced

Iron Will: Balanced

Kindred: Balanced

Leader: Balanced

Left Behind: Balanced (I still prefer the old effect)

Lightweight: Your running is light and soft, making your tracks harder to follow.

Scratch Marks stay visible 1/2/3 seconds less than normal.

Noises caused by your running by 15/20/25%

Lithe: Balanced

Lucky Break: You've had your share of scrapes and bruises, but luck's always on your side.

Lucky Break activates any time you are injured.

While Lucky Break is active, you won't leave trails of blood or drop blood orbs for a total of 60/90/120 seconds.

While you are Healthy, Hooked or Dying, Lucky Break recharges.

Lucky Break becomes permanently deactivated for the remainder of the Trial once the total duration has elapsed.

  • A new counter Oni. Resource management with the risk of permanently losing a perk. Shorter duration to compensate.

Mettle of Man: Evil has a way of always finding you.

After you earn 4/3/2 Protection Hit Score Events, Mettle of Man activates.

Once activated, the next occasion that would put you into the Dying State from the Injured State is ignored.

Mettle of Man will deactivate the next time you are put into the Dying State.

Increases the odds of being the Obsession.

The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

  • Made it good. Still niche and is primarily used as an endgame perk.

No Mither: You start the trial healthy, once you become injured you are affected by the Broken Status Effect for the remainder of the Trial. Your thick blood coagulates instantly.

You do not leave Pools of Blood.

You do not Grunt in Pain.

You do not leave Blood Orbs

Grants the ability to fully recover from the Dying State.

  • Hard mode, but a bit easier while maintaining its uniqueness.

No One Left Behind: It is inconceivable to leave someone behind.

As soon as the Exit Gates are powered, gain 50/75/100% more Bloodpoints for actions in the Altruism Category and perform them 30/40/50% quicker.

The Auras of all other Survivors are revealed to you.

  • Useful before the activation of the EGC

Object of Obsession: Honestly, I don't know.

Open-Handed: Strengthens the potential of you and your team's Aura-reading abilities.

Increases Aura-reading ranges by 4/6/8 metres.

While within an 16 meter radius of other survivors, gain all of their Aura Reading abilities whilst sharing yours.

  • Added the unique ability of sharing Aura Reading

Off the Record: You've learnt that a quiet approach is sometimes best.

Once you are unhooked, escape from the Hook, or recover from the Dying State. Off the Record activates for 90/100/120 seconds.

While Off the Record is active, your Aura will not be shown to the Killer and Grunts of Pain caused by injuries are silent and you will not leave pools of blood. Furthermore, you will be immune to the perk Whispers for the duration of Off the Record.

  • Greater usage. Allows for a survivor to easily evade detection for a significant duration.

Pharmacy: You have a knack for finding medicine.

Unlocking Chests is 50/75/100% faster. Their opening noises are silent.

Pharmacy guarantees an Emergency Med-Kit Emergency on your first completed Chest Unlock.

  • Speeds up chest opening, noises are basically non-existent so begone N O I S E S.

Prove Thyself: Balanced

Quick and Quiet: Balanced

Red Herring: You've noticed that people pay attention to whatever makes the loudest noise.

After repairing a Generator for at least 3 seconds, it will be highlighted to you with a yellow Aura. The Generator stays highlighted until it is fully repaired or you enter a Locker.

Entering any Locker will trigger an explosion at the highlighted Generator.

Red Herring can only be triggered once every 60/50/40 seconds.

  • Red Herring actually triggers and explosion, allowing for Visual and Auditory Red Herrings.
  • You can actually go on a different generator and lure the killer to another one.

Repressed Alliance: Balanced. (Blocked generator doesn't regress does it)

Resilience: Balanced

Saboteur: Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

See the Aura of the Killer if a Survivor is being carried and any hooks within 32 meters of them.

Unlocks the ability to Sabotage Hooks without a Toolbox.

Upon completing a Sabotage Action without a Toolbox, the perk goes on Cooldown for 80/70/60 seconds.

If the Sabotage Action is interrupted, the perk goes on Cooldown for 10 seconds.

  • Reduced cooldown, upon a successful sabotage the perk, not if it's interrupted.
  • Reduced Hook Aura range.

Second Wind: You have learnt to avoid awkward situations with parents. Part of you still thinks your best option is to run away and hope things will take care of themselves.

When you have healed other Survivors for the equivalent of one Health State Health, Second Wind activates.

While Second Wind is activated, the next time you are unhooked or unhook yourself, after 32/24/16 seconds you will heal one Health State.

If you are Afflicted by the Broken Status Effect, Second Wind will activate after the Status Effect Ends.

If you are unhooked or unhook yourself while the Exit Gates are powered, automatically heal one Health State.

  • Removed the 9 million conditions for the perk to work.
  • Added the Auto heal if exit gates are powered when unhooked (from Adrenaline)

Self-Care: Balanced

Slipper Meat: PTB changes are good.

Small Game: You have the undeniable capability to sense danger.

Get an auditory warning when looking in the direction of Bear Traps and Totems in a 45° cone within a range of 8/10/12 metres.

See the Aura of Phantasm Traps when looking in a 45° cone within a range of 4/6/8 metres for 1/2/3 seconds.

Small Game has a cool-down of 15/12/10 seconds each time it activates.

  • Hag Traps are hard to see, so make it a bit easier.

Sole Survivor: As more of your friends fall to the Killer, you become shrouded in isolation and the Killer's Aura-reading abilities towards you are disrupted.

For each Sacrificed, Moried, Dead or Disconnected Survivor, gain a token.

  • 1 Token: Killer cannot see your aura within 32 meters
  • 2 Tokens: Killer cannot see your aura within 64 meters.
  • 3 Tokens: Immune to Killers Aura Reading and Whispers.

Increases the odds of being the Obsession.

The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

Killers can only be affected by one Sole Survivor at a time.

  • Made the perk actually useful.
  • Clarification: Perk applies to each individual survivor, not just the obsession.

Solidarity: Sharing painful experiences has the power to heal.

While injured, healing a Survivor also heals you at a 80/90/100% conversion rate.

  • 1:1 conversion.

Soul Guard: Balanced

Spine Chill: Balanced

Sprint Burst: Balanced

Stake Out: Getting close to the Killer fills you with determination.

For each 10 seconds you are within the Killer's Terror Radius and are not in a Chase, you gain a Token up to a maximum of 4/5/6 Tokens.

When Stake Out has at least 1 Token, Good Skill Checks are considered Great Skill Checks, consume 1 Token.

Grant an an additional Progression bonus of 1% to Generators and 5% to Healing for achieving Great Skill Checks.

  • Progression bonus even when you don't have tokens. Increased Token Cap. Reduced Time to get a token.

Streetwise: Long nights out taught you to do a lot with what you've got.

Increases Item Efficiency by 30/40/50% for you and Allies within a range of 8 metres.

Once out of range, this effect persists for 15 seconds.

Survivors can only be affected by one Streetwise at a time.

  • Increase Efficiency, survivors can only be affected by 1 Streetwise at a time.

Technician: You are apt at handling machinery with the greatest care and precision.

The noises caused by your repairs on Generators are Silent.

On a failed Repair Skill Check, the following effects happen:

  • The Generator Explosion will be prevented.
  • The Generator loses Repair progress as usual.
  • An additional Regression penalty of 5/4/3% is applied

--- PTB Changes plus silent repairs, seeing as the new sounds are here to stay.

Tenacity: Balanced

  • Yeah, maybe don't reduce pain noises in the dying state.

This is Not Happening: You perform at your best when you are under extreme stress.

Good and Great Skill Check success zones when repairing and healing get 10/20/30% bigger when you are Injured.

Increases the chances of triggering a Skill Check by 10/20/30%

All Skill Checks will appear in the Centre of the Screen.

  • Skill checks always in the centre, increased skill check chances.

Up the Ante: All will be well in the end; you just know it. Your confidence strengthens the feeling of hope for those around you.

For each Survivor still alive, grant a 3/4/5% Luck Bonus to all remaining Survivors.

Affects the chances of receiving a Second Add-On from Ace in the Hole.

Affects the chances of escaping from a Bear Trap

  • Luck bonus now includes yourself.
  • Updated Description

Unbreakable: Balanced

Urban Evasion: Balanced

Vigil: You look over your friends even in dire situations.

You and your Allies within a range of 8 metres recover from Blindness, Broken, Exhausted. Exposed, Haemorrhage, Hindered, Madness, Mangled, Oblivious TIMED Status Effects and Perk Recovery Timers 15/20/25% faster.

Once out of range, this effect persists for 15 seconds.

Survivor can only be effected by one Vigil at a time.

  • Now applies to all negative status effects.
  • For the Exposed Recovery, it only applies to Perks (Not Killer Powers.)
  • Allows passive recovery of Madness (cannot go down from Tier 2 to 1)
  • Perk Recovery Timers (e.g Quick and Quiet, Dance with Me, Visionary)

Visionary: Balanced (upon reflection)

Wake Up!: Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

Once all Generators are powered, Exit Gates are revealed to you when within a range of 128 metres.

While opening the Exit Gates, reveal your Aura and see the aura of all other Survivors within a range of 128 metres.

Increase the speed at which you open exit gates by 10/15/20%

  • You can see survivors as you open gate and boosted speed of exit gate opening.

We'll Make It: Balanced

We're Gonna Live Forever: PTB buff go BRRR

Windows of Opportunity: Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

Auras of Breakable Walls, Pallets and Vaults are revealed to you when within a range of 24 metres.

Windows of Opportunity has a cool-down of 30/25/20 seconds when vaulting or dropping a Pallet during a Chase.

  • People seem to like the Breakable Wall auras and upon reflection, yeah seeing as the Devs are adding more breakable walls, it should be nice.

(Jesus, I spent a while writing this)

Anyway, here it is, hope the balances seem good. Post your opinions and debate. (But please, just be civil

Patch Notes 1:

  • Updated some perks (WoO, Visionary, MoM, Saboteur, Decisive Strike, Flip-Flop, Babysitter, Camaraderie.)
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  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,741

    I like these

    I appreciate you taking the time to do this

    Are you going to do a killer one?

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,741

    Get some rest before you dive into the deep end... you're going to need it

    I would do it but don't have all of the perks but do play killer

  • icemancaticemancat Member Posts: 138

    These are all very interesting changes. I do want to bring up the changes you suggested for Up The Ante as it is a perk I commonly use. The current version of Up The Ante adds a total luck bonus of 9% provided that all other survivors are currently alive. This means that if combined with new Slippery Meat, it will be a 17% chance to escape the hook with 6 attempts and only 34% chance to escape bear traps since the additional chance provided by old Slippery Meat was removed. The Up The Ante changes you suggested would provide a luck bonus of 20%, meaning that if all survivors are alive, you have a 28% chance to escape the hook if you also use Slippery Meat with 6 attempts and the chance to escape a bear trap is up to 45%, something I think the devs want to avoid as seen with the changes done to Slippery Meat. This suggested change would be pretty cool and I may be a little biased when I say this because I love underrated things in games, but this might risk the Up The Ante and Slippery Meat combo becoming meta, something that draws away players that prefer to use low-tier and underrated builds.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 1,200

    Pretty neat and complete list of ideas. I do have thoughts on a few though:

    • Adrenaline: Should probably no longer wake you up if asleep. This only counters one killer and is something that the Devs have been straying away from. Similarly, Lucky Break, Off the Record, and Vigil should not specifically counter killer powers (Calm Spirit gets a pass because it only removes Doc's tracking-through-screaming, not Madness III, Tier-up aura reading, or shock-blocking vaults/pallets).
    • Autodidact really should also increase healing skillcheck chances (probably by 10-20%). The difficulty in actually getting all of these skillchecks to occur is why the perk is currently bad.
    • Balanced Landing was left out by accident and probably needs a small buff (it's arguably the worst Exhaustion perk right now). I'd say it should passively reduce falling/landing noise by 50%, even when Exhausted, in addition to everything it already does.
    • Borrowed Time: Just make it take effect when the killer is within 20-24m of the hooked survivor. The terror radius stipulation lets stealthy killers avoid the perk while some killers (like Doc and Legion) get punished even more harshly by it and is the problem with this perk.
    • Buckle Up: I like your suggestion, but I'd add that Buckle Up should situationally give its aura-reading ability to the entire team when YOU are downed (in a similar fashion to Kindred, but with slugs). Should be the direct counter to Knockout (not that most people use that perk).
    • Off the Record: Should not hide pools/trails of blood and is arguably fine as it is. This leaves room for OTR to have synergy with Lucky Break instead of being almost entirely better than it.
    • Solidarity: All survivors involved in heals should gain equivalent BP for the interaction (since simultaneously healing them and yourself denies them the heal-points). This perk could be the embodiment of "sharing is caring".
    • Tenacity: Dying State noises should not be reduced by anything in DbD. This is just begging for something else to go wrong and create even more silent slugs. IMO, Tenacity is fine as it is. The only buff I would give to it would be to allow the survivor to recover from the "being downed" animation faster (allowing them to start crawling sooner).

    Still, it's a well thought-out set of suggestions that would probably make a lot of these perks better (or step back a few of the ones that got nerfs here). Will definitely be interesting to see how you adjust the killer perks if you choose to tackle those.

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 1,021

    Make object not activate while hooked

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 1,021

    Seeing breakable walls as survivor is far from useless, especially on new badham

  • Go_Go_RobotoGo_Go_Roboto Member Posts: 330

    I only read the first few sentences then upvoted because I had to scroll for 20 min.

    I wish I had brain to read this I tired

  • dollbaby7870dollbaby7870 Member Posts: 26

    I think a lot of the proposed changes would be cool and would encourage people to use other perks aside from the same old ones over and over.

    I can just hear the killers screaming right now if they were buffed but it would be for their benefit so they don't face the same builds over and over as well.

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,214

    Gonna ignore everything I agree with, for obvious reasons:

    Adrenaline, I feel like the heal after the hook isnt too much. Adrenaline is meant to be countered by NOED after all. Survivors already lose the speed buff when they are on the hook, why completely counter this perk by a vanilla action?

    Baby Sitter, I always felt like this perk also needed to completely reduce the unhooked survivor's breathing and pain sounds, while also muffling their speed actions. Especially considering Stridor is a thing. It's only temporary and would truly make the unhooked survivor practically impossible to find unless they really make big mistakes. I agree that the speed actions being muffled might sound too OP right now, but it would allow the unhooked survivor to choose between safely rushing in a locker if they see the killer is still chasing them. But I think at least 2 speed actions should be muffled too.

    Breakdown, I understand why you chose it the way it is, but I think this would be much more interesting:

    • If you self-unhook(4% or Deliverance, especially with your increased broken status timer), break the hook for 300 seconds.
    • If you get unhooked, break the hook for 60 seconds(stacks)
    • If you unhook a survivor, break the hook for 60 seconds(stacks)

    Its still quite a niche perk, but it would reward you for self unhooking massively(which, imo, is needed), while also being generally an okay support perk without wasting someone else's perk.

    Camaraderie, kinda the same issue with Breakdown, I feel like due to its niche, it could add the option to stack, but only being a one-time use. Meaning you could sacrifice your own time to add to someone else's time, which really is a strong counter against hardcore campers, while it also can accidentally be wasted if you unhook a survivor too late. Giving it a bit of a risk/reward system while granting the person on the hook quite a decent amount of Survival points.

    DS: The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

    • As soon as another survivor is hooked the perk deactivates, as such only One Decisive Strike can be active at a time <- this can be easily abused. I've commented somewhere else on a post thats only about DS where I think its a fair way to treat DS. A lot of people give "solutions" that either allow killers to still remove survivors from the game ASAP even though DS is meant to keep them in a little bit longer, or they allow survivors to essentially become gods if they do get tunneled. Both are wrong.
    • In short, my suggestion is reducing the timer to 30 seconds, but pause the timer when being chased(like Pig's reverse beartraps). If the survivor is slugged, heal him/her for 2 healthstates to full health with endurance once the time runs out(because the killer refuses to pick up the survivor, which essentially negates the reason why DS is needed in the game).

    Flip-Flop, my issue with Flip-Flop is that it stops at 50% when fully recovered, I think having a 1:0.75 conversion would actually work out, meaning you can have 75% wiggle progression if the killer slugs you too long. Meaning it actually has some noticable effect as an anti-slugging perk, because right now, the only anti-slugging perks that have an effect are perks that pick yourself up. Having at least 1 perk that is effective for wiggling and escaping after being slugged gives killers a good reason to actually pick up a survivor, while also making Survival bloodpoints easier to obtain for survivors(seriously, the only good ways are Deliverance and escaping as an obsession, the rest is essentially worthless). It would essentially be a one trick pony, as the killer can easily take note of who runs flip flop, but it would discourage killers from actually slugging too long.

    Mettle of Man, dont see the reason as to why to give it an exposed status. It's already really niche, giving it 1 less token makes it still niche but more effective. The exposed status effect would only make it worse than it currently is.

    OoO, I actually have a good way to change it: when the survivor gets hit, dont give them a damage boost and give them a broken status untill they get hooked. Meaning you essentially limit yourself to 9 healthstates each game, rather than theoretically infinite while also being much easier to catch. OoO's aura reading isnt the problem imo, its the lack of punishment that is the problem. Not being able to heal up after being hit is a huge impact.

    Saboteur, I feel like interrupting it causing a cooldown is needed, as it can essentially allow someone to finish a hook safely with Dead Hard and Resillience. But it shouldnt be the full cooldown. Maybe if you get hit, the cooldown increases with 10 seconds, meaning that if you use it and get hit, you would have a 70 second cooldown, but if its ready and you get hit, it gets a 10 second cooldown. Which is fair, if you also consider my take on Flip-Flop.

    Sole Survivor, while I do like the changes, how would you decide which person is the sole survivor? Making the obsession the sole survivor makes these changes worthless. I feel like these could quite easily apply to all survivors, especially considering screams etc dont count as aura readings but still give away the survivor location.

    Vigil and Streetwise, since I pretty much agree with all perks inbetween, I see this as a very bad change. Ghostface doesnt need another counter to him as he is already mainly an m1 killer. The effects stacking was what made them potentially great. Having them essentially nerfed while still limiting to a small range makes them even more useless than they already are.

    Visionary is already really strong as it already is, people really underestimate it's effect. Its already different from detectives hunch and maps as it shows you the generators at all times and you can easily lead your teammates to generators that need to be fixed to prevent a 3-gen. Giving it anymore strength might actually make it quite OP against pretty much all killers. Let alone that it makes Better Together relatively useless. Right now, Visionary and Better Together work great together in a similar fashion that Detectives Hunch and Better Togehter work, but its even better. So no alteration to Visionary is needed.

    Windows of Oppertunity: "Seeing Breakable walls as survivors is useless" oh man, no, its not. It allows you to see if a doorway has been opened or not, meaning its a window of oppertunity for you to move towards it or not. I mean, lets take the reworked version of Badham's school. Imagine the difference of you being able to see if the doors have been broken or if the killer didnt open them yet. The difference in your pathing is immensely different with that knowledge. Dont underestimate potentially permanent aura readings.

    So I guess I agree with like 80% of the perks. Its just that overestimating and underestimating the remaining 20% can really make or break the perks.

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