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I think I'm done with DBD for now

Solo queue is unplayable.

Even at red ranks all I see are bush Blendettes and people disconnecting left and right. Every fifth or so games either the killer or 1-3 survivors are AFK. When everyone is present and not DCing I'll get Iri Head Huntresses (seriously just got 4 in a row) that tunnel everyone to death one by one or survivors with keys hiding in a locker all game hoping to get the hatch.

As a killer my queue times are 15-30mins with CP enabled and most lobbies are 4 person SWF groups with meta builds making the game as unfun as possible but finding another game would take so long that you'll take it and then regret it.

There's just no fun left for me. I don't even know how to fix it since it's the other players that make the game so bad. I feel like the only way this game can be played these days is by being as toxic as possible and that's not how I want to play so I'll just leave.

I know this isn't exactly interesting I just wanted to vent a little before I go. Maybe I'll be back if some appropriate changes are made to SWF and solo players. Until then thank you and hope the rest of you can still find some good in this game.



  • shelobstershelobster Member Posts: 233

    I used to have a group of friends that played DBD together but none of them find the game enjoyable anymore and they all quit and moved on to other games.

    I hope you can find some good games before you go. It'd be nice to have a couple of fun games before quitting.

  • shelobstershelobster Member Posts: 233

    Thanks! Yeah if only I had one person on my friends list that still plays this game I would. Maybe I will be back. Probably actually. But definitely not any time soon.

  • shelobstershelobster Member Posts: 233

    My feelings exactly. Whenever I play killer I rarely even kill everyone because I want survivors to have fun too but with these toxic SWF groups fun is not on the table and in solo queue fair and fun killers are extinct.

  • ZCerebrateZCerebrate Member Posts: 641

    It's pretty much a cycle that happened with me repeatedly, each friend group has a few people give it a shot with me then just start dropping like flies due to one reason or another. I introduce a few more - a few stick around then eventually fade away in interest as well. The grind is abysmal (more than most MMORPGs) and only a few people have a "I don't give a F" mentality necessary to have fun with this game. I still return to the game for each rift and chapter release due to the sheer investment fallacy wired into my brain...

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,520
    edited September 2020

    Can you not understand?

    We killers need to kill survivors before they have a chance to dc. That's damn hard man. No compassion has the youth today anymore :(

  • GylfieGylfie Member Posts: 378

    I just had two games in a row with an instant DC, and a third game with two people constantly pretending to be a bush. This has not been a fun evening so far. And I was running Better Together and Prove Thyself. Even then they still don't help.

  • UMCorianUMCorian Member Posts: 521
    edited September 2020

    Yeah, sometimes they won't, but it hedges your bets I think. No guarantees though... it's just a quick and dirty fix for other survivors who spend 2-3 minutes just trying to find a gen to work on. They might not even be bad players, just returning players who know how to loop, just haven't played on the map much at all. It helps those players immensely.

    It all depends on the match.

  • XpljesusXpljesus Member Posts: 392

    Same with killer too, >90% of games are kinda boring free wins vs worse players. Rare to actually be challenged

  • GylfieGylfie Member Posts: 378

    Just played another game where the build did work. :) Completed two gens with two other people and the last gen with one other person. Goes really fast with Prove Thyself. Also I'd never tried Deja Vu before, it's kinda nice.

  • UMCorianUMCorian Member Posts: 521
    edited September 2020

    Oh yeah, Deja Vu is amazing. I forget who did a video on it recently, but it's one a lot of people sleep on. People think it just reveals 3 random gens, but it doesn't - they're always the 3 gens closest to each other. Meaning the one closest to the center of the map that gets revealed is the best gen on the map you can possibly do to set up a hard late game for the killer.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,578

    Hey, we all need a break sometime, i did too.

    Hope you'll feel more enthusiastic soon!

  • BlooksterBlookster Member Posts: 4

    Try setting up a discord with friends and other players where you can all just play kill your friends. That way you can avoid playing for the sake of grinding, but just for the fun of it.

  • DeckergirlDeckergirl Member Posts: 39

    I literally just purchased resident evil 3 today & resistance is it's own separate download. Same as DBD I though, only played 2 matches,

    First match I got stomped. Second match 2 people left because everything was lagging.

    ( killer was a Brazilian)

    But its pretty much the same as DBD but you can fight back

  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 2,319

    The miserable matchmaking and never ending supply of bugs is what did it for me. Between work and parenting I only have a few hours a day to play games, and the last thing I want is to be going up against people that are far more skilled than I am. Sad to say this wouldn't be much of an issue if the devs would just give us an actual single player/practice mode which is something that a majority of the DBD community wants. It's proven to be extremely successful on mobile, so there's no reason for the main game to not have it.

    Maybe I'll come back with the MMR is back up and running, but right now my level 14 killer is tired of going up against red and purple SWF.

  • DariusB92DariusB92 Member Posts: 111

    I totally agree with you. I find that as a survivor who is rank 8, im always paired with a similar ranked killer and 14-20 survivors who aren't good and always unhook in front of killer without BT.

    As a killer of similar rank, I'm always paired with 3/4 man sfw teams that pop gens fast and are toxic trolls towards me.

    It makes the game unfun alot. Part of the game is hiding and blending in but not at the expense of letting eveyone else die. I also hate when a teamer DC and his teammate goes with them leaving the other ones screwed.

    Tunnelers and campers also really suck.

  • 53nation53nation Member Posts: 670

    The last time I played yolo and rescued the "if this guy dies, i get hatch" guy, that bastid died anyway.. and the killer let me bleed out for my troubles. Solo q almost feels like we should get a check in the mail each month just for participating. GG!

  • VaJayblesVaJaybles Member Posts: 598

    I tip my hat to you solo q players. I play duo and still hate it. Haven't played in nearly 3 weeks, and honestly it's been nice. I jumped on the among us bandwagon and loving every second.

  • Bulbasaur2008Bulbasaur2008 Member Posts: 82

    Maybe you should re-consider what a fun is? I am not saying in a bad sense, but you you are so unlucky to get 4x times iri huntress, what you could do to have fun is such situation? I can't help that much, since i don't have problem like that - in my opinion toxicity, tunnelling, moris, unfun addons, scummy players and noobs was always part of a game (i'm playing for like 3 years now). Also, maybe you have some minor case of burnout and you just need a few weeks or months break. Come back for next archive tome, or next DLC (december/january). Whatever the answer is, quote me up. I'm curious.

  • KateDunsonKateDunson Member Posts: 645

    Bye, see you next week

  • adsads123123123123adsads123123123123 Member Posts: 316


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