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If Dead by Daylight was YOUR game...



  • ManyAchievablesManyAchievables Member Posts: 651

    I'd have it be a story-based Action-RPG. The story of this game is awesome and I'd love to see it recreated in many genres.

    I'm thinking of two differing campaigns, one where you play as Killer, killing AI Survivors within a time limit and set other objectives (protect totems, defend certain generators, hook lots of people in the basement, etc) and one where you play as the Survivor, doing your objectives and escaping.

    And personally I'd like seeing that in retro graphics, something like 16-bit graphics.

  • SCP_FOR_DBDSCP_FOR_DBD Member Posts: 2,416

    Dumb it down and make it more consistent. Get rid of teachables (Instead 3 new standard perks will be added per every new killer/survivors). Make maps more consistent. Rework perks that focus on negating other perks/killers. Matchmaking is improved (duh). Get rid of addons and replace them with augments that do the same but you always have (Gets rid of finite advantages), items now have three levels and are always had. And finally, make game modes for KYF.

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,505

    Dedicate resources to fix bugs.

  • timbolognatimbologna Member Posts: 348

    Bigger....hear me out.....tiddies.

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,435

    One thing on a list that doesn't fit your one rule is no need to freak out. the rest of them are fair. plus I was going by the topic title only.

  • JoeyBobJoeyBob Member Posts: 477

    I'd shut th game down. There's no saving this heaping like of burning trash.

  • GodotGodot Member Posts: 806

    These are pretty selfish reasons too. I mean, come on, you already have Jane for the first option.


  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    At this point, I'd remake the game from the ground up. Same mechanics and all that, but re-code the game to clean up the spaghetti.

    Then I'd look at making the stealth killers stronger as the concept of a killer's position being unknown is much scarier.

    Maybe also have a customisation option in Custom Games so the community can experiment with perk and killer stat values to get a better idea of balancing.

  • DwinchesterDwinchester Member Posts: 961

    Remove every gen slowdown perk, noed, ds, dh, sprint burst, borrowed time. Base generator times bumped to 100 seconds. Remove every god pallet in the game, give more mindgamable pallets and windows. Survivors get 30 seconds of invulnerability off hook, they have no collision and it shuts off if they interact with anything. If killer camps, the survivor will teleport to a different hook.

    Mori kills one, key let's one out.

    That solves crutch perks, gen times, tunneling, and camping. It would allow everyone to try different builds, instead of using perks as a band aid for piss poor game design.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,657

    I would do everything in my power to give each side as many options as possible. Starting with more interactive maps.

    Areas can now be darkened by the killer creating a power outage in that specific area. Survivors decide if they want to ‘fix’ it or not.

    You can create additional path ways at a loop, as a survivor by interacting with objects in the surrounding area (pile of wood, crumbling wall) etc.

    Things that would excite both sides because you have a little bit more control over the map and it’s outcomes.

  • GodotGodot Member Posts: 806

    The "Survivors teleporting to a different hook" idea actually makes sense lore-wise, to be honest. Moris exist because the Entity "allows" Killers to have their own kills, but the Entity can just mistake camping on the hook by the Killer becoming too greedy, so the Entity punishes the Killer for this.

  • DwinchesterDwinchester Member Posts: 961

    It makes sense for just about everything, but only if you solve the other survivor crap first, because without the ability to camp, you're giving survivors yet another weapon.

    The problem is that the devs dont want to fix the broken crap, they want their gamers frustrated.

  • GuySmileyGuySmiley Member Posts: 33

    If it were my game I would make it so that survivors could make out with each other so that the people who hide in lockers the entire game wouldnt get bored.

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,389

    Would make 2 big changes to survivors.

    1. Make survivors have there own unique skillset, thus removing 2 perks. Survivors could be based on repair speed, heal speed, movement speed etc etc

    2. Only 1 of each survivor per match, no 4 megs etc. Means you would tactically need to choose which player to pick.

    Wholesale changes

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 6,734

    Hmm, well no game is going to be literally "fun for everyone", but some ideas I think might be good if they could be feasibly done

    • When the new MMR goes live eventually makes sure it's including swf composition in its calculation for the survivor side. Ideally you'd want to probably use something like a neural network trained to give a combined rating for a survivor team based on individual player ratings and which are them are in a swf together as opposed to just, say, an average of the player's solo ratings. But as long as there exists some sort of handicap system to put groups with swfs against higher rated killers I think it would lead to more even feeling match results.
    • If feasible reinstate the DC bans once the exploit hackers were using is patched. Nobody enjoys playing games with people who quit on a whim.
    • Include a replay system that allows you to save a just completed game video locally. This would be not only fun to watch but also would help when submitting a complaint that customer service wants a replay of
    • On a related note, on the backend the dedicated servers should be capable of automatically saving a game log and replay file for any game which generates an ingame customer complaint ticket. That would eliminate the need for the players to manually record their games using third party software, both making it easier for the players to submit a ticket and for customer service because they would know any ticket they choose to review will have the appropriate replay file for reference.
    • Replace the Space Bar Struggle mechanic on hook stage 2 with skill checks. Skill checks are at least somewhat more interesting and fun than just tapping space bar repeatedly (or holding down a macro key if you don't want to tap the space button over and over)
    • Keys are mostly ok but I'd only let the key user escape with their key rather than multiple survivors. The key would open the hatch, let that player escape, then close.
    • Boost the Yellow Mori and weaken the Red Mori as follows:
      • Yellow Mori: Lets you kill any survivor that you've hooked twice. (Better than the current version but not as good as Green)
      • Green Mori: Lets you kill one survivor that you've hooked once. (No change)
      • Red Mori: Both of the above. Lets you kill one survivor you've hooked once and any survivors you've hooked twice. (Weaker than the current version but still able to get multiple mori animations
    • In conjunction with the above, if development resources aren't an impediment then make it so each killer has four different mori animations so if you kill multiple survivors during a match using a Mori, etc, you get a different animation each time
    • Declare a definitive winning and losing side after a match. Not having a clear "Survivors won" or "Killer won" message at the end just leads to confusing debates over what it means to "win" a match. (How much does endgame score count? Kills/escapes? Do pips even matter at all? etc) Pick a consistent measurement of winning and losing between the killer and the surviving side and make that the ultimate objective for each side. (And along those lines, make the survivors win or lose as a team. Most survivors play that way anyway and, honestly, semi-cooperative games generally don't work well in practice. If a game is team based then make the team win or lose as a whole)
    • Add a hook counter icon below the survivor's names on the HUD. (Roman numerals I and II for hooks would work). Knowing how many hooks a player has is useful for both sides.
    • Hot-tips when you mouse over keywords in perk and add-on descriptions such as "Considerably" or "Slightly" that pop up the actual numerical value. (The official DbD wiki works this way, it would be nice to have that functionality in the game too.)
    • Turn up the default brightness slightly. The game is just a bit too dark, especially on some maps like the lower level of The Game where I literally can't see the walls and objects. (I turn up the brightness on my monitor specifically because of this.)
    • Less of this -> 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽😡🌽🌽🌽🌽🚜😐🌽🌽🌽
    • Random select button on the character select screen to pick a random killer/survivor. A Randomize button to give you a random load-out from among your perks and add-ons and offerings, etc, would also be fun. 😊
    • A Mission tracker bar on the right side of the screen that shows you the progress in your currently active appropriate Daily Mission and Rift challenge. (e.g. 3/5 Hatchet hits)
    • Make the Obsession have a slight visual cue around their head or body indicating they are the Obsession (kind of like how Freddy has a slight aura to indicate someone is sleeping.) I know that the Obsession makes a noise when you chase them and the tentacles on their icon wiggle, but that only happens in a chase, it would be nice to be able to tell outside a chase who you're Obsessed with as a killer (and maybe likewise for the Survivors to tell who the Obsession is at a glance.)
    • When you use a Secret offering, replace its token on the campfire startup screen with a random fake offering. That way the Secret offering is actually a surprise when it happens. And along those lines, make more Secret offerings, at the moment there's basically only the Shroud on the survivor side and the Mori's on the killer side so it's not much of a "secret" when you see a facedown token.
    • A sudden death timer of, say, four minutes where if nobody scores any points on either side for that time then the endgame collapse immediately starts. That would help deal with the uncommon but annoying situations where two or three survivors are all intentionally hiding and not doing gens at all but are hoping the others die or open hatch with a key while the killer looks around for them. Depending on how good the survivors are at hiding and how good the killer is at searching and what detection perks they may or may not have this can devolve into a fairly lengthy stalemate sometimes.
    • When two survivors are left, double or triple the speed of the bleed out timer so it takes about 90 seconds to bleed out instead of 4 minutes. That way the killer still has an opportunity to slug for a four kill if they want, but the time to do it is more limited so that phase of the game can move more quickly if they do. It forces the killer to either quickly find the fourth survivor or hook the third and hope to win the hatch race. And likewise it forces the third survivor to go for a revive more quickly if they want to go for the rescue. Speeding up this portion of the game is useful since this endgame tends to be the part that can feel like it's dragging out a bit.
    • Allow players to cash in their unused bloodweb add-ons and offerings for maybe 1/4 or 1/3 value. It doesn't have to be a huge amount, just something so that it doesn't feel like most of your inventory is just junk you'll literally never use.
    • An official web site where you can view your own game stats (average scores by killer or as a survivor, kill rates, escape rates, etc.) It would also be fun to be able to view overall stats on characters, such as Blight's overall average scores or kill rates or percentage of games various perks are used.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    7.Make Moris only available whenever the gen count is lesser than the Survivors who are alive

    This is the most interesting Mori change I've heard and I would like to see this applied to Ebony Memento Moris. Can you open a suggestion thread for the devs to take notice of it?

  • MusicNerd_TCMusicNerd_TC Member Posts: 3,099

    He's not, he has stated multiple times that he's a survivor main that has played the game since release.

  • KoloniteKolonite Member Posts: 1,346

    I'd give it back to BHVR and go home to relax.

  • MasterofSFLMasterofSFL Member Posts: 125
    edited October 2020

    (Read before hand)

    Each section has a TL;DR at the bottom if you are not interested in reading this post in its entirety. At the very bottom of the post is an explanation for these changes if you are interested.

    Short list of changes I’d make.



    • Perk Categories

    Rework the:

    • Bloodweb
    • Totem system
    • Offering system



    • Killer Categories
    • General Killer Bloodtree
    • Category Unique Perk Slots (5 slots total)
    • Anti-Camping mechanisms.
    • Objective Offerings


    • Hexes


    • Red and Green Mori



    • General Survivor Bloodtree
    • Survivor Categories
    • “Determined/Hopeless” status.
    • Survivor-Perk Category synergy slot (4 slots total)
    • Environmental Offerings


    • “Determination perks”
    • No Mither Rework


    • Map Offerings



    Perks for killers and survivors need to be categorized in the something resembling the following:

    Killers: Tracking, Terrorizing, Ambushing, Bedeviling.

    Survivors: Observant, Kindred, Defiant, Motivated.

    Tracking and Observant perks deal with finding/evading the survivors or killer respectively. Terrorizing and Kindred perks are aimed at passively debuffing/buffing other survivors. Ambushing and Defiant perks relate to starting/ending chases. Bedeviling and Motivated perks work by focusing on the meddling/misinformation or completion of objectives, side objectives, ect. These categories would be used later on for the killer and survivor categories and their interactions.

    Reworks:The first thing, above all others, would be to rework the bloodweb into the bloodtree. The concept would be similar, except you would have 3 branching paths: General, Unique, Add-on. Your killer/survivor levels would be tied to how many bloodpoints you’ve earned in matches with your respective killer/survivor (instead of how many you have spent on). The general bloodtree would be where you’d go to spend those blood points to unlock perks: the Add-ons path being the cheapest; the General path being in the middle and the Unique path being the most expensive. After spending a certain amount of bloodpoints, the two paths with the least spent begin to close off.

    The totem system would work similar to how trapper’s is: totems spawn in random areas; the killer can see the auras of totems for a limited time; the killer can pick up 1 totem at a time and place it elsewhere. Totems would have a 1m radius in which survivors could detect them through a terror radius.

    Offerings would be retooled to give survivors and killers different options to affect the match. Survivors would gain the ability to alter their environment (More pallets, windows, lockers; Less mist, crows, hook distance) and lose a handful of other offerings like map selection. Killers on the other hand would be able to use two non-map offerings or a map offering, with their main selections being related to objectives (Closer/Further generators/hooks/totems, More Hooks/totems).

    TL;DR Summation:

    Perks for both killers and survivors would be placed in one of four respective categories for gameplay purposes and identification. The bloodweb would be reworked into a 3 prong bloodtree that affects all survivors and killers respectively, while levels are tied to bloodpoints earned during a match and not how much was spent. Totems would work similar to bear traps, allowing killers to reposition them, while survivors can now hear totems. Killers and survivors would now have different offerings affecting the next match.




    As mentioned, perks would have categories and killers would be classified by a combination of those categories. Killers are placed in categories based on what they need/synergize with:

    Stalker: Tracking, Terrorizing, Ambushing

    Savage:Terrorizing, Ambushing, Bedeviling

    Predator: Ambushing, Bedeviling, Tracking.

    Pursuer: Bedeviling, Tracking, Terrorizing.

    Killers would receive a 5th perk slot and if a Unique Killer Perk that matched the killer’s category was placed in it, it would give a slightly better version. Examples of these killers (as they are now) would be:

    Stalkers: Huntress

    Savages: Micheal

    Predators: Ghost Face

    Pursuers: Trapper

    An Anti-camping mechanism would be added, to promote the killer to actively make plays or set up ambushes. The mechanism would be the following: after a short period, Hooked survivors within your terror radius and 10m of you die at a slower rate while you’re not in chase. After a period of time, hooked survivors within your terror radius and 10m of you gain a higher chance of unhooking themselves while you’re not in chase. Survivors gain altruism points while under this effect.


    Hexes would be reworked to be split-perks that have a held and manifested effect. Held hexes give small, perk related buffs to the killer. Killers can activate at any time all available hexes that randomly light one totem for a modest period of time. During that time, the main effect of the hex(es) is active and the held effect is disabled. If the hex is found while active, the manifested half of the hex is disabled for the rest of the game and the held effects go on a cooldown before reactivating. If the hex timer runs out, the killer immediately gains the held effects and may activate the hex again, lighting another random totem.


    Red and Green mori-like effects would be removed.

    TL;DR Summation:

    Killers would be placed within 4 different categories and given a 5th perk slot, with a possible small bonus, to promote a diversity of builds and playstyles. Anti-camping measures would be implemented to ensure chasing, objective-denial and ambushes are pursued over ensuring one kill. Hexes would be reworked into passive/activated forms, with the activated portions of the perks being at risk of removal by survivors. Mori-like effects would be removed from add-ons and offerings.




    Similar to killers, survivors would be placed into 1 of 4 categories Observant, Kindred, Defiant or Motivated, based on their overall kit theme. Observant work to locate other survivors, the killer and/or the killer’s activities. Kindred survivors help other survivors, boosting their kits, actions, ect. Defiant survivors excel at hiding, running, escaping from or interfering with the killer. Motivated survivors locate, protect and/or complete objectives faster.

    A new status called “Determined/Hopeless” would be introduced, similar to exhaustion. Determined would be required to use certain perks. Hopeless would be triggered whenever a survivor is downed while in a deep-wound state. Survivors affected by “Hopeless” would be unable to gain “Determined,” be unable to wiggle free of the killer and would die faster on hook while under the effect.

    1 of the 4 perk slots for survivors would be a synergy slot. Any generic perk sharing the same category of the survivor within that slot would give a slightly better version.


    Perks such as No Mither, Unbreakable, Decisive Strike, Mettle of Man would give the survivor the ‘Determined” status. While determined, the perks would be usable and active. Upon picking oneself up, escaping the killer due to a perk or taking an additional hit due to a perk, the survivor is put into a deep-wound state and loses “Determined.” Any hit while in the deep-wound state, as stated above, would place the survivor in a “Hopeless” state.

    No Mither would be reworked to differentiate itself from Unbreakable. 

    You are affected by the Broken Status Effect for the duration of the Trial. 

    • You do not leave Pools of Blood.
    • Grunts of Pain caused by injuries are reduced by 25/50/75% at any time.
    • Grants the ability to fully recover from the Dying State.
    • Your wiggle progression is increased by 5/7.5/10%
    • Taking a protection hit, self-recovering from a downed state or escaping the killer’s grasp puts you in a deep-wound state. If you do not mend yourself within 15 seconds, you are placed in a downed state.


    Map offerings for survivors would be removed to give them less control over the game.

    TL;DR Summation:

    Survivors are now placed in categories. Survivors may choose a single, generic perk that shares their category to get a small boost. New statuses are introduced to balance the use of “escape” perks and No Mither is reworked to give it a niche within the escape perks.


    For those interested in why I’d make these changes, having played the past month straight of this game I have noticed a few flaws in the game’s overall design that lead to toxic, flip of the coin games. The bloodweb system is extremely grindy and makes accessing new perks a struggle. Additionally, there is no real benefit to playing any one survivor other than who you ascetically prefer. Id’ like to see DbD start to place an emphasis on the individual killers and survivors, by carving out niches for the two groups and the various subgroups. Knowing that only killers have access to map choice and objectives, but survivors have access to the environment can open up metas. Giving killers and survivors perk synergies helps define both, while giving killers more pre-game information based on what survivors it’s facing. Tying a killer’s terror radius and distance to a hooked survivor’s time on hook encourages killer builds and playstyles that actively seek out and disruptive survivors, while opening up “Bait & Ambush” as a legitimate strategy. Lastly, retooling “escape” perks to have downsides makes sloppy play more punishable for survivors, while not completely destroying the purpose of the perks.

  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,257

    I'd revert back to P2P. Way, way too much glitching happens because of it. I used to like facing Huntress before, but now it's impossible because hatchets go through walls and objects 90% of the time. I've been hit through trees, in other rooms, hit through boxes, walls, and taken numerous hits several meters away from the hatchet hitting the ground. That's just her specifically, and doesn't count all of the times where I, and sometimes even another survivor, have been stuck in random animations such as healing, repairing, unhooking, and sabotaging. Never any issues like this beforehand.

    Most of this sounds like lag, but I'm at a consistent 40 ping, always.

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,217

    I'd implement a more interesting perk, addon, and cosmetic system.

    For the perk system, everyone would get 5 perk slots and 10 perk points. Putting a perk into a slot takes up points, removing it refunds the points, and better perks would generally require more perk points. This would allow for an additional balancing tool and more consideration put into creating builds. This would also come with a save feature that allows players to save, name, and load their builds at their leisure.

    For the addon system, killers can bring in one common addon of their choosing for free each game. This allows killer players to slightly buff their killer in one area of their choosing without having to worry about finding the addon they like in the bloodweb. Killers don't need to play a common addon either, so you can still go addon-less or bring multiple uncommon+ addons if you want to. Each killer would have a total of 5 common addons with 1 of those 5 being a detrimental addon.

    Survivors also get a touch-up on their addon system. Survivors will be able to find a special addon in each realm that is unique to that realm. These can be picked up in the realm and are added to your survivor's inventory if you escape. If you have the item that can equip the special addon in your hand when you are at the pickup location, you can use the alternative action key to apply it to your item if it has an addon slot available. If you have an incompatible item, you can put the special addon in your pocket without having to ditch your current item. These special items could be some like an experimental serum found in Lery's Institute for a medkit or a weathered gas can found in Autohaven Wreckers for a toolbox.

    Finally, I'd touch up the cosmetic system. I would add a fourth cosmetic option so that stuff like the fourth anniversary crown can be used with any cosmetic. I would also allow for 2-piece cosmetic sets so that we stop having the issue where an un-obstructive head cosmetic is locked into two items that should be in a set with themselves. For example, this allow let Jane and Nea's set heads to be used outside of that set and possibly use a child model to fix any missing features (such as the back of Nea's set head cosmetic being completely bald instead of just having very short hair).

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Thank you. I don't understand why people think that you can't recognize and acknowledge problems with your side.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Thank you. I didn't want to do it myself and "steal your thunder", as if were.

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