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To the devs

kingoftheirish1992kingoftheirish1992 Member Posts: 159
edited October 2020 in General Discussions

After going up against a lag switch squad and seeing ozt video where he said your tired of people saying fix the game to hell with your game. No point in reporting anyone because you want every ones money even if there cheating. You can nobody then cry about people who wish for a better game. I'm not the only one who has wasted too much time and money for y'all to not care the state of the game and yes this anger is in the moment but I took a break from the game to just see you anti cheat is so low end anyone could bypass it. People are going to say how do I know it was a lag switch? Getting near a survivor in the open for them to teleport to a loop or chase them off a heal for them to be right back on top of them when the ping was green in lobby is a dead give away. I'm not telling you to fix your game I'm asking you to upgrade it because it getting really old to just expect the bs.


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