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Everything wrong with Dead by Daylight

  1. Bugs,lots of bugs
  2. Toxicity.Almost every single game going as far as death threats and unnecesary insults.
  3. Hacking.The game lost all his charm of a scary horror game when everyone uses custom resultions,settings as bright as the sun and that's not even scratching the surface.
  4. No balance,everyone use the same perks over and over again.Soloq is a nightmare and Swf can be busted.
  5. Bad matchmaking,no mmr system to match you againts killer,survivors close to your skill level.


  • DzeikorDzeikor Member Posts: 704
    edited October 2020

    I really wanna love this game but it seems that BHVR dont have their priorities where it matters.Why would I pay for their rift passes and cosmetics when the game is broken at its core.

  • HyenaScreechHyenaScreech Member Posts: 9

    I cant agree with the matchmaking. If it matched specific levels or average of the group it would take years to find a game as a killer.

  • arcnkdarcnkd Member Posts: 446

    This would be solved if they just removed 'ranks' since they're arbitrary and not conclusive of actual 'skill' in the game but rather etiher: time played or how well you play by the Dev's pip-reward system instead of just having fun even if it means not being the most effective (or in some cases, being too effective). And then replace it with a system that better tracks actual 'skill' and not 'handbook following'. The only ranks right now that have a specific level of 'salt' attached to them is Red Ranks - because if you see a red rank killer you know you are in for a match that they will go for that 4K - vs. facing other ranks where the killer is more likely to be like, 'you know what, I'll let you escape for such and such reason'; and Red Ranks Survivors you know will be rushing generators down and constantly picking fights with you so you chase them and engage them in loops.

    They would seriously be in a better spot if they'd quit stacking licensing fees on top of licensing fees by constantly releasing third-party killers more and more instead of creating their own content more frequently. They don't even release cosmetics across the board, have random decisions on what Survivors get cosmetics each time, and while the rift may give you 1,000 Auric Cells by level 69 - $10 for the premium pass just to have to play it to near completion to 'get your money back' is kind of ridiculous (especially preying on people with OCD issues - giving one piece of a cosmetic set for the 'free' path but locking the other two pieces behind the pay wall so their condition constantly bothers them until they give you money to complete the set; ie. Jake's Ranchman set this Tome).

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 3,852

    feel the same game fun but it a pain to play sucks the fun right out.

  • BastardKingBastardKing Member Posts: 659

    This isn't really helpful though. You aren't giving feedback or suggestions, you are whining.

  • DzeikorDzeikor Member Posts: 704

    I know pointing out the obvious may seem like whining but if its at least gonna make BHVR take a look at it,then it was worth it.

  • BastardKingBastardKing Member Posts: 659
    1. They know there are bugs. Trust me, they are working to fix them. Game companies have entire departments dedicated to this. It is hard. DbD is on a very old engine.
    2. We as a community have to address our own toxicity. Call our people for being toxic. The unbalanced nature of the game, unfortunately, encourages toxicity though, and if you don't address it, you can't expect the game moderators to do it for you. They know the community of the game is toxic, but they are not our Mommys and Daddys.
    3. This one definitely needs to be dealt with, and they are aware the issue exists already. However, this is done through graphics cards, not through the game, so it is difficult to detect.
    4. They are balancing the game, BUT this is what I mean when I say you are just whining, not giving ideas. There are a lot of people listing what is busted and ways to fix it, but you don't here. You just say things are broken without addressing what or how to fix it.
    5. The MMR system is being designed, but the first draft did not work well.

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