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Ok be honest, how often do you really get camped or tunneled ?

Maybe I've just been lucky, but I play survivor just as much as killer but I rarely ever see a killer actually properly do either of these things. Like maybe once or twice a month I'll come across one.

I know there's quite a few people on here that claim they get it constantly and say it's the biggest problem with the game right now and I honestly wonder if it is really that bad for some people.

Tbf some people's definition of what camping and tunnelling is can be very broad so I do take these claims with a grain of salt



  • noctis129noctis129 Member Posts: 941

    I get a camper like 1 out of 20 games. I played all day today, more than 20 games, and came across 1 camper. Didn't get tunneled. Unless u want to count a no BT unsafe unhook.

    As soon as I was unhooked I went down and got rehooked. I wouldn't count it tunnel though.

    That 1 camper only camped me though. He didn't camp all game until 1 gen left and I ran right into him at midwich. He camped me until I died. First hook death.

    Met 1 proxy camper but he eventually left and I got safely unhooked.

    That was it though. Yet again I met many toxic survivors today but no toxic killer. I only played survivor today.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,259

    I play in red/purple ranks, it varies for how often I am camped/tunneled. I'd say rift challenges definitely increase the tunneling, camping, and slugging. If I'm the obsession and there's a "kill the obsession" or "hook obsession" challenge my odds definitely increase to be tunneled/camped. I've noticed weekends I'm more likely to be camped/tunneled than during the week.

    For red/purple ranks it's pretty shocking the amount of survivors that don't just gen rush to counter camping. I've been camped by plenty of rank 1/2 killers that end up with 3/4k because my teammates decide to hang out crouched by hook rather than work on gens. 🤦‍♀️

  • Dhurl421Dhurl421 Member Posts: 94

    Exclusively Solo Survivor, I only see camping when it comes to protecting a kill in the endgame, which is the strategy and makes sense. Haven't seen any issues like face camping in early game, or at all really. Maybe I'm lucky.

    Not often I get "tunnelled", but when I do it's typically by a good killer who has properly identified me as the weakest looper (which helps you work on looping skills).

    Tunneling isn't a problem if you can loop, and a true camper is a rare occurence mostly caused by: unsafe unhooks by dummies, mistaken pathing after an unhook, or least of all by a salty killer that couldn't catch you for multiple gens (which is WAY less prevalent than salty survivors).

  • SupaSlay3r20SupaSlay3r20 Member Posts: 139

    It's probably due to me hardly playing survivor, but when I do I generally see the killer with kindred untill the person on hook dies, in most of my games.

  • pepperoninipplespepperoninipples Member Posts: 87

    I get tunneled or camped atleast 1/2 my survivor matches. Mainly due to deserving it lol. Them squat thrusts always call my name.

  • adirgeforthedeadadirgeforthedead Member Posts: 290

    I'd say this is my experience as well. It's not something that happens to me in a vast majority of cases, but it's not really rare either.

  • adsads123123123123adsads123123123123 Member Posts: 316
    edited October 2020

    As a killer, I don't really tunnel survivors but I have a tendency to chase bad survivors. For example, if I am in a part of a map I don't really want to chase, I won't chase a good survivor but if it's a bad survivor I know I can down in 20 seconds max, I am very likely to chase them. These survivors tend to get chased more often and die fast, which gives the illusion of tunnelling but really I am just chasing them because they are easy targets. As for camping, I rarely do it. When I camp, it's because it's the end game and there's no reason to leave the hook or a survivor is 10-15 seconds from reaching the next hook stage.

    Tldr: you get tunneled because you are bad at looping

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 2,823

    I'm pretty hard to tunnel out of the game and it's asking to get ran for 5 gens. That is not a good idea.

    That said the last time someone really committed to it was a huntress 3 days ago. It was the start of the game and she came to check my gen so naturally I hit her with a Head On stun and yeeted myself out of the window.

    She lost the game but she got meh.

  • BubbaMain64BubbaMain64 Member Posts: 546

    Only when there's not an obsession in the match is when tunneling or camping becomes a problem.

  • MrPeterPFLMrPeterPFL Member Posts: 636

    All the time lool, most of the time it’s my random teammates that get tunnelled and face camped. I’m really good with loops and chases, by the time the killer does down me, most of the gens will be done, usually the killer gives up and face camp me or keep me slugged.

    Which is ashame because I have a lot of respect for Killers as I started as Killer, I know their pain. I don’t t-bag or flash light click, even with that hook bug recently I would struggle out and stand still so they can down me again and hook me. But yet Killers don’t respect me at all.

  • spirit72spirit72 Member Posts: 153

    +1 on the Survivor Toxicity claim.

    Just some background since I'm new to the forums; I've been playing DBD for going on three years now(PS4). I guess I'm a Survivor Main...nearly all Survivors at 50, several at P3 level 50. All but 3-4 Killers at 50, but have never bothered to grind out Prestige with Killers. Have been to red ranks as both Survivor and Killer several times; these days I tend to hover around the purple ranks.

    As a Survivor, I'm not toxic, at least not IMO. I don't spam flashlights, I don't exploit bad loop design, I don't sell out fellow Survivors to the Killer(pointing at occupied lockers, intentionally dumping the Killer on another Survivor)I don't body block hooks, etc. I may point once or twice at the Killer at a gate before exiting, which in my view is more akin to spiking the football after a touchdown than being toxic. All told, I do find myself being camped or tunneled about 30% of the time. It seems that in most cases either the Killer is not good enough to play any other way, or simply just can't learn to do so. It happens. What are ya gonna do? If I feel that a Killer has been unsportsmanlike or exploitative, I flag them as such at the end of the match, for whatever that is worth, and move on.

    As a Killer, I also don't see myself as toxic. In general, I hook and leave unless I'm pretty sure there's a Survivor waiting near the hook(I'm sure I just heard a locker close!, etc). If I catch a save, I try to go for the Survivor making the save rather than the one being saved, because of Borrowed Time, Decisive Strike and other such boondoggles. That said, if a particular Survivor is being overly toxic or disruptive in my estimation(Flashlight Spamming, Locker/Pallet/Window exploitation, loop exploitation, selling out teammates, etc), I WILL(not might...WILL)turn my attention solely to them, and they will have gained my attention until they are sacked....even at the expense of the game on my part.

  • Name_UnavailableName_Unavailable Member Posts: 419

    Thank to DS is much more less, But when i play a game with no obsession the chance is higher. Same when Ds was bugged weeks ago with some killers they were tunneling sadly.

    Thats why DS is healthy perk.

  • SirrisSirris Member Posts: 41

    Camping not so much, although I find myself tunneled a lot.

    Actually, I just really suck at chases

  • adsads123123123123adsads123123123123 Member Posts: 316

    Funny how I do the opposite and don't chase toxic survivors. Survivors who are toxic or even ones that run OoO want you to chase them. They will go out of their way to stay close to you and harass you. This means they are wasting time by not doing gens. I don't really care and let them waste their time while I win the game.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,684
    edited October 2020

    Given that most people can't even agree upon what tunneling/camping even are I'd say most of their claims tend to be...Less then reliable.

    Edit: I still see people claim killers face camp when they were getting moried by a 5 stack devour hope...

  • kaerukaeru Member Posts: 1,542

    I'm a killer and I don't tunnel but survivors sometimes blame me tunneling for some reason. Tunneling is when you chase and hook one guy until he dies ignoring everyone else. I always chase someone else after hooking and I always get 4 stacks of bbq before someone is dead.

    I always switch targets if I see someone repair a gen or selfcaring in my range. If this was a guy who was recently unhooked it doesn't mean I tunnel him. Should I ignore his careless just becase he was on hook 30 seconds ago?

    Only time I may tunnel on purpose is when unhooked guy jump into a locker with ds. He think he is smart but he is saving my time chasing him and picking him up. I consider this act as he asking to be tunneled. So I eat his ds and if he is still nearby I give him attention he wants. It is actually not frequent strategy from survivors these days. Looks like they learning.

  • GhosteGhoste Member Posts: 1,434

    Roughly 1 out of 5 of my games, someone is tunneled (not necessarily me).

    Roughly 1 out of 15 of my games, the Killer face-camps (or proxy camps within 15m).

    Not great, not terrible.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    It's more of an issue in the lower ranks. Tunnelling occurs more than camping in the higher ranks, and especially when there is no Obsession.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,816

    Honestly, almost never. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe Kate's get less camper/tuneller killers. Or maybe it's because I don't expect killers to give me free passes. Who knows.

    I have a very strict definition of both: Camping is when you stay at or within easy distance of the hook despite literally anything and everything else, and Tunneling is when you go after a survivor despite, once again, anything and everything else. Both are, in fact, highly inefficient and pretty miserable. Most of the time, if I get hooked twice it was because of a farming/stealthing absolute idiot of a teammate and I know exactly where the blame lies.

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,306

    How often do I get Camped or tunneled???? at least every other game, either I ditch a generator and get tunneled or I just come off the hook and get tunneled. or they're playing as leather face or hillbilly and I have to deal with that damn one hit chainsaw. and as a killer I don't like when I hook someone and I see about 2 other people just waiting for me to walk away for then unhook who get mad at me for not leaving when I know they're right there.

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,306

    I don't count EGC plays as camping the gates are open at that point. If they want someone off the hook that badly they deserve to be taken down too.

  • OniKobayashiOniKobayashi Member Posts: 274

    Do you mean literally or assumed?

    Because people around here need to learn the ######### difference.

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