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So it's impossible to play this game for fun anymore????

Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,306

On both sides of the game you have killers and survivors who play to get the round over as fast as possible. These killers are also ones who play the special 4 year cakes if there are any left out there and then totally destroy a team. Do they not realize that the longer the game goes on the more points they will get in that case and so will survivors?

I'm both shocked and not shocked at the same time that people play the game like this. Had a killer tonight that brought in a mori tunneled like crazy, camped hooks and killed us all in less then 5 mins. I'll ask again isn't this game supposed to be fun and not a sadistic torture session?

I can understand having a daily where you have to mori someone, I have one of those right now. It feels like both sides have the attitude of we have to play to win every single time and if we don't we will just DC.

As a killer I play for fun, sometimes I have good games and sometimes I don't. However most of the time the teams I get are toxic tea bagging children. Even if they're not they act like it. So it's impossible to win no matter what side you're own.

  • If you're a survivor you end up playing against killers that don't care about anything other then ending the game as fast as they can, sucking all the fun out of it.
  • As a killer if you don't play hard to win you're just treated like a chump and called trash with use of every possible exploit and advantage a survivor has(I'm looking at you flashlights and pallet blinding). Not to mention today I could swear people were running through walls as survivors. it could just be the first person perspective throwing me off though. If you do play hard and try to win you're called a camper ect.

Lastly this is for both sides.

No one cares what rank you are but you, the higher in rank you climb the less fun the game becomes. Yeah you have to do so much to keep the rank you have but do you really think that the people you destroy and the killers you mess with see your rank at the end of a game and say "Damn they're good at this"? No they look at your rank and think wow no wonder they played such a fast, selfish and annoying game. this goes for both sides.



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