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Rework Spine Chill: detect aura detection

Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791
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Spine Chill is by far the laziest perk in the game. You don't even need to look at your screen to know when a killer is coming. And it destroys any semblance of surprise. So it must be changed.

Here's my solution: Make it detect when your aura is being revealed like when being stalked by Myers, exposed by Ghostface, spotted by BBQ and Chili, and a slew of other perks and add-ons. Oh [BAD WORD] I've been spotted! My spine is chilly! Makes sense right?

Edit: The perk itself doesn't reveal your aura, it tells you when the killer sees it.

Now I've discussed this before. And making it Line of Sight alone is unreliable so that wouldn't work (Ghostface reveal mechanic works so well amirite?). And the perk itself is meant as an early detection tool. So this would be the best of both worlds.

It also buffs Pig. You wouldn't say NO to a Pig buff would you? Sad oink.

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  • GodotGodot Member Posts: 806

    Imma pull a "whataboutism" and say that if you're gonna rework Spine Chill, then rework/nerf a killer perk that's always in every killer's build.

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    Balance isn't always add and take away. If one side has too much add and you take away, you don't add more to compensate.

    What if I had two fish tanks with different needs and requirements? I don't dump the same amount of food in both. One tank could become overloaded and grow algae everywhere.

    So what did you have in mind? Ruin? Ok, but that requires ANOTHER survivor nerf.

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,499

    BBq is in contention for “always in every killer’s build”... perhaps almost always, as I encounter it approximately 95% of the time.

    Almost seems like killers feel they need their Bbq in order to have a legitimate cookout... idk, Never use it, personally.

  • GodotGodot Member Posts: 806

    Nah, not exactly Ruin. Ruin is fine.

    Just... Any perk that's "overused." An eye for an eye.

    Spine Chill is pretty good in my opinion. I don't see people using it in my matches as the killer, for some reason, and I don't see myself using it either since I've got better perks in mind.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 888

    Distortion already tells you when your aura is revealed , there's nothing wrong with spine chill it doesn't even tell you which direction they're coming from and they might not even be chasing or coming to you when it procs , people have to make excuses for their bad gameplay because they can't handle taking a L in a match and need something to scapegoat instead of being an adult and seeing where they messed up and owning it , the killers caused spine chill to be used more by all the undetectable options in the game being used now , you can't nerf literally the only counter for stealth, after spine chill it will just be another perk you're bitching about

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,684

    To be fair you can counter stealth with....eyes? At least most of the time. Isn´t it strange that so many complaints about SC pop up? It´s too good at what it does currently, that´s why almost everyone is running it nowadays. Not to mention that the counterplay to SC is stupid as [BAD WORD].

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    BBQ is actually healthy for the game though. It gives the killer a means to move on to a different objective, and rewards them for spreading out. And it has a number of counters from hiding in closets, to being too close to activate.

    If I wanted to complain about overused perks on survivors, I'd have another DS, BT, OoO, and DH are TOOOOXIC thread.

    Spine Chill is like Slippery Meat where it's function directly countered an advantage the killer had except on a broader scale than just the Trapper. It's too passive. Other passive perks like Bond have a counter which is blindness. So why doesn't Spine Chill have one? And don't give me the "just don't look" schlock. Why don't you ask everyone to not wear headphones either. Hell, play with only one hand too.

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    Distortion has a secondary stealth function and is incredibly limited by the number of tokens. New Spine Chill would function all the time and still give you a temp boost to action speeds and skill checks.

    Direction doesn't matter when you've already moved into a defensible postion by the time you finally hear a Terror Radius.

    And I'm going to pull this card: It's a horror game. If there's no suspense or surprise, it's not horror. You sound meek saying there needs to be an easy counter for something that is intended to inspire fear of the unknown.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 888

    Yea because when you're in a jungle gym or a main building you can see through walls right? That's a ridiculous answer , you're just complaining because you're not a good killer there's no other answer when people suck so damn bad they start saying nerf spine chill , you wouldn't have survived playing killer when survivors really were OP, and everyone is running it because of undetectable perks it's literally one of the only counters in the game to stealth , it's just gonna be another perk you're complaining about next because you think everyone should be a Bot and fall for your stealth gameplay , killers have caused a meta shift it's laughable with the ruin ,undying , tinkerer meta now people want the only true counter to that build nerfed because they don't want to have to use brain cells to get a down just want you to sit there holding M1 until they show up to snatch you or get a free hit

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 888

    On the flip side if you're not a stealth killer you've wasted a slot because I can hear you from a mile away coming , if someone sacrifices a slot because all they're getting is undetectable builds that's absolutely acceptable to play a counter perk to that, you can blame ruin undying and tinkerer being in almost every match and making non stealth killers become stealth , only a bot would want spine chill nerfed over the truly broken [BAD WORD] in this game

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    Stealth on a stealth killer is their whole kit. You're asking for an entire class of killers to not be effective at their supposed specialty. Imagine if you were playing an adventure game and the Knight wasn't allowed a sword, just two shields.

    Though you're right about gen grabs. They should match it with window grabs for parity. You need to be injured first. It'll match the new healing meta.

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,684

    You´re making a lot of assumptions bud. I don´t get why you´re so crazy butthurt....maybe stop throwing baby fits and engage in reasonable arguments. People won´t take you seriously when all you say is "waa waaa you´re bad waa waa", you know?

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 888

    Also who says when going to your defensive position you don't walk into the killer? That's a double edge sword it can either save you or get you hit

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 888

    That's literally what you're doing about spine chill , git gud bot I'm letting myself out of this convo so you can cry your little heart out about a perk that's not OP just because you lack the brain cells to combat it

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791
    edited October 2020

    You're reaching. You move to the position, then look around which is another innate advantage survivors have. They can see around corners and above objects.

    God forbid you have any sense of awareness. And killers don't blend into grass or the background while traveling to you. Even Wraith is a sore thumb.

    If it's any consolation, I totally want Spirit and her stand still to win bs to be nerfed.

  • jackal470jackal470 Member Posts: 122

    I never use bbq unless I'm grinding for bp....otherwise I never use it and it's never been apart of my favorite builds....what's your nerf for it? it's a basic perk that has tons of counter play so I don't think BHVR will ever touch that one

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 2,489

    There's Kinda two killers that have to look at the survivors idk if youve heard of them their names are michael and ghost face. The amount of times i go to stalk a survivor as ghostface from a very sneaky angle and they just randomly book it because they have a perk that counters my entire existance is dumb. Especially on someone like michael who cant do anything UNTIL hes out of t1. He suffers the most from it because he's literally a 7'1 stealth killer at i think 105%. Not even gonna go into how the perk makes amandas "ambush" useless.

  • ZerLukasZerLukas Member Posts: 290

    That change would pretty much make the perk worthless. The whole point of Spine Chill is to get the info that a killer is at 36 meter from you or closer and if the perk's lit all the time it means the killer's coming for you, you need to get your ass of that gen and run.

    But your version - I see no reason to take that perk. Like okay, killer saw me with an aura but where the hell is he? Should I bother getting my ass of a gen or should I ignore the perk? No idea. Then what's the point of the perk?

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 888

    But that goes back to what I was saying , that if it's not those killers you already know the killer is coming because of terror radius , you're sacrificing a perk slot for information. As I've said before with the new meta being ruin undying tinkerer killers have no one to blame but themselves for the meta changing and people adapting

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 888

    No because if you're in a main building or a jungle gym you don't know for sure where and I've seen plenty of people run spine chill try to get a head start to safety and run right into ghostface or a killer who's undetectable and go down, I personally only run it for my vault build but that doesn't change the fact that people are running it and actually getting a use with the new meta, how can people complain about spine chill with all the other problems going on?

  • SlashstreetboySlashstreetboy Member Posts: 1,684

    Because it is possible to discuss more than one issue at a time, as hard as that might be to fathom for you.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 888

    It's really not , honestly it's just that me and you have already had this discussion in a long drawn out other thread on these forums and we respectfully agreed to disagree then and it was fine , so everytime I comment on someone else's post you try to come have the exact same conversation with me in another thread knowing I don't agree with you so either it's YOU being the troll, or you're trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result which speaks for itself by definition which is why I said I was done with talking to you

    But I'll roll on this , With perks like object of obsession it's laughable to want spine chill nerfed it's almost bait to have this thread , even premonition tells you which direction they're in if they're close enough, I can run a add on on a key and see the killer without them seeing me and know if it's a stealth killer way before spine chill could ever let me know ruining it making me aware immediately what I need to watch for , way more broken

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    No it's to fill a niche. You never know when your aura has been revealed besides one other 3 use perk.

    Terror Radius already gives you killer info. Stealth killers are supposed to NOT give you that TR info. Working on a gen is supposed to have issues. Otherwise it's a straightforward do gen then leave game which is vastly insulting as a killer player and an uninteractive skillcheck simulator for the survivor.

    There's supposed to be an inherent danger in doing a gen alone because you have no back up. This screams of complacency.

    Why are you playing videogames when THE RAINFORSETS ARE BURNING DOWN. better join a mission and serve soup to homeless people since there are more problems in the world than Spine Chill.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 888

    I'm talking about problems with this game and it's laughable you want this perk nerfed with all the other broken [BAD WORD] in this game that can tell you whether it's a stealth killer immediately into the game , even premonition is arguably stronger than spine chill because it may not say they're looking but it tells me where they're coming from in a range and I could evaluate from there, if you nerfed that aspect of spine chill nobody would ever use it

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    Premonition is supposed to do that though, and has a direct cooldown so you can't constantly abuse it repeatedly. Where is the conflict?

    Keys are limited use and have a direct counter the killer can use. Besides that, they're already on their way to being reworked.

    And Object of Obsession has a very clear trade off. It reveals their aura, as well as forcing them not to look at you. Spine Chill has no such trade off. It in fact buffs you further for being looked at.

  • ZerLukasZerLukas Member Posts: 290

    More like to add another garbage perk to a whole dumpster of those.

    What's the point of knowing that a killer sees your aura? How can you capitalise on that info? Would you as a survivor use that perk? I know I wouldn't.

    I get your point from a killer's side - Spine Chill hurts stealth killers. But from survivor's side you're turning a good perk that isn't another 2nd chance perk into a garbage perk. Also it's a perk that benefits solos more than SWFs - so you're hurting those more.

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    It wouldn't be garbage, it'd be niche. Calm Spirit is garbage till you need it. You'll know exactly when Ghostface is exposing you but not when he was approaching. That is the trade off. Pig is setting off Spine Chill? She's using Amanda's Letter and you now KNOW she's definitely nearby.

    And it doesn't detail what other balance would need to be done to the perk. But as is, getting hit with a killer ping while say breaking the Undying totem would boost your speed breaking it for however many seconds you're revealed for. Undying is 6 seconds, so that's a 6 second boost breaking the totem that is revealing you.

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,499

    I never suggested anything about BBq not being healthy,

    nor did I make any ludicrous suggestion like,

    Hey! Let’s have BBq reveal the killer’s aura everytime a survivor get’s stealthy in a locker!

    I was merely replying to that post of Gadot’s about it being in almost every build.

    A killer is going to move on to another objective regardless. They can stay and camp that hook they just got, while the remaining gens get banged out and they end up with minuscule BPs, or they can move on to another objective. BBq just makes it easier to proceed on to locate the survivor, much like Spine Chill makes it easier to proceed on in evading the killer.

    Besides the function of the perk itself provides enough evidence to debunk the “but why should it work on stealth killers!?” complaint:

    ”Get notified when the Killer is looking directly in your direction“

    Even though the killer is cloaked or shrouded in stealth, the killer’s eyes are still “looking directly in survivor’s direction.”

    This completely validates the perk enough to debunk the “but stealth!” argument.

    There are a plethora of aura reading perks and add ons for the killer to incorporate into their gameplay. Yet another survivor perk providing the killer with aura abilities is overkill. Spine chill itself doesn’t even allow the survivor to see the killer’s aura, and it’s a survivor Perk... now you’re proposing it actually reveal the survivor’s aura.

    Why anyone would bother to bring that in a match is silliness.

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    You misread. If YOUR aura has been revealed by outside means, the perk activates. It doesn't give anything back to the killer because they already have something. And by extension, any ability that highlights you like the stalky boi's, it'll activate. That's my change.

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,499

    I don’t kno that BBq really even needs a nerf or a rework.

    Godot mentioned:

    “killer perk that's always in every killer's build”

    and I immediately thought of how I see killers running BBq in majority of matches.

    The whole nerf this buff that back and forth convo gets stale after while. Continual buffing and nerfing has only led to more continual buffing and nerfing.

    Doesn’t seem overly productive, imo.

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