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New MAX LEVEL "The Rift" Charm "Tiki Death Cup" bugged

vanyevanye Member Posts: 4

Right now, if you have the charm equipped on survivor, it doesn't show the sparkles coming out of the cup.

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  • xxi_TJ_ixxxxi_TJ_ixx Member Posts: 14

    Yeah, I've been seeing this too. I'm quite disappointed by this due to the fact I really liked the effect, but with the third person, the closest thing you see is mainly the orange light. Maybe they can get something on this soon. I wonder what causes this on survivors but not killers.

  • SirRileySirRiley Member Posts: 21

    "The team is working hard."

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 135

    Indeed. Please devs, fix it. I want to see it SPARKLE!

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