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So it's impossible to play this game for fun anymore????



  • Kira15233Kira15233 Member Posts: 473

    Did you 🀣🀣🀣 really think DbD is fun? Man killers are trash, they tunnel most of the time, rare the ones I don't see tunnel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • ShrekTheThird69ShrekTheThird69 Member Posts: 327

    Dbd no it's extremely hard to play for fun, when I want to play a game for fun I play team fortress 2. I now play dbd on occasion because it is so hard to have fun playing anymore.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    You're not really playing to win if you handicap yourself with arbitrary restrictions like "don't end the trial too soon" (whatever "too soon" even means). Playing to win means playing to win. It means defeating the opponent in any way you can (within the confines of the real rules, like the ones about not hacking).

    Also, you said you don't play to win in your OP, you said you play "for fun". You're also literally chastising players for winning (because they're playing to win) instead of playing in the way you want.

  • MasterofSFLMasterofSFL Member Posts: 125

    If a game is onesided because one side is bad, that's one thing. When a game is onesided because one side is wearing their Nike Bands and chugging Gatorade at a dangerous pace, then fun is just being optimized out. Games like Dead by Daylight are not Triple A titles with millions playing and tuning into the next tournament, they're meant to be niche recreational (as opposed to casual or competitive) games.

  • LuffyBlackLuffyBlack Member Posts: 595

    #########? It's toxic just to want to win? I've gotten crushed all the time when I ran cake offerings as killer. Have we reached the point of the rulebook where we can't even want to win anymore? lol

  • Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 1,359

    No statement about games especially multiplayer have ever been more true.

  • shakalashakala Member Posts: 30

    So much this. I play dbd on and off for two,three years and I barely used unbreakable ds and bt. I even chose head on as my exhaustion perk even though I only get to use it in one out of maybe five games. But lately? I started to pack BT because there's tunnel and camp in nine out of ten games. I feel like it's an achievement that I still don't pack DS these days. With the extreme toxic killer that I just had, made me consider to start using DS and unbreakable now as well.

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,435

    No I play killer too and I understand that sometimes games don't go good for one side. but I have noticed the "Rule book" that killers have to follow but survivors don't. My argument is just that if anyone uses a cake offering isn't just common sense to get the most out of it when it works for everyone?

    The rules I've come across that people seem to have(most result in a DC or trash talking

    • Killers are not allowed to camp the hook EVER even if they know that there are thee people around just trying to bait them off the hook for the save
    • Killers can never watch a hook even from a distance away to see someone comes off.
    • Killers can never hook someone who just comes off a hook, even if you're not there and that person runs right into you again.
    • Pig players must ignore anyone with bear trap on their head armed or not. Another hook could result in a DC

    there's way more, anyone have a link? I bet someone has recorded all these somewhere.

    As for Survivors

    • do whatever you want, the most broken overpowered builds you can get and get cheep blinds in oh and body block and don't forget to teabag at the door. If the killer doesn't like it, we they're just trash.
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