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Had an interesting match

DwarvenTavernDwarvenTavern Member Posts: 2,458
edited October 2020 in General Discussions

I know things are pretty bleak right now with these updates and other issues, but let's just try to be optimistic. Here's a little story to try and cheer things up.

I haven't been around as much as I've used to be. Last time a post I've made was me quitting dead by daylight, and that was the case. But, recently I came back thanks to the new killer, which.... I was disappointed about. I expected a lot from The Blight, my friend and I actually have been coming up with theories about his power ever since they hinted about him in 2018. BUT! I still love the power, it is a lot of fun playing as this challenging killer. Though I still wish he had something else, this power does not seem to suit him, anyway. I'm getting off topic. After my several month long vacation from dead by daylight, I've decided to come back and play a few survivor matches. A match stood out much more than the others because its completely different.

An Oni started the match off by being completely friendly. Smacking Gens with their sword, standing under pallets, staring at Survivors working on gens. It was odd, thought it was another killer looking to farm. After several minutes it just seemed like that, but no one was injured. Then the gates opened, my friend and I decided to follower the killer instead of leaving. After the bar went down half way, they downed us and started forcing us out one by one. Though. They couldn't save me, the time ran out and the entity killed me.

Shortly after I get a friend invite from them with a custom message. "I didn't want you to die I'm so sorry!" Super confused. I looked at their profile page and it turns out it was a 13 year old kid feeling super bad about killing me. It made my day, wasn't expecting that, but I felt good. I figured I'd tell you all this little story as well, just to send some good vibes out there. Things will get better, every company makes a mistake and it'll take some time to fix. No one is perfect. They could be like EA, but they care. Let's just hold out hope, okay?

Edit: I'm a smooth brain, I forgot how to use this new forum to make posts. Right now I accidentally created an activity. But, I fixed it.

Double Edit: I have a smooth and small brain. I forgot to select general discussion. One day I'll be smart.


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