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YOU RUINED THE NURSE <-scratch that The Nurse Needs Different add-ons

ZirZir Member Posts: 15
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I came back after not playing for like 2yrs and have been no life-ing it again.

Decided to play my fav killer the nurse i have no idea what you did to ruin her but you did. Ive played tons before writing this NOBODY plays nurse anymore. I tried it just feels hopeless when you play as her as if you lost before it even began. Killers are supposed to be strong anyone who cries over it should just play customs tbh. I miss seeing the nurse as a survivor....

All i see now are killers with lots of movement speed can still be fun to play against as a survivor until you get a cannibal that camps every hook an 1 shot everyone lol yet you nerf the nurse who took actual skill to be top tier.

Imo id rather die to a nurse which takes skill to play even if she was op you still had to be good at playing her. Rather than some killer who has crazy amount of movement speed and dashes can catch any survivor. Nurse you had to time your blinks right otherwise youll just be blinking into a wall or infront of a pallet.

In the end if anyone reads this if you think im wrong vs some reds and purples while youre playing the nurse see how it goes. Then after you lose 10 times in a row play a diff killer and see how much easier it is (other than spirit she's lacking as well)

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  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    Ive been playing non stop for a week and youre trying to say nurse is the STRONGEST killer yet NOBODY plays her lmao

    I never said i was great with the nurse but whatever they did she's literally useless compared to other killers for now I'll just get in my good laughs laying back playing doctor and massacre everyone with a smile

    You play 10 rounds of nurse against red and purple ranks rn if you want stream it ill watch or you can post it on yt and drop a link id love to see how she's the STRONGEST killer rn

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    Good for you how about a little less talk lets see you do it

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    This right here DEVS says it all. Anybody can stream or record everything and put it on yt. It takes more effort and time to look over game footage of actual gameplay definitely more tasking than reading ppls opinions. On the other hand actual gameplay is concrete proof compared to comments.

    TOO MANY PPL ARE FULL OF ISH pls dont ruin the killers cuz ppl cry. Nurse was op but you literally threw her in the garbage and said are ya happy now?

    Dont get me wrong i want to see this person actually pull it off against red and purple ranks in a non customs match cuz youd really be playing with MAJOR odds stacked against you.

    When someone says a killer is the STRONGEST killer and you play for a straight week and not a soul but myself has played that killer in red and purple ranks something is wrong.

    Anyway i'll still check this waiting for that person to say theyll stream it and prove me wrong i'll get the popcorn ready when that time comes! If they are successful and kill all survivors 5 out of 10 times if i can delete this discussion i will.

    Also if the last survivor leaves through a hatch it will count as half of a win

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 9,284

    Nurse is still by far the strongest killer in the game - if you want to see some actual live footage, I suggest you check out Scorpionz on Twitch, he still plays Nurse although he doesn't main her (he's a Pig main), he plays her with just Shadowborn, at Rank 1 and pretty much utterly destroys with her.

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    Ill check it

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791
    edited October 6

    Had two Nurses yesterday and they had no problem 4k'ing because they can ignore everything in the game and can instantly correct their own mistakes by blinking again.

    Oh and Stridor, so good luck never hiding. And dropping a pallet on them makes them even stronger. She didn't even stop.

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    The ones i could find he played nurse stupid well lol i also couldnt help to watch the pig talk about playing mind games around pallets the survivors were mindblown lol

  • darklingerdarklinger Member Posts: 128

    I think on pc she good but console... She need a little buff atleast for console

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    Why would you drop a pallet around a nurse? And you dont use iron will? At least for me i cant hear regular breathing even with stridor.

    idk theres just alot of hate against the nurse it seems. Ppl just want to play how they always do rely on pallets and windows 100% of the time. The key is to NOT be predictable obviously nurse feeds on predictability.

    Im glad there are some ppl keepin nurse alive at least the game is supposed to be hard those nurses you went up against that 4k you should be giving them props shes like 10% of what she use to be

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791
    edited October 6

    I'm sorry I didn't use 1 perk out of 100 others. What was I thinking? Smh.

    You used to be able to drop a pallet on her mid blink. And from using her myself you're supposed to get double exhausted after getting hit by a pallet. I guess PC players are on a different version or something because [BAD WORD] me, it didn't work.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,098

    Do you know why nurse's not used anymore? Because now she is punished for her mistakes, at difference from before that it was only the fatigue, so it was fatigue? No problem I will blink again and recover all of the fatigue distance the survivor may have won. Her 5 blinks were kind of broken. Also, her skill cap was raised slighty.

    I am using nurse, and I do admit I am not good with her, but I am still learning to blink with her despise all the bullying.

    The only problem I see with her it's the plethora of bugs that affects her and only keep increasing.

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    That was actual curiosity on the perk cuz i always run it i sometimes get the team that doesnt ever heal its also great to hide in tall grass or a bush after youve been hit cuz if you dont run to leave scratches killers often move along if they dont hear you crying in pain

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    Finally someone lays out some points! i dont remember exactly how she was thats why i said last i played was like 2yrs ago thankfully you didnt just send hate or boast about how "great" she is now but they cant do it themselves. She had 5 blinks tho? Thats kindof insane to put it nicely lol

    The reason i even posted this was because i didnt remember the nurse being this sluggish or clunky (idk the correct term) it just feels wrong all together. Im not saying restore her back to how she was i just think they went a little too far i still am unsure comepletely.

    Of how ppl are saying shes the strongest killer did show me its possible but theyre showing someone with like 8k hours on the game

    sooooo yea its like saying bill gates is too good at making money lets make it so his business loses money. Then he sits on his riches and fires his employees who really loses. Hint not gates lol

  • nursewannabenursewannabe Member Posts: 309

    No, you could never drop a pallet on her mid blink, what you could (and still can) do is drop a pallet before she blinks or when she reappears

    Exactly, people who think she didn't need a base kit nerf don't realise how forgiving she was despite being already so strong.

    To op: i don't need to prove you anything, you're the one coming here out of nowhere claiming that nurse is weak with no backup whatsoever to your claim. Maybe you should play her a bit more instead of complaining after like 2 games

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    Lol running i see the nurse main with THE BIGGEST CLAIM saying shes the STRONGEST if shes so good it shouldnt be hard to prove it right

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    My claim was part of not seeing anyone play her at alllll this whole time ive been playing no life-ing this week notice how im still awake still playing and not a soul playing nurse just a bunch of oni, shape, and doctor rn

  • nursewannabenursewannabe Member Posts: 309

    People don't play her because she's hard, not because she's weak

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 3,163

    The Nurse is the best killer in the game. Doesn't matter how many play her since the ones that do destroy most teams.

    When you face the good Nurse's you'll understand that she's still the best. Faced one the other day on Azarovs Resting Place and I'm telling you she destroyed us. She hooked someone at 1 end then held control of the middle not letting anyone past. With infectious fright she was able to down someone then immediately chase someone else.

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,589

    @op We know. Don't listen to those who tell you she's still good. "Fun" fact: if you just keep running in a straight line, she can't catch up to you.

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 2,031

    I hate the cooldown they slapped on her, but it's not that bad, the addons tho... I don't want to be mean but why does she have 3 bp addons? Only one of them doesn't hinder you...

    Also with the two cooldown addons you can almost play like the old Nurse.

  • GodotGodot Member Posts: 806
    edited October 6

    Don't spout nonsense after coming back from being gone from the game for 2 years. If you don't know anything, just zip it and get updated on things before you complain.

  • OrangeJackOrangeJack Member Posts: 410

    I've only mained post-nerf nurse and she's still really strong. Cooldowns and fatigues are still frustrating regardless of how good you are doing in a game but she's still the best killer by far and her power is difficult enough to warrant being that strong

    Are you saying she can't catch up with blinks if u hold W because if so that isn't true.

  • lucid4444lucid4444 Member Posts: 470


  • IshinSolarcIshinSolarc Member Posts: 109

    I disagree.

    Nurse isn't the strongest killer for novices, but she is the highest skillcap killer in the game, which means she can become the strongest killer if you are good enough to pull it off.

  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 646

    They reworked her cause the so called "Nurse mains" used omegablink, 3+ blinks and so on. It was supposed to seperate trash Nurses away from true Nurse players, reason why you see so few playing her cause barley many wanna bother learning her when they can just play braindead Spirit instead.

    Nurse is not ruined you just need to learn how to manage her power cooldown. She is still one of the best killers in the game but also the hardest, I still face every now and then good Nurse players running brown to green addons. Personally someone who mained nurse both pre-rework and after I would say she is in a good state expect some rare bugs that can [BAD WORD] you up for a few seconds.

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    I take half of what i said back i went a little overboard just played the nurse for like 12hrs. Did she use to have an add on that sped up the blink charge or did they make the charge longer? I think thats why she feels off for me.

    The cd for blink is annoying considering you just spent like 4 seconds starring at the ground but its manageable.

    So my conclusion is base nurse is set mostly right (unless they did add charge time to her blink) but 90% of her add ons are never going to be used especially her ultra rare those are jokes.

    Other than that blinking into a wall i was right infront of on a full charge wasnt fun that was on the map thats like lab hallways, then a diff map think its a hospital i couldn't blink out of the basement tried 3 times lol it could just be me tho idk, not a fan of blinking past the exit gate when its closed either and sometimes id blink into the basement when i wasnt even looking down.

    So nurse ISNT completely ruined but she should be a little less irritating to play actual useable add ons would fix it. Considering the only one I'll actually use is pocket watch. Other than when i was trying out the others to see and they really dont make a big difference at all basically throw aways might as well let me sell them for bloodpoints lol

  • ZirZir Member Posts: 15

    Finally! I found a red rank nurse she gave up on chasing me lol

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,382
    edited October 12

    by "skimmed off bad nurses", you mean:

    "addressed none of the issues that make The Nurse a problem while removing any of the fun players who were more casual at the game had when playing the killer and still performing poorly, and since The Nurse is now unpopular enough that survivors don't see her anymore, the complaints have stopped coming in so the devs don't have to worry about actually addressing her problems, and that's a job well done!"

    I hate that kind of design. This isn't even mentioning the huge, completely unnecessary buff she got when The Pig rolled around. I'm sure there were better ways to let the Nurse blink easily between floors without letting her control the distance of her blinks compared to charge time so much. That single patch was what brought Omega Blink into the main stream. Before, it was FAR less of any kind of issue (because the accuracy stat actually mattered).

    What are the devs doing?! They made her more deadly, more effective, and more un-counterable at the highest levels of play while making her less enjoyable for people who just liked blinking around the map because it felt a little bit like being on a roller coaster.




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