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PS4 goodbye

So I'm done with playstation for good this time,this a change I've always wanted to do but could never commit to because of my game history. I started on that account in 2009 but I stop playing for a while and started playing back in 2016 which I didn't even think about the account and created a new one in 2016 ,also started playing xbox in 2016 but my brother claimed he would get a playstation only so,I switched back and got a ps4 he never got a ps4 my brother that stays with me doesn't have the same taste in gaming we've played some things together which is fun but with crossplay I don't have to be tied to playstation any longer because, I really prefer xbox over playstation.I want be playing DBD for a month or so now which sucks because I'm also starting over ,also people stole my name on xbox so now I have to pick a new name this also sucks trolls am I right.

Does not mean I abandoning the Silent Hill franchise but most of my xbox consist of stealth games and avp alien Iso. Which means a change in character sort to speak I had to,it feel wierd to be naughtyboy they and something else some where else so their's that. Which is great because when on playstation I offen sneak off and play Predator Hunting Grounds don't tell the boss ok,I know I may scream out about other characters to be in this game but Predator would be my top pick. I also want them to add Alien in the case they ever add 2 v 8 then we could do some Alien vs Predator things or Freddy vs Jason themes with that being said goodbye playstation.I hope you're servers burn burn burn I hate playstation .



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