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Am I toxic for slugging survivors and never hooking?



  • KoloniteKolonite Member Posts: 1,082

    Oh, there are killers that have to use every single part of the game they can to win. Clown is definitely one. I meant there are killers whose power revolves around it specifically.

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 2,072


    I mean, spend a day scrolling through this forum.

    There’s a prevalence of “toxicity” mistakenly “a matter of opinion”.

  • azameazame Member Posts: 2,418

    A strong team wont give this guy a chance to slug. They are going to push gens out fast not give and not give him a chance for a down. If he somehow manages it hes getting hit with DS/UB.

    That scenario you made is the most specific scenario ever. A good team is not going to allow the killer a 4 man slug. If the kille manages to get two downs the team will wait fkr.the killer to make a move. If both slugs crawl away from eachother the killer can't gaurd both.

    This guy is slugging just to slug. It's not toxic when it's used to avoid DS. Hes litterally doing it every game from the get go. 5 gens.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 618

    Ok, I did but I can address it more directly, it doesn't harm the player base unless the player lets it. Teabagging can't hurt you, unless you let it. Slugging at worst is 4mins of your time, it can't really upset you unless you let it. If you quit because it exists, then again that is more of a you problem than an overall game problem, as these behaviours I find are in the minority for most games (At least that's my experience).

    So why should someone quit because someone else is a jerk, when you can queue again and play with different people. Add folks to your ignore list and dodge lobbies filled with names you recognize as 'bad' players, by bad I mean unpleasant attitude not game inexperience. If there comes a tipping point where every game feels bad then by all means find another game.

    If you want to talk about how game mechanics might be abused or changed with respect to toxic behaviour then great but that's a different discussion.

    This was about is slugging toxic and no its one way the killer can apply pressure.

    Toxic behaviour implies an intention to ruin someone's game, you can slug as a means of pressure with no intent to ruin someone's game. They can be picked up, they can still hatch out and escape, they can run perks to avoid it, there is a timer to prevent it going on forever. Its really not abusive. This isn't "headcannon" this is my point.

    Also I realise that tone is absent from text, but your post comes off as a little unnecessarily aggressive. Check the definition of headcannon you've misused it here.

  • KittyGirl586KittyGirl586 Member Posts: 10

    Devs have said slugging is a valid tactic you're good. Doesn't stop it from being kinda scummy though

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 7,306

    Check the definition of headcanon you've misspelled it here. I agree slugging is not toxic but over slugging is. Just like a couple taunts or notifications from a survivor is playful but spamming them is toxic. Funny how you think I'm being aggressive when all that's happening is I'm clearly stating my intentions and logic. Sorry if that offends you bud.

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 696

    It's not bannable no matter what people are saying. It's not that toxic if everybody is using perks that punishes the killer for actually trying to hook people.

  • JephKaplanJephKaplan Member Posts: 308

    Literally the most boring and toxic u can be, holding the game hostage on purpose is reportable and should be more harshly punished if anything. If i get slugged then all 3 slugged and no one is going on hook im just gonna dc, im sorry but im not gonna stay in and waste time when i can be in another game or doing smth else other than sit on the floor. Stop doing it and maybe u'll learn to actually play killer and how to do good in chases etc. just chase them again after a hook thats the whole point of the game why play if all u do is slug

  • JephKaplanJephKaplan Member Posts: 308

    Im not on the hook for 5 mins, on the hook i can at least kill myself and move on. Hooks are in the game for a reason just saying

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 696

    So you're accusing someone of doing something banable which they are not but admitting to DCing which is actually banable.

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,752

    If you do whatever it takes to win with no regard for the feelings or enjoyment of the other team, you must be incredibly boring at parties.

  • APoppAPopp Member Posts: 16

    I think you are denying yourself a more fun, interesting, and interactive match everytime you slug everyone until they're all down (plus, the Survivors will not want to cross paths with you again after the match). No one wants to play a game of crawling on the ground because a Killer is too scared of the perks that someone may or may not have. Plus, Killers can easily play around the perks easily (besides the DS Unbreakable combo).

  • Dirtibunny12Dirtibunny12 Member Posts: 2

    I'm sorry but that is pretty funny. If you enjoy playing this way go for it. If the survivor's don't want to go heal someone, how's that your fault. I say slug away!!!!

  • SL33PYSL33PY Member Posts: 71

    Use this post as a prime example, some think it is some think it isn’t. Simple as that

  • JordanMaliciousJordanMalicious Member Posts: 233

    You're good my dude. As long as you're not holding the game hostage (which you're not) and you're not bm'ing, you're fine. Slugging is necessary sometimes. Survivors get mad if the game is made unfun for them, same as killers get mad if survivors make them game unfun. Both sides will always have a problem with the other.

    You'll get to a point when you stop slugging in favor of different tactics though. My question to you is, are these survivors not actively picking one another up?

  • evil_one_74evil_one_74 Member Posts: 289

    Very scummy, and miserable for the survivors. Do you think they want to spend the entire match crawling around on the ground. NO..... don't be an ass. Just hook them. Killers focus so much on " winning " that they'll play any kind of way to get it. Most players I know would just dc, and move on rather than have their fun ruined, and time wasted. That being said, I know survivors can be a pain in the ass as well, but they don't ruin a match near as bad as killers do.

  • DukeofpotatovilleDukeofpotatoville Member Posts: 3


  • MrSmashemMrSmashem Member Posts: 60
    edited October 8

    Except, its not an equivalent. Survivors hiding all game and not doing Gens will cause the game to go on indefinitely, because there's no time limit. A Killer who is actively downing Survivors, even if said Killer isn't hooking, will eventually lead to the game ending.

    Those 2 aren't the same, at all.

    Edit: One is holding the game hostage, the other is an inefficient way of completing your primary objective.

  • evil_one_74evil_one_74 Member Posts: 289

    Not entirely true. Survivors like myself don't particularly like, or want to be chased unless we have to be. Gens, totems, chests, unhook, and heals I'll do all day long. Chases I try to avoid.

  • SurvJoeSurvJoe Member Posts: 97

    yes slugging is toxic and boring but if u not sure about it , go play survivor and meet slugging killer and lay on ground whole match then bleed out and get 1000 points and -1 rank and comeback

  • MoochelMyersMoochelMyers Member Posts: 1

    If you are worried about those perks just play pyramid head. His cage of atonement cancels out all hook related perks

  • ChechiaChechia Member Posts: 164
    edited October 9

    Technically it isn't bannable because contrary to what some people are claiming it isn't equal to holding the game hostage. There is a bleed out function which actually prevents that. Yes, it takes a lot of time but eventually the survivors willl die. The only way to hold someone in the game is to block them in a corner until they are forced to DC. That's bannable.

    Is it toxic? Maybe. I would rather call it unfun. But in the end everyone is free to play how they want to. If that's something that is fun to you then do it. Won't really get you very far though considering the game is punishing you for one hooking people.

    Maybe it would help you if you change your perspective about winning and not caring so much if you kill someone or not. I will guarantee you that your matches will be better (and most importanly more fun) if you see DBD from a more relaxed side. You can't win every game and you shouldn't attempt to do it. A win can also be a very intense and very well played match from both sides where everyone escapesi in the end. Seeing winning only as black and white isn't a very healthy mindset and will lead to a lot of frustration which is showing itself in your playstyle.

  • Exerath1992Exerath1992 Member Posts: 324

    You also lose a lot of BP by letting them bleed out. DS only comes into play once you've hooked them once, so get the first hook for sure. If you down someone after unhook just wait 60 seconds (aka 1/4 of their bleed out bar) before hooking. You run the risk of unbreakable, but that's life. Don't let them all bleed out though, that's boring for them AND you're missing out on BP

  • NaturalHurdle70NaturalHurdle70 Member Posts: 40

    No that’s why the make in breakable- I would rather that

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 871

    Yes it's toxic. But good on you, because until the devs encourage hooking rather than slugging (cough Pop nerf cough) it's only natural for killers to do this.

  • MrObviouseMrObviouse Member Posts: 9

    No it's not, it's a strategy and don't let anybody shame you out of it, if you have fun that's all that matters.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,372

    The developers said, "holding the game hostage" to avoid being too specific, and several circumstances fall within "will the game end at some point in the future even if a player takes this action?" that are would be considered taking the game hostage.

    In a scenario where a killer slugs all four survivors and lets them bleed out, none of the survivors (save Unbreakable, which is meant to give survivors more tools against killers slugging for hooks and was not made to prevent this situation) have any course of action other than to wait out the (noticeably lengthy) timer, meaning survivors have no way of completing their objective and the killer is refusing to do his/hers, which is clearly kill the survivors through sacrifice (save a mori). Hatch arguments are out of the question if the killer simply follows the least bled out survivor on the ground to prevent him/her from finding hatch.

    Not hooking anyone creates a situation where four other players cannot complete their objective while the killer chooses not to complete his/hers, and that's holding the game hostage, i.e. preventing the game from progressing and/or ending in any kind of timely manner.

    No one slugs survivors to death without attempting to hook them with the reason, "there, I've done my goal!" No, that person is simply out to abuse the game mechanics that prevent players from ending the game in a loss or progressing the game toward a win while giving others an unpleasant time. Survivors could also do this kind of hostage situation before the EGC was introduced and just hang around indefinitely. That was also considered holding the game hostage even though probably at some point the killer could find them.

    In short: yes, it is reportable (much like jaywalking but with ill-intent). Is it the devs top concern? No. Will you get banned for it? Probably not if you don't do it often enough. But don't make the mistake of thinking it's fine and dandy rain or shine.

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