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How would the introduction of a competive queue change the game?

NomiNomadNomiNomad Member Posts: 597
edited October 8 in General Discussions

Title. There's a lot that needs to happen before I think the game could introduce a competitive mode, bugs and balancing still being huge issues, and I kinda doubt it will ever happen, but I think a separate competitive queue could be good.

For one, one of the biggest complaints is SWF. I think a big reason is that SWF, at least from what I've seen, play the game like it's a tournament or something. I personally don't have a problem with SWF, if I lose to one I just kinda take my loss and go to the next game, but a lot of people just play this game casually. They don't wanna deal with the inherent advantage that SWF get compared to Solo.

And as a person who plays exclusively Solo Queue, I also get how incredibly irritating and unfun it can be to play solo. I have no idea how many times I've watched someone urban evasion in the corner while I get first hooked. It's not fun, but again I just take the loss and move on. I've seen a lot of SWF argue that if the killer was notified they would dodge, which is probably true for for a lot of killers, and I feel like a competitive mode would solve a lot of these issues.

Some players are completely fine with more competitive games, and I honestly feel like if they knew what they were getting into, or there were possible better rewards, more people would play competitively. I think what people complain about right now is how SWF's can tend to treat the game, when they're just trying to play the game for fun. Obviously, not every SWF does this, I've seen plenty that just completely meme.

There are plenty of things that need to be fixed, but I just think this would be a good change eventually. This was one rambly post, sorry.

Edit: I shoulda specified, In this 'casual' mode, SWF would probably be disabled or limited to maybe one friend. That may be too harsh, idk. SWF is a hard thing to balance, so I'm open to suggestions or criticisms! That's probably too harsh since some people will want to play the game casually, just with friends. Sweatlords will always be sweatlords, no matter what game it is.


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